One of *those* days

I shouldn’t even be writing a post today because I’m taking time away from my book-writing but wow… I cannot focus for the life of me. As in, if someone came into my room and held an opened bottle of poison directly over my mouth, I don’t think I could squeak out one word of Martin.

Oh okay, of course I could. It just wouldn’t be inspired. Which is ridiculous, because I’ll be the first in line to tell you that you have to work even when you don’t feel inspired. Even if you don’t have ONE eensiest thrill of inspiration as you type, you can always go back tomorrow or the next day when you’re buzzing with creative vibes and fix it. The point is to get it down there on the screen, even if it’s crap, even if it’s the worst kind of fly-adhering shite. However, and this is a real dilemma… What if your lack of inspiration causes you to fall back on formula instead of be true to the story? What if, because you’re weak or blinded by other problems, you can’t see events as they unfold before you? I guess then it’s best NOT to write. At least I did a little bit of thinking-through things this morning, and also, yesterday was an incredibly productive day, one of the happiest, most bountiful days I’ve ever had in my life, so I’m bound to find today’s landing a tad hard. I woke up cranky.

Scott’s been home for three days with the cold kind of flu and forget sympathy: I’ve become downright hostile. Torie bought a cookbook the other day though, and I’m going to try to find some likely recipes in it so I can cook something scrumptious. Watching Chef Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares has inspired me like the dickens, and I would really like to make some good food. Also, I was given a leather bound journal a couple years ago and have just started using it. I love it. I had to adapt it to my desires, because it had this big flappy thing on it that constantly got in the way, but as soon as I cut that off and skewered a new hole for the rawhide tie, it became a living treasure. Except for the fact that it’s made from a dead animal, but you know what I mean. I simply adore my new journal and have been writing in it like a house afire, if burning houses could write.

No, I’ve changed my mind about looking through the cookbook. God, I’m bored. Today kind of sucks, but oh well, there are always days like this. There are days like yesterday too, all of which reminds me to be philosophical and remind myself that “This too shall pass.” The good passes, and the bad passes. If we remember this, then we’ll always be sad, we’ll always be happy, and we’ll rarely be knocked off our feet by inevitable change. Love, everyone! xo



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6 responses to “One of *those* days

  1. Does writing in your new journal like a house on fire count as “work”? Could it be part of the creative process? Is cooking part of the creative process? (I know it is, at least if what you are cooking is brownies)

    I find your writing about writing endlessly fascinating.

    • Thanks, punkin… I DO count any amount of writing I do as “work,” or more – a contribution to my Work, which is how I’ve come to consider my book-writing, since it’s my hope for a future income. But everything applies. Any time I watch a movie or beloved television series, I’m opening myself up to stories, which are essential to novel-writers (and everyone else). I consider the reading I do in the same way… I’m very blessed that I can spend so much time immersed in story, in all its forms. I’m always working! But it’s a joy joy joy… Cooking definitely contributes to the creative process. Last night nothing was working to get me out of my cranky mood until I made dinner from scratch. Oh, life is so good, isn’t it Twy? With all its twists and permutations. (Happy anniversary, by the way!) :) xo

  2. You need the odd rest day, or Day of Crankiness, in order to charge up. But then again, as twila said, you have been creative, even with the lack of concentration you’ve still managed to write a coherent and entertaining post. Win!

    • hee! Yay! Well, and today I wrote a very short but very necessary bridge on Martin. This book-writing is slo-o-ow going at the moment, but it’s my low estrogen time of the month, so I’m happy to get even that tiny little bit done. I think I’d better allow myself a Week of Crankiness.

  3. I was all set to say that inspiration to cook counts as inspiration, too, until that fire died before it really got burnin’. But, you’ve seen “Music and Lyrics”, right? When you’re uninspired, go eat. Works for Sophie. And for me! :-D

    I hope your muse is back from HER sabbatical, now!

    • Hello, chicklet… Actually, I went on to accomplish amazing feats in the kitchen with Chef Ramsay’s recipe for Shepherd’s Pie, but that wasn’t until a few days later. :) I’m actually beginning to enjoy cooking again! The phases we humans go through are astounding.

      I have seen Music and Lyrics!! Loved! And eating for inspiration? Also love! xo

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