Sun flower

You guys, today I’m once again facing my huge capacity for self-deception, and my propensity to hang onto hope long after every ship has sailed too far away to warrant it. Strangely, I actually kind of like this about myself. That said, today has been a very, very, very, very, very difficult one for me. Thank God for moments of transcendence, and more than anything, thank God that tomorrow is always another day.

See this sunflower? She’s looking up. Love!


Filed under God I'm depressed, Hope

2 responses to “Sun flower

  1. Wish I could reach through this monitor and stroke your arm. I’d fix us a latte and then just sit and listen. Or maybe I’d bake you some of my espresso brownies and we could sip some kalua with cream while we watch Pride and Prejudice. Or, I don’t know, something other than leave this ridiculous comment…

    Oh, and the hanging on to hope thing? I like that about you, too.

    • Holy smokes, Twila, I don’t care how impossible it is, I’m coming RIGHT OVER. All of that would be perfect, but you know what IS perfect, right this very moment? That you said it… and it was the opposite of ridiculous, and hearing it made me happy. Thank you, love dove.

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