Yo quiero…

God made these just for me

Good morning, specials! One of my chiefest guilty pleasures is Taco Bell’s regular nachos with cheese sauce. I just had some this morning because they were left over from last night. When I’m eating them by myself, I run my naked finger along the inside of the little plastic container to scoop up every particle of cheese, which I then lick off said finger luxuriously and without a modicum of shame. Never having rewarmed them before, however, I ended up melting the container in the microwave and crisping the chips a little too long in the toaster oven. They were still heavenly, though. I’m not too picky when it comes to my TB nachos.

Today is church day! I love church day (all right. who are you and what have you done with kelly?). Plus, there’s going to be more gorgeous sun and I’m happy to get out into it. Yesterday I was in all day, recuperating and also watching the World Cup. I’ve never watched the World Cup before, but this time, I don’t know… I just really super wanted to, and you know, it was awesome. The best part about it was the feeling that I was celebrating something that most of the rest of the world was celebrating. I don’t mean “celebrating” in the usual sense, since I’m sure that not everyone wanted the U.S. to do well in the game, but celebrating in the sense that it was a joyful exhibition that other people – not just Americans – were caught up in. Americans have been too insulated, God bless us. But we’re beginning to change that on a larger scale and that makes me very excited for the state of our little collective pea-pickin souls.

Speaking of souls, I joined Rainn Wilson’s online spiritual community Soul Pancake this morning! I was reading along in Pema Chodron’s book when I suddenly remembered the site from when I had first discovered it years ago, so I put the book down and bopped immediately over. It had been revamped and it is truly going to be a place where I can ask my burning questions and offer my own take on other people’s burning questions. A real live community of kindreds! Also, Rainn himself sent me a welcoming computer-generated email. hee. I may hate what Dwight Schrute has become but I continue to love me some Rainn Wilson.

Also, Ghost Story is wonderful so far! And I have two other books to look forward to for my spiritual reading: another Chodron called When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times and The Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning by James Hollis. I’m especially interested in the latter book because it’s about the struggles that seem to be inherent to middle age. Good times. I hope you all have a glorious Sunday yourselves. Love!


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6 responses to “Yo quiero…

  1. Jenn

    I love, love, LOVE me some World Cup. Charles is a total soccer fanatic and knows SOOOOOO much about soccer, so we watch it all 9 months that the European leagues run. But this year we also get World Cup! And it’s so exciting. I am, of course, rooting for both the US and Spain and if (small chance) they were to both make it to the final I’d be for Spain all the way, except that I’d also be stinkin’ proud of the US too.

    • I can definitely see the appeal, Jenn! Soccer is becoming bigger every year here in the States, as it seems every schoolchild plays it competitively at one time or another. Of course I’m rooting for the U.S., and Uruguay because of one of my friends, and I’ll be more than happy to add Spain to the list! I don’t know how many games I’ll be able to watch, however, without cable. Boo. But it really is fun! Also, NO commercials until the halftime break. Helloooo! Unheard of! And altogether awesome.

  2. I didn’t catch your game Kells, but have seen a few, the vul-whatchamacall-em horn yokes very very annoying. I keep looking around for the swarm of attacking bees.

    But I do love that apres match is back (does it make sense in the US? Possibly not)

    • I’m shocked that you missed our match, Fency, since you’re the footballiest friend I have (except for Charles and Jenns, I’m finding)! But of course I forgive you. I actually turned down the sound on the TV because the horns were giving me a headache, seriously. I can’t imagine what it was like to be there. Probably like the NASCAR race I went to once, which was a three-hour nightmare of apocalyptic proportions.

      I don’t know what the apres match is, but I’m going to follow your link and find out!

    • Yes! We were almost telepathetic… :D

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