I was having a hard time getting to sleep tonight so I changed my blog! I like it infinitely better, though I’ll probably monkey with it more over the next fewish days. I chose turtles for my header because turtles are my power animals. Here’s what my power animals book had to say about them. Or, well, about “me” in conjunction with them:

You’re an old soul with a strong sense of connection to the ancient and archetypal worlds, and have a great depth of understanding and compassion for the earth and all its inhabitants. No matter where you are in the world, you have a very strong attachment to your home and always end up returning there. You move at your own pace, typically slower than others, taking your time to make decisions and being very deliberate about it. When feeling threatened or fearful, you tend to back away and retreat into your shell, not being terribly concerned about what others think of this way of dealing with disturbance. You’re incredibly compassionate and nurturing with others, willing to listen to their problems and able to do so without taking them on.”

Agreed! Owls are also my power animals, and the description for them is even way neater than for turtles, but I am about ready to pass out from tiredness, and yuh-huh, tiredness is TOO a word.

So anyway, welcome to my new look. Bed now!



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  1. Playing with the blog is fun. Good to do when insomnia strikes. I was thinking the other day about mine. I started out as “Whimsical Mystic”, then “Transmutations”, “Twila Zone”, “Twi Chi” and finally “Wandering”. I don’t know what the next blog title will be yet! I can track my path by the names of my blogs.

    Plus, I’ve used the blog for ruminating, creating essays that explain my spiritual meanderings, a soap box and a place to keep favorite poems and quotes. Occasionally I take the comments off, but usually leave them on, although almost no one ever comments. I’ll have 100 hits and 0-1 comments. Weird. But I live such a hermit life right now that the occasional comment is a life line for me.

    I want to know my power animals!

  2. It was such a pleasure to wake up this morning to this new theme. I had gotten to the point where I would cringe every time I encountered all that neon green! This one makes me happy… and… TURTLES! Or to be more precise, tortoises, but now we’re merely quibbling. :) Twi, it’s been fun to follow along with your blog changes!

    You probably get far more hits on your blog than I do on mine. I do zero networking at all, which is so funny considering that when I first started blogging I did everything I could to get myself out there. It’s kind of nice to write without pressure now, though at times it’s difficult not knowing who you’re writing for. As always, I appreciate your faithfulness because you’re sure to show up now and again, and I can think, “I wonder what Twila will think of this…”

    I can’t remember the name of the book I used to find my power animals! I got it from the library, so if I remember or come across it I’ll let you know. kiss

  3. Twytie, I didn’t read through the whole book and really only picked it up because Torie had it, but it WAS moderately interesting and seemed accurate. What I did was choose the two animals that are extremely significant to me, that utterly fascinate me and that I think about often, and read their attributes etc, which ended up describing me pretty well. Here’s the Amazon link so you can see for yourself.


  4. OOohhh tutles! They’re neat. Like the new look btw.

    You can leave the owls for another day, keep us in suspension, you know :)

    And even though I only know you online I think this:
    “You’re incredibly compassionate and nurturing with others, willing to listen to their problems and able to do so without taking them on” is dead on!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day

  5. I love that little turtle.

    Hello, Kelly.

  6. Thought I’d weigh in on your turtle power animal, because I thought it was cool that Jon Montgomery, the 2000 Olympic gold medal winner for skeleton, also had turtle as his power animal, and painted it on his helmet – he used its power to win the gold medal….I wrote about it on my blog here.


    Also, I’m heavy into the power animal thing, since I do shamanic journeys, and have a free download to find your power animal on my blog if you subscribe, if you are interested.

    Thanks for putting your power animal on your blog!


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