Hello, pickles!

As I write, I’m forced to do so to the dulcet background shenanigans of Hellboy 2. sigh. I really hate CGI-laden movies because my favorite part of watching anything on the screen is seeing actors’ faces. I like watching a good actor emote, and I like watching a bad actor sweat. I find acting fascinating, though I’m not at all the starstruck sort. I wouldn’t even walk to the end of the block to see a favorite actor, unless he wanted to go out on a date with me (and the answer is Yes, my new love Eduardo Verastegui, en un segundo caliente).

I’m starting this blog because I’ve been journaling like a maniac and am getting tired of talking to myself, much as I love me. So I’m hoping I’ll gain a little bit of an interactive audience here, to fill in the gaps between my time of reading, journaling, decorating, making stuff, writing a book, and generally being available to my family and to a few intimate friends for coffee klatches. I hope to add other activities to the mix eventually, but for now this is enough. I’m going to be honest in what I write, though I won’t disclose absolutely everything unless I feel like it on any given day. It’ll be mostly whatever pops to my head, so please don’t expect profundity, unless my head happens to be filled with profound thoughts. I gotta say though, don’t count on it. I like to talk about lots of things: hair and movies, yes, but also spirituality and papier-mache, short horror stories and my cat. In fact, that’s a picture of my cat. His name is Horatio and I LOVE HIM. I’m going to try to get in the habit of taking pictures because blogs with lots of pictures are the bomb, but again, please don’t expect many because I tend to forget. You know.

So, this is my first post, and I’ll end it for now. If you stop by, please say hello so I can either meet you as a new friend, or greet you as an old one. The best thing about blogging is that you can’t smell the onions on my breath from dinner. I think I’ll watch some Dark Shadows in a bit, as soon as  the TV is free. xo


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8 responses to “Hello, pickles!

  1. Hiya Kelly!! :D I give you major kudos on the blog! I love blogging – I’ve had my fair share on blogdrive.com (especially when I was in highschool >.>… ) though I tried to use them for short stories and whatnot.

    Also, mad props on the ADORABLE cat. xD Horatio is a fantastic name!

    Anyways, thought I’d drop you a line!!

    • I’m so glad you did! And sorry my spam program thought you were porn, even though everybody knows YOU ARE. hee. The world must be protected from the likes of you, I guess. :D Which is why you can always come over here if you like. Do you still have a blog? If you do, I’d love to include it in my blogroll! And I love my kitty-boy, too. He’s named after Horatio Hornblower. He’s a seafaring cat. xo

  2. Yay!!!!! Hi Kells. Let’s interact, shall we? So happy to see you start up another blog. Looking forward to what may come rollling out of that fascinating head of yours.

  3. Yay! I was hoping you’d show up over here, Twytie! It will be fun to talk about this and that again, won’t it? Though I started the blog on probably the worst day ever, since I now have a raging cold or flu or whatever it is. I wish I had cold medicine to add to the mix because THEN we’d have some fun. :) xo

  4. StevieRicardo

    Hullo, lovely! So excited about your blog! In regards to short horror stories, have you gotten around to Pigeons From Hell yet???


  5. Oh my gosh, Pigeons From Hell! I’d forgotten all about it… It seems that the liberry didn’t carry it so I had to put it on my Amazon list, only I think I forgot to put it there because, well duh, it ain’t! I’m looking for it right now. I really want to read it. xo

  6. Sweet thing, is it the one by Robert E. Howard, or the kind of “tribute” one by Joe R. Lansdale?

    • StevieRicardo

      The original by Robert E. Howard…. There’s also a comic book adaptation certain chilrens of yours may enjoy. :)

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