Pudgy toes

Yay! Tomorrow got here, and it really is another day. I love how it works like that. Of course, I woke up sad and it took a deliberate readjustment of my brain pan to get happy, but I did it, and God did it, and we did it together. Also, thank you Pema Chodron and Michael Crichton, whose books I’m reading.

Michael Crichton died, you guys. I’m reading his memoirs, Travels, and have only just now come to like him immensely. He’s even gotten the “favorite” author treatment, where I continually turn over the book to the author’s photo and go “boop!” as I lightly and affectionately tap him on the nose. I look in his eyes and know he’s a kindred spirit. I wonder where he is right now. He was very into living by intuition and was even involved in the psychic studies that Judith Orloff (love!) took part in years ago. It’s such a blessed relief to find kindreds, and smart kindreds too!, smart kindreds who can teach me all kinds of stuff. I’m a sponge.

So, today I’m alone again and it’s lovely. Remember the papier-mache screen I mentioned a couple of posts ago? I’ve been eyeing it and am thinking it’s time to get my hands messy and finish it. Maybe I’ll start that today. But first I think I’ll read a little more in Travels. It’s so good to have a book to look forward to again. Love to you all on this fine day!

Oh, and also, new post on A Hedonistic Mystic. kiss!


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7 responses to “Pudgy toes

  1. Kels… reading your posts of the last several days amaze me because I am in the same place and could be writing some of the same things….well, not about Iceland. But the depression, the struggle, the inability to really concentrate and connect with a book. TV is boring me. music puts my teeth on edge. I’m desperately craving solitude and i miss my daughter more than you will ever know. Especially while she navigates the rough waters without Andrew. I even used The Little Engine that could in a post last week. And I went to church last Sunday….
    I was so afraid I had lost my doppleganger and I am amazingly happy that you have returned to me so somebody can understand my angst.
    We will make it. Be assured I am thinking of you and praying for both of us.
    Many hugs.


    • Karedy, while I’m not glad you’re struggling with similar emotions, I’m very glad that you could find a sense of camaraderie over here. I feel that too, after reading your thoughts. Thank you! More and more I’m realizing how much common ground we humans share, and how important it is to focus on our similarities instead of our differences.

      You haven’t lost me, doppel. That was a weird bad moment but we made it right, so kudos to us! :) love love love

  2. Happy Sunday Kells!
    You will be relieved to hear that it lashed rain all this morning, so you should be due some sunshine soon :)

    Don’t forget a picture of your screen, I’m intrigued by the idea of it.

    • Ohh, I would love to post a picture of the screen! I never thought of it, but it would be fun for you to see it, once it’s done. Maybe I should take a picture now, at this stage, too. I’m glad you want to see it!

      hee. Seriously. MAGICKS, because while it’s raining now, it’s supposed to be sunny later today and then the rest of the week. The weather is undoubtedly following the eight-hour time difference rule. Hopefully by, oh, late June we’ll BOTH get sunshine most of the time! Did you happen to watch the Portland video I posted on FB? I did that to entice my faraway friends over, you know. :)

      Happy Sunday, Fency!

  3. That is a wonderful idea…take a pic now and let us watch the creative juices as they flow! Glad today is better. Never read “Travels”, I’ll have to see if my BFF (library) has it.

    • The liberry is my BFF, too! It gets around, that liberry. I love Travels and have almost finished it after only one day(ish). It’s been ages since I’ve devoured a book like that!

      I’ll have to see if I can find a working camera ’round chere… xo

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