Neck-crackling quiet

It’s a very peaceful morning here in the Lowe casa. Or, to clarify, apartamento. I just ran out to put the rent check in the mailbox before the postman cometh – hopefully bringing with him a couple of Netflix movies, yay! (the first disc of In Treatment, Gabriel Byrne’s new show, and some other movie I can’t remember now) – and am about to exercise and then take a shower. I added some more to my Hedonistic Mystic page. I changed my bedsheets and sorted laundry. Argh, the thing I don’t like about living in these apartamentos, though, is having to pay to wash and dry the clothes. It’s almost two dollars per every load in our attached apartment laundromat, and I don’t know… it probably costs the same as when you have your own washer and dryer, but when you’re paying your electric bill in one fell swoop, you don’t normally take the time to consider exactly how much of it goes to doing laundry. It makes you think that it’s free. So when you have to pay per load, like with actual quarters, quarters you would rather use to buy a ticket to Iceland, it feels like an imposition of mass proportions.

I’m prone to exaggeration, but STILL.

The yard maintenance guys will be here soon, sigh, and there’ll go my peace, what with their lawnmowers and leaf-blowers. Honestly. So I’m relishing this time while I can. Maybe when they’re here, I’ll take a walk. I miss Torie, my regular walking buddy. The night she left, I dreamt that she came down the walk with her little checkered purse slung over her shoulder and opened the apartment door with her key. Seriously, that was my dream. Boo. I think I’ll send her a little email, since she doesn’t have a phone. Love to you all! kiss

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