Whomever you are, I love youm.

It’s a beautiful day. I’ve been kind of depressed the past couple of days but this morning when I woke up I decided, hey-ho, not gonna be depressed today. After all, I have no earthly reason to be blue… it’s just so easy to stay in the habit once it’s been established, which it was in spades from the time I was a young’n. But I’m bent on digging new grooves for my brain waves to surf on, insofar as I am able and as long as Martha Beck keeps writing books to help me. Besides, last night’s episode of Lost kicked ass. But I don’t want to talk about TV today. That was yesterday’s topic.

Today’s topic is… um. I don’t know. What do you want to talk about? Speaking of which, it’s very strange to not really know who I’m writing to here (except for faithful commenters like Fence and Twila, thank you!). I’m no longer plugging my posts on Facebook, and the only other blogs I visit are the ones I’ve linked to, and I’m ashamed to say I don’t visit them every day. (I’m sorry, you guys, if you’re reading this.) So I’m not networking in any way. It’s just… I’m not all that interested in blogs, even my own, yet it’s kind of nice to have a little bit of a public forum to spread out in. But how public is it? Maybe I’ll find out once I’m dead. I’ll be all, like, ectoplasm floating around in cyberspace, tracing my stats back to individual PCs and, yawn, I’m bored just talking about it. No, I won’t do that. If I get to be ectoplasm floating around, it’s not going to happen in cyberspace. I want to be in outer space on my own effing planet that features sex slaves who look like Rachel Weisz and Gabriel Byrne before he turned 50, all my favorite people, a complete lack of relationship drama, and the ability to eat everything I want without gaining weight. I want my Fantasy Island Planet please, only without Herve Villechaize, who freaked me the hell out when I was a kid, poor little guy, since I’m sure he never meant to scare children. Nor do I want Ricardo “Khan” Montalban with his Corinthian leather all up in there.

Yikes, I am SO boring myself. I’m reading a good juicy book called The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith. She wrote The Talented Mr. Ripley and its ensuing series and I just really love her style. I’ve also started Steering by Starlight by Martha Beck and am still working my way through Second Sight by Judith Orloff. I also have three papier-mache books from the library that have been quite informative as I think through my next project. I started it last week, actually, but used cardboard that was way too thin, so it buckled. I found a sturdy corrugated cardboard box to use instead, and will cut that into pieces soon. Today I think I’ll go to my mom’s house and print out what I have so far of Martin so my kids can read and critique it, and we’ll stay to eat dinner and watch the American Idol results show (goodbye Paige). (Please.) I’m not going to be depressed today. I’m not. Love to whomever’s out there! xo

Edit: It occurs to me that if I’m eternal ectoplasm then having sex slaves – no matter who they look like – isn’t going to be fun at all but instead all kinds of frustrating. The food thing wouldn’t work either. I’d better rethink the ectoplasm concept. Maybe I’ll start a new branch of feminist Muslims or Mormons because they guarantee themselves loads of sex in heaven. I’ll work on that right away and get back to you.



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9 responses to “Whomever you are, I love youm.

  1. I started Steering by Starlight and got stuck or bored or something. I still have it, its in the “not right now” stack”. Actually, all of my books are there right now. School makes it hard to do fun reading. But the Lit class and Philosophy class have some pretty awesome reading.

    Except, why is it that to be literature it almost always must be depressing? (I sang depressing in my head like Oprah. There should be a way to type inflection better)

    And why is that philosophy makes me feel like someone took my brain out and squeezed it really hard? Like my mom used to wring a wash cloth until the last drops of moisture ran for their dear little lives?)

    In my heaven/alternate planet, I would like to have sacred, intense, spiritual and mind-blowing orgasmic connection to every other creature, without the necessity of sex.

    • It’s so funny, Twy; I’m not entranced by Steering by Starlight either, which shocks my socks off… I think maybe because it seems to be simply a rehashing of buddhist beliefs, which is cool and all, but not really new. I’ve been enjoying Judith Orloff’s book more right now. And I was JUST thinking about depressing literature; the last few books I’ve tried (and rejected) have been sad, sad, sad! Ugh! I like dark stories – I AM a huge horror fan – but novels deemed “literature” are weirdly depressing, which is different from being dark. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to writing kids’ books. Or maybe I’m drawn to kids’ books because I’m not capable of writing adults’ books. hee. That’s more likely.

      I detest conventional philosophy SO MUCH! I think because it’s so empty. Of course, we’re philosophizing all the time, but to discuss established ideas is very frustrating to me. I’m not exactly sure why, honestly. I just know I would want to hide my brain from the squeezers, too.

      Wouldn’t you want a TEENSY little bits o’ sex in heaven? :) But the other stuff sounds awesome, too.

  2. You’re welcome :)
    I find that I comment less on other people’s blogs because I subscribe to most using the google reader yoke. And that means I have to click again to actually bring up the post in order to comment… and that’s like, so much work. So normally I don’t. But I haven’t gotten around to subscribing to yours so that I have to visit, and sure while I’m here it’d be rude not to say howdy :)

    I’ve always meant to read something by Highsmith, but I just haven’t gotten around to her yet. Some day (the eternal call of the book-lover)

  3. I’ve never subscribed to anyone’s blog before! I guess it would be nice because then you’d get notifications that they’d posted, right? Anyway, it’s okay that you haven’t subscribed to mine, of course. I feel even more honored that you take the time to come over on your own. :)

    Oh yes, I know that eternal call VERY well.

  4. Kells, did you miss the word “orgasmic” in that last para? Hee. It’s not orgasms with no sex, it’s nosex orgasms. Geez. Don’t you see the difference?

    (Just joshin. Those philosophy classes really are getting to me)

    • hee. Oh no, I caught the word orgasmic, all right. I ALWAYS catch that word! So, you’re saying we can have both sex orgasms AND nosex orgasms in your heaven? Where do I sign?

  5. The Price of Salt sounds intriguing. Let me know what you thought of it when you are done. I just love a good read.
    (Like I need ANY more books piled up by the side of my bed, chair, table, desk and on every available surface…)

    • Actually, I was really happy with it until I realized that it was another of those mildly depressing books! I skimmed to the end and it turned out all right, but I don’t know… I need to be uplifted like crazy right now because I’m trying to regroove my brain and it just didn’t do it for me. In my opinion, it would be an unnecessary burden on your book stacks! Have you read I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, though? I LOVED that book.

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