Chicken soup days

And YOU can't spell.

Good morning, sweeties! Oh, the sun is out, the air is fresh, the geese are honking (really? are they back now?), and Horatio has had his morning visit with the cat next door. It’s a harlequin cat and it loves to come and rest outside the screen when the door is open. It just lies there gazing at Horatio who lies there gazing back at it. Sometimes they touch noses. I’m glad he has a kittycat friend, even if he’ll never be able to go out and play with it, seeing as he’s a pure-dee house cat.

While my cold is still full-blown, I feel better today anyway. I’m almost finished with The Shining, which I read off-and-on all day yesterday and am really loving. I can definitely see why Uncle Stevie was so put out by the movie version and am hoping beyond hope that someday they’ll make a proper film of the book. I still like Kubrick’s movie, but it’s its own stylized animal and has very little to do with the story as it was originally presented. I think after I finish this, I’ll read Peter Straub’s A Ghost Story, which I also have on my shelves but have never read. I loved the movie at one time, years and years ago, and I’d like to see how it holds up next to the book.

Other than reading, I have no plans for today except to rest and get well. I hope you all have a delicious Saturday. And a shout-out to Fence, my ever-faithful commenter. :)

Oh, and you guys, I just have to tell you: I’ve watched that Obama ass-kicking song video about 30 times now. It makes me laugh every time. It makes me happy, don’t ask me why. Peace! Love!

And a new Hedonistic Mystic post: Personal demons. kiss!



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4 responses to “Chicken soup days

  1. I missed my own shout-out. How bad is that! Still, the internets know no time (say that 3 times quickly)

    Lady Mew does not have time for kitty friends, there is so much to do, what with chattering at the birds, getting into the cardboard box, getting out of the cardboard box, getting into another cardboard box. Repeat as necessary. Or unnecessary :) And then there is the following people about no matter where they do. And crouching outside the bathroom ready to let out a loud “MIAOW!” of demand as soon as they reappear in the hall :)

    • I was thinking about how ironical it was that my shout-out post was the ONE post you hadn’t commented on. :) Not that you should feel pressure from now on to comment. You have a fresh clean slate as of NOW. Feel better?

      Lady Mew is a very busy girl, I can see. Horatio is also of the boxes; “the boxes” is one of his favorite things. The other day I noticed the hutch door open in the hall and peeked in to find him sitting in the lightbulb box, which is actually an old shoe box. He will sniff out the box no matter where it’s hiding.

      We also have to make sure to latch the bathroom door securely while doing our business because he will take a running leap and burst through it, just so he’s not left alone for two minutes together. Horatio and Lady Mew would probably be friends. :)

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