A heart at rest, a kiss

I’m feeling quite contented this morning. I was up early, at a normal early that is (see: not the wee hours), and have washed some of the windows and the dishes and my face, and have cleaned out the litter box. Jess just called and Torie and I are going to go over to my parents’ house to help him cut and stack wood so we can sell it for a little pocket money. They have gobs of wood over there, just lying fallow on the ground, not helping anybody. While I’m there I’ll look through several boxes of books I have stored in their vast garage, since there isn’t room in the Haven or our little mini-storage unit out back, and see if I can bear giving some up to the used bookstore in town. I want to stop by the library to pick up the two books that Fence recommended: The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, and A Monstrous Regiment of Women, both by Laurie R. King. I’m excited for a new novel or two. I have most definitely reached a different phase in my life – apparent for various reasons – one of which is that I am finding the short horror stories I’d loved so long and so well unsavory and in some cases, nakedly abhorrent. It’s a strange sensation. I’ve been reading May Sarton’s memoirs and have put a biography about her on hold at the liberry. Revisiting her every so often is such a joy. Her voice and outlook are interesting enough that I don’t get bored reading about her small daily routines at the age of 80.

So, today is full of small but meaningful tasks. Oh yes, and there’s the question of the prodigious number of beer bottles in the box out back, where they’re stashed when empty. Thankfully Oregon is a huge recycling state, and five cents deposit per bottle is kind of nice. That entire box should yield enough to get – whoa! – another bottle of beer, maybe two, but you know, whatever. I hate beer, anyway. Maybe I’ll buy a lip balm.

I was thinking today, while contemplating having to wash the outside of the windows and being mad at Scott for showing less interest in house and yard work than the typical flea, which actually enjoys being in the house and yard, that one of the reasons we tend to think people are lazy is that they’re simply not interested in the same things WE are interested in. It’s not that Scott won’t do housework when pressed; he cooks a lot and cleans up after himself for the most part, and he’s stopped simply walking by overflowing trash bags on his way out the door (where he’s parked next to the apartment dumpster), but he doesn’t think of that stuff. I do. Think of it. I hate housework, but I think of it, and I realize that part of that is cultural conditioning (a whole nuther topic) but that another part of it is that I’m in the house a whole hell of a lot more than he is and it’s important to me to have a peaceful and uncluttered environment. Anyway, my point is, I realized this morning that he’s not lazy because he hates that kind of work. He’s almost always moving, doing his own kind of work! I wish I’d realized that early on in our marriage, when we were constantly fighting over the yard. It’s nice living in an apartment now, where yard maintenance people come every week and do stuff like mow the moss on the back “lawn” and get up on our patio with leaf blowers and blow dead leaves into the corners where I can’t reach them. It’s awesome like that.

Time to get dressed now. Torie wants to stop by the stables too, to ask if they would let her volunteer there, doing anything, even mucking, chucking, and hucking – all the things that horses require. She’s having a very difficult time finding a job and figures volunteering somewhere she loves in the meantime might open a door. Oh, and did I mention that it’s absolutely gorgeous today, and it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week? So I’m taking advantage of it. Starting now. Have a great day, friends! Love! xo


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7 responses to “A heart at rest, a kiss

  1. I always think that the feeling of contentment is just the best feeling. Much better than plain ole happiness if you ask me :)

    I hope you enjoy the Laurie King books, I’ve put off starting the 3rd because I really don’t want to fly through them, and because I’m reading a fascinating book that’s making me feel real glad to be a female alive in the modern world, and not Georgian times! Still, Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes are tempting me…

    It’s cloudy here today, but still, nice enough (Weather update from Mullingar, Ireland), and we had a very pretty sunset with pinky clouds :)

    • I much, much prefer contentment, in that it has the added ingredient of also making me feel happy! It’s a two-fer. :)

      As soon as I’m finished with the May Sarton journals, I’m going to get started on the King books. I’m really looking forward to reading them, and there’s a third you say? Callooh callay!

      Sounds like a beautiful sunset! It’s sunny again here today, to everyone’s surprise and delight. I WANT spring!

  2. Rod

    Hey Kell, two questions. How much for the wood and could it be delivered? I have next Tuesday off, could I come get you, Torie, Jessie and bring you to the bookstore so you can work on spending that gift certificate? Let me know.

    • I don’t know how much Jesse wants to charge per cord; I’ll ask him. We were only able to move a gigantic wood pile to the old chicken coop yesterday, and didn’t even get to the wood we’re going to sell, so we’re not ready yet. But I’ll let you know when we are. Regarding next Tuesday, I thank you for your offer, but Julia will be in town so we’re already full up on activities. There’s a possibility that we can get down to the bookstore, if we hit a lull.

  3. My parents were supposed to come for dinner and FORGOT!! I even called to remind my mom this morning. Basically I wish I felt content right now, like you, but I’m sad and mad at the same time. It’s hard to see my Mom’s memory continue to get worse and to see her little annoying habits get even more annoying. I want to love my mother tenderly in these later years of her life but tonight I’m finding it hard to do, especially after fixing a delicious dinner that took forever to make. BUT, that’s selfish of me. I’ll get over it. In the meantime, it was a little pick me up to read that YOU were feeling content today and forgiving Scott his “laziness” even when it wasn’t real laziness. Nice. I like that reminder in my life.

    • Oh Baine, that IS frustrating… How strange, having to deal with your mom’s forgetfulness. I know we’ve talked about it before, but this one is really pretty severe, especially since you called to remind her in the morning. How frustrating for everybody, including her! sigh. If it makes you feel any better, I generally only write when I’m feeling contented, or when I hit a pocket of good-will-toward-wo/men, because there’s always something to complain about and I don’t feel like dwelling on that stuff. So I fully relate to your sad/mad feelings at least half the time. It’s just life, punkins. At least, I hope it is. I’d hate to missing out on the big amusement park of perpetual hilarity, if there is one!

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