Tea and thee and sympathy

Just for fun: Obama Sings the Kick-Ass Song. It made me laugh.

Tunnel Falls, Eagle Creek, Oregon

Fresh air is wonderful, especially when after having opened the sliding door you can hear the rain pitter-pattering softly on the leaves of the trees in the yard. Today should see the last of the rain for a few days at least, if the weather seers are correct, and I am ready for some sun, let me tell you. I’m thinking a Sunday hike is in order. Jess and his cousin Krystin took a hike last weekend to see a waterfall called Tunnel Falls. He said that they had hiked about six miles, passing this waterfall and that, all the while on the lookout for that specific falls, when they came to a beautiful waterfall that required them to walk on a path behind its pounding spray. They loved it, it was so majestic and interesting and refreshing, but they didn’t linger long because they had to get to Tunnel Falls and back before dark. Well, you can probably see where this is going. After another half-mile of hiking they came across someone who, when asked, informed them that Tunnel Falls was about half a mile back, and how in the world had they missed it? hee! I thought that was great. Anyway, I’d like to walk to Tunnel Falls myself. I think I’ve been there before, as a teenager, since my friends and I used to do a lot of hiking on those Eagle Creek trails and I definitely remember walking behind a waterfall once. I like to hike, and I like waterfalls. It’s a perfect pairing.

Except I have this stinky cold. It’s been ages since I had a cold, and I heartily disapprove. At least I have an awesome novel to read while I’m lying in a stupor on the couch. This is a big deal for me, by the way. For months now I’ve been too unfocused and distracted to read any fiction. I would try, but my brain refused to latch onto the words in front of me, and it was impossible to enter into the story and enjoy it. Months! But two nights ago Jess and I watched The Shining and were wondering what it was about the movie that had made Uncle Stevie King so upset and disapproving. I suddenly really wanted to read the book. Wal, since I have almost all of his novels on the shelves already, I bopped right over and found it and started it the next day. It’s SO MUCH FUN to read a story again! I had forgotten that one of the best genres for getting actual unadulterated story is the horror genre.

I am definitely enjoying this resurgence of mindfulness again, and the regaining of earlier loves. I’ve even been considering setting up my keyboard again. It’s a full-sized Yamaha, so it will take up a little room, but it’s electric so I can play it with headphones and not disturb the neighbors. I think it might be worth a little loss of space. Maybe it will even lead to writing songs again. Wow, that would be amazing. I’ve been singing aloud more often lately with the aim of eventually auditioning for one of our church choirs. I would love to have music on my heart and mind and soul again. I can’t even imagine how invigorating that would be to my spirit. It’s been too long. Anyway. I hope you’re all having a great Friday. Love!



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2 responses to “Tea and thee and sympathy

  1. I am having a lovely Friday thank you very much. But then again, I’m on holidays so the whole week has been great. Am back visiting the parentals in Sligo, Himself is minding the Lady Mew in Mullingar :)

    And that waterfall is real purty!

    • Holidays! The best. Even if Lady Mew couldn’t accompany you, or you know, Rory. :)

      I was just looking through a set of photos of the brand new Disneyworld Harry Potter theme park! While theme parks no longer thrill me, I would go to this one in a heartbeat. And buy a wand! And a Gryffindor robe! And drink a butterbeer and eat a chocolate frog! Aahh…

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