Happy Another’s Day!

My daughter Torie and my mom Kathy. My two girls. Also, orange juice.

Wow, I just really super haven’t felt like writing lately because I don’t think I have much to say. I’m kind of enjoying life as it comes, I guess, and also, I write copiously in either my hardcopy leather journal or my computer sublimations every day and that seems to be enough. At the moment I’m waiting for Torie to get out of the shower so I can take one. We just had a tremendous walk around the neighborhood, and crossed the main road to get to another far ritzier neighborhood, where we discovered a secret woodland trail. We think the developer must have been drunk or something because the whole thing feels a little off, but it was still a bracing and invigorating walk that left me smelly and pitted=which equals win, obviously.

There, I’ve showered and you didn’t even know it, did you? Sneaky. I fear you are underestimating my sneakiness.

While I was in the shower, suddenly the lights went off and I was showering in the dark. After a nanosecond of WTF neurotransmitters flooding my brain, I realized that it was because Torie had tried to blowdry her hair in her room, which always trips the fuse. As the day has gotten a little older, four hours older since I woke at 4am, my serenity has begun to fray a bit, but that’s just life. We’ll head out to church in a couple hours and then over to my mom’s for Mother’s Fray. She and I are sarcastic and dismissive of the holiday because we both fear the same amount of expectation-inducing pain, so we’ll simultaneously snipe about how annoying it is while sneaking peeks at each other to gauge the Love. Hopefully, she will be underestimating my sneakiness in this regard, because heaven forbid she see how vulnerable I really am.

Just kidding. I’m in a weird mood today. Don’t mind me.

Actually, I’m in a very good mood and have been for awhile now. Obviously, like everyone else, I have my days of horror and suicidal mayhem (what do you mean, you don’t have those days? does. not. compute) but overall, I’ve seemed to settle into something resembling peace. If I stray too far away from working at it, however, I get a little crazy. I have to have a help book on hand. I just finished Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff and am going to start Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss next. These are my lifelines, literally filling me with hope after reading only a couple sentences. Uncanny. Also, having a church to go to is making a tremendous difference to me. I stinking love this new church, and it makes me happy to love it. I’m trying to build a community for myself because my greatest fear in the entire universal world is being old and alone. It makes me happy to even just sit in the chairs amongst strangers who are learning about love, just like I am, even if I’m not ready to join them for coffee in the basement afterward. That will come later.

So anyway, ramble ramble. Time for me to go trip the fuse myself while I dry my hair. I love you all, all two of you and the spammers. Peace out! xo



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4 responses to “Happy Another’s Day!

  1. *Hi spammers!*
    (they never say hi back. They just spam some more. And now with those ultra-annoying ones that just repeat real comments and so sound vaguely like they might be real so you have to go double check and then, bam! they are spam after all. I hates them.)

    Anyways…. glad to hear you’re feeling good, if a tad frayed :) We had mother’s day back in March I think, so you Americans (and possibly the rest of the world, I don’t know) are just making me think… hmmm, is today one of those days I ignore. But it isn’t. It’s just a regular day with nothing to ignore at all. So yay!

    Enjoy your coffee, and your church, and have a great day.

    • Fence, don’t look at them! You’ll only encourage them… :)

      Man, Mother’s Day was super good but today sucks because I’m tired and headachey and cranky as all get-out. BUT, that’s okay because yesterday WAS so awesome and at least I have the memory of it to hearken back on. I might be cranky because I’ve been researching schools and jobs today, too. (sighs) Maybe I should get dressed and clean off the back patio so it’s more purtier. Which is neither here nor there. Hello, Fency ol’ gal. xo

  2. That you have found a church you can feel at home in is wonderful. I’m so glad for you. I hope you will find some good connections there. Having spiritual friendships is what I miss most about church.

    • It really has been wonderful… and very, very surprising. I’ve been so against church, and for so long. I am looking forward to eventually talking with like-minded people and developing friendships, but for now I’m contented with just hanging out in their general vicinity. My power animal is a turtle, natch. :) xo

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