You all everybody

R.I.P. Charlie

It’s a Monday afternoon and I am definitely in the dregs of some *down* time. However, the weekend ended very well, and included healing interactions with friends, much-needed and welcomed, as well as a spectacular evening of Lost and Lost-related viewing last night. It was such a joy to sit in my parents’ living room with the fam, most of whom are (were, sniff) as rabid about the show as I am (was, sniff), and share that collective experience. It was quite the Event and I’m still pinching myself to have been a part of it. I guess I’ve gotten used to most of my favorite shows disappearing in a wimpy wisp of smoke, cancelled either too soon or ending with too little fanfare. ABC did it up right, wonder of wonders. Thank you you miraculous network you, for an entire evening – five and a half hours’ worth – of deliciously satisfying closure.

I haven’t told many people, but I applied for a job last week, the first time I’ve done such a thing in about 25 years. It was a shared job as office manager for our city’s Chamber of Commerce, a position my parents had heard about before it was generally known. I didn’t get the job – and am glad about that because after going to talk with the existing manager, I realized that the job was way too big for me and was going to withdraw my name from consideration anyway – but still, ouch, that tiny little sting of rejection…. STILL, it got me to make a resume, which turned out great, considering that I haven’t worked for pay for a very long time.

I’ve been thinking diligently about my next steps ever since school ended for me in December. I was going to take this spring and summer to finish writing my book, the book I’ve been working on sporadically for about seven years, but after whaling away at it for a month or so I realized that I’ve just about drubbed the life right out of it. You know, like dough that you overknead until it’s tough and gray and has dirt specks in it and is only good for wadding into balls that harden so you can throw them at brick walls to explode into a million pieces all over your LIFE. I killed my own book and it wasn’t pretty and it makes me depressed when I think about it, to be honest. So, won’t think about it.

With the (shh, book) and Chamber job endeavors all shot to hell, my mind has once again turned to the idea of school. Medical Transcription school, to be exact. The local college has a good-looking program on paper; however, I’ve become leery of it based on the fact that I attempted to contact the program advisor twice last week and have yet to hear back from her. Unless she’s sick, there’s no excuse because school is still in session here. I know this because I’ve driven by the campus a couple times this week and the parking lots are full. OF CARS. And there are people walking around. WITH BACKPACKS. If the program advisor Herself is too disorganized, lazy, or disinterested to respond to a potential student, then I may need to do some rethinking about the program at this particular school. Which is a bummer because it’s so close. The nice thing is, I’ve gotten very adept at going with the flow and waiting for the right moment to take the right step into the very right thing that’s right. In other words, I’m developing an eager patience. I always get what I need when I need it. You know, you can’t always get what you want? But if ya try sometimes, ya just might find… uh. Ya get what ya need!

That. It’s a good lesson. kiss!


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4 responses to “You all everybody

  1. Rod

    Hey Kelly, glad to hear from you again. Would love to get together with you guys.

  2. Thanks, Rod! Blogs are nice for corralling wandering thoughts, aren’t they? :)

  3. That’s too bad about the job, but at the same time, isn’t it good that you knew the job wasn’t for you after that one talk. I’m sure you’ll have better look next time.

    As for the Lost finale, well… *nananananananananana I can’t hear you about anything to do with it cause I haven’t watched the last two seasons but will do someday and don’t want to be spoiler* :)

    • What’s REALLY interesting is that I had a dream about the job the night before my mom told me about it. Well, I had a dream about not getting a job and being perfectly fine about it because another job was going to come right on its heels, one that was better for me. I believe that going through the process was the necessary step, which makes me feel that I’m right on track.

      Ooh, honey, watch the last two seasons as soon as you can because I don’t know how you’re going to avoid being spoiled by the ending for too much longer! But I’ll do my best to be sensitive.

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