I thought you might like to see the photo I’ve been using for my desktop background the last couple weeks. Torie introduced me to the website cuteoverload and I’m telling you, it’s a great place to visit if you ever feel sad. There’s no remedy to sadness like watching puppies rolling over each other, or hamsters peeking out of pockets, or any baby animal in any scenario, really.

This morning, for the first time in a couple of weeks, my spirit feels as if it’s settling down after its emotional maelstrom. I mean, it has been settling slowly over the past few days, but today feels as if it’s finally found a chair and has seated itself comfortably to look around at all the pretty things. I ate a piece of whole wheat toast spread with hummus for breakfast, and sipped a big mug of coffee with Italian Sweet Creme creamer in it. I gathered a load of laundry and found just the exact amount of quarters I need in order to do it. I made my bed. I thought about how nice it was to have a friend to talk to yesterday about struggles I’m having in life and marriage, and how wonderful it is to have dinner made for you and people to laugh with while you eat. And dessert! I opened the patio door so the fresh morning air can waft in gently through the screen, and am watching Horatio lie in front of it with his ears perked and his eyes all a-sparkly with wonder. The sun is shining! I opened the curtains and shades on the east side of the house and the beautiful soft light is so bright that I’m thinking, who has two thumbs and needs a SAD lamp today? Not this girl!

One thing I appreciated so much about my time with Lorraine yesterday was that I was able to see, once again, that we’re all struggling over something. We really are all in *this thing* together. Most of her problems are different from mine, but the emotions they stir and the challenges they present are the same and need to be approached similarly. I needed to meet with her on that common ground so I didn’t feel so alone. Also, it was really wonderful to have a friend ask me actual questions about myself… My sil (sis-in-law) Sherrie is excellent about that, too. A person who shows genuine interest in you is GOLD. They don’t come around all that often, unfortunately, so I know how very blessed I am to have the smattering I do. A smattering is sufficient.

Well, I’ve been waiting for my toast to settle so I can exercise, and I think now’s the time. After that, I’ll shower and do my morning reading and meditation, see if anything juicy comes from it, which I’ll add to my other blog, which I love. It feels like a womb, a little sanctuary I can crawl into from here, my workaday world. I love you all. kiss!

*Credit for this word goes to Steve Carson. Lorraine, tell him I’m a person who keeps her promises.


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4 responses to “*Unicorndog

  1. lorraine

    Heh. You are too funny. Now your readers will be all baffled by the “Unicorndog” title since nothing in your post referenced it. That’s the way to leave your fans wanting.

    And yes, we certainly are all struggling but we are living life through the process of it. Knowing others can relate IS a comfort when I feel so all alone and different and unknown. Not that I want others to struggle but you know . . . why am I explaining what you already know. Duh.

    Btw, I just love you, my little moonchka.

    • Well, it’s not like Etienne’s reference at dinner was apropos to the conversation then, either. hee! It just struck me so funny, and I know it did you too, and I believe that had we kept looking at each other we might have not been able to stop laughing for ages… Now we’ll never know. Pity.

      You’re my little moonbeam. I love you. Thank you for being my friend for, like, FOREVER.

  2. I love cuteoverload. It usually manages to put a smile on my face no matter what.

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