Beaches and hos.

Perfect for stashing pot in, naturally. Also, just super cool.

You can get some awesome falderal when you go thrifting. I don’t know if my love for it stems from having grown up relatively poverty-stricken all my life, with a mother who could make our house cozy and welcoming by utilizing bits of wood, safety pins, scraps of fabric, and an assortment of K-mart acrylics, but for whatever reason, I love thrifting and always have. Combing through crammed and dusty shelves and finding an item that I instantly fall in love with,  knowing that somebody else had once loved it too, makes me feel like a museum curator… some kind of poor man’s caretaker of memories.

This cheery, flowery, ceramic ball fits perfectly into the votive stand I'd been carting around for years. Serendipity!

Lorraine said yesterday that she loves living in an old house because it contains layers, and that’s what thrifting feels like to me: there are layers upon layers of emotion attached to these items, and I get to add my own to their history. Plus, they’re cheap and unique, like me! I am also a whore, which–if you don’t mind me continuing to apply metaphors irresponsibly–I suppose thrift store items are as well. They’ll do anything to be loved, anything, even if it means selling themselves for a quarter. Neither thrift store items, nor I, are proud, but you’ve probably figured that out by now, because you are the most incredible, intelligent, beautiful, gifted person I’ve ever met in my LIFE. I am just blown away by you. Do you think I’m pretty?

My beloved winky teapot. He had lost his salt or pepper partner, but I rescued him and now all his smiles are for me. Doesn't his one little eye look sad, though? :(

Guess where I’m going this weekend! Noooo, you’re wrong, that’s not where. I’m going to the beach! Scott and I are going to Seaside for a couple days, just to lounge and walk around on the sand and window shop and read and, if I can talk him into it, play a variety of card games. I think it important to overemphasize right now how much I idolize the ocean, especially at the Oregon coast; it’s my favorite animule in the universe, and I’ve only been back twice since we moved home last summer. It’s supposed to rain all weekend, but I don’t care! OCEAN! My great, good friend!  Since we’ll be leaving around one-ish, this morning I’m going to have to pack, ugh. I utterly detest packing, but it’s for a good cause: Me, Down By the Sea. That sounds like a likely song title, doesn’t it?, so maybe while I’m there I’ll write a song. Which reminds me of a time I DID write a song, a gorgeous song that I made up while in the shower, and proudly sang it for a friend a week or so later. She laughed and told me that, yes, it was a great song, especially considering the fact that it was HERS, and proceeded to sing it with the original lyrics. If my unwitting plagiarism hadn’t been so hilarious, I would have been mortified, but as it was, I was just disappointed. It was a really freaking beautiful song. Dammit. Love! xo


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8 responses to “Beaches and hos.

  1. I LOVe that little winky teapot. It’s so cool.

  2. I know, me too! I always wonder what the other one was… a little winky teacup?

  3. StevieRicardo

    I think you’re pretty. Do you like my insides?

    I am so thrilled for you going to the beach! I know you will have a super leisurely blast (which sounds ever-so-oxymoronic). I’ve been spending loads of time by the sea recently (mostly at night, though. hmmm, odd). She is a beautiful and fickle creature, my lady love, la mer.

    You mention that the backstories aspect of objects is what draws you to thrifting and that you seem to identify with the objects. This could be mayhaaps a projection? Thought: maybe asign an inanimate object to each of your archetypes, a physical manifestation, if you will. Along with letter writing, this would allow you to confront them. Just a fun exercise that popped into my head. It might lead to schizophrenia or something equally unpleasant, like annoying friends and relatives at parties by talking to said inanimate objects that you compulsively carry on you at all times…. for example.

    Well, deary… have fun in the sun (if it comes out)! xoxo

  4. hee! I love your insides, pet!

    And such a Druish idea, this assigning archetypes to objects… Not a bad one at all, darling! I wonder which archetype my little winky teapot would represent? I might have to finish finding my remaining five archetypes in order to know for sure. Do you think he could be a little winky Prostitute?

    I think of the sea as a guy! Maybe because once, when I was little, it knocked me over and pulled me under. Ooh, which sounds like a good song line… You didn’t write a song with that line in it, did you? I don’t want to copy again. Hey, I’ve missed you! Come visit soon, okay? love love

  5. StevieRicardo

    In regards to the gender of our darling sea… I’ve always seen it as having afluctuating gender (which probably has something to do with my complete disregard for gender in general). Have we talked about this? If not, then there’s a tea-time talk for next time I see ya. Ah, gender…


    P.S. That actually IS a line from my top selling hit single… but I'll let you have it.

    • We never have talked about the sea’s fluctuating gender, but I would love to have that conversation sometime! I know…gender is strange, when it comes to assigning characteristics. You can’t really do that because there are eight thousand million exceptions to any rule we come up with. But the sea doesn’t seem “womanly” to me, which of course, causes me pauses just for saying that. Good job for making me think. Oh, and, thanx for the song line, you clever minx.

  6. I love having stuff from a thrift store. But I hate the process of getting it. An oxy-moron, I know, but I have a distinct feeling that my love of thrifting will increase in an inverse relationship to the number of young children I need to tote along with me, wherein when the second half of the equation =”0″, then the loving half will be back up around a “10”. I’m sure you got that completely.

    I love the ceramic ball. And I plagiarized “America, The Beautiful” while trying to write a song about Canada once as a teenager. I didn’t realize it until years later. Good thing I never played that song in public.

    I hope you had a wonderful time at the ocean!

    • There are definitely days I do NOT like to go a-thrifting. I have to be in the mood… and I’ve developed a distinct aversion to garage sales. And antique stores. I only like thrift stores. Have you noticed yourself getting weirder as you get older? I certainly have about myself. And more set in my weirdness. Almost a “10.” hee.

      Writing existing songs is a hazard, being a songwriter, especially when you listen to music all the time and all your friends are musicians! I think that was the only time I plagiarized, but I must have known it subconsciously if I sang it to the writer. It was really funny. As funny as you borrowing the American anthem for a song about Canada. Eeexcellent!! :D

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