Dimbulbia, the country of

You guys! You guys! Looky at how great this is. Are not tortoises just the best? Go power animal, go!

Brian Fantana wears Sex Panther. For the ladies. Why hello, all you ladies.

So, this morning started out a little slow and I was feeling feverish and housebound and admittedly a tad cranky. But then I ended up going to Olive Garden for lunch, and New Seasons for this awesome essential oil blend called Egyptian Goddess which makes me smell incredibubble! and some berry-colored lip gloss, and thrifting at Goodwill and book-buying at the library Book Nook and vanilla chai tea-getting at Mountain Moka where I laughed like crazy with Van and Jesse because they’re so funny. I’m home now, doing THIS while all the boys are out in the parking lot messing with bikes, because this’s what I do, and that’s what they do. Plus, the sun has finally come out.

Oh man, Van bought a lamp for me at the Goodwill. We’d kind of been joking around in the lamp section, and I had pointed to this huge, ornately-carved, bulbously-amber-glassed-and-pewter lamp and was laughing rather mockingly until I really looked at it and said, “Wow, you know, wouldn’t that be, actually, kind of amazing in the living room?” A consensus was quickly reached and because I was hemming and hawing over the price (as I do) Van insisted on buying it and now it sits on the square table between the two chairs and looks perfect! Well, it still needs the right shade, but that will come with a little searching. I love it so much, and as soon as I get the shade, I’ll take a picture of it and also of the papier-mache screen I keep threatening you with. I also got awesome books, and a pair of shoes, and two comfy yet fashionable hoodies. I am an unabashed thrifter, if you hadn’t realized that by now. It is one of my all-time favorite things to be, especially with free money given to me by my parents for graduation. Yay parents! I was just spoiled all over the place today.

Now I’m all ready to cozy in for the next two days of forecasted rain. Oh, I also got a few movies at the library, so I can watch those, too. I’m still recuping from my stinky cold and don’t feel great, but within this week or next I’ll get signed up for, or at least informed about, school for the fall. I’m actually very much looking forward to taking the medical transcription course and getting started on a career that seems so right for me. Torie comes back from her vacation on Friday, and I’m really glad. I’ve missed her tons.

Wow, I smell amazing. Remember musk? Like, when you were young and musk perfume was all the rage? My favorite back then was Tigress Musk, I think from Avon, and I loved loved loved Jovan Musk for Men and could sniff it out anywhere, from literally miles away. Of course this makes me think of Brian Fantana’s Sex Panther. hee! Well, Egyptian Goddess has a very musky bouquet, which makes it sound awful suddenly, and I’m wondering if I smell like an old woman. But I don’t think so. I turned around at one point in the store and saw about a dozen men lined up behind me, jostling to get closer, but that could have been because I was standing in Electronics in front of the basketball game on TV. Or it could have been MY MUSK.

And that’s enough of that. Happy day, all. Love!


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10 responses to “Dimbulbia, the country of

  1. twila

    Awww. That video was way cute. And I can’t wait for the pics!

    • I completely love that video! It’s amazing to me that an animal would help another animal like that, but it happens all the time. We humans need to carefully reconsider the way we view animals, don’t we? xo

  2. I’m sure I would also completely love that video, but all I’m getting is “an error has occurred” so I’ll have to check back later and confirm that it is, in fact, cute and just merely aww how nice :)

    And you smell lovely from here Kells

  3. Definitely the musk! And I’m so behind, I didn’t know you had settled on medical transcription. Yay! you!

    Hugs, Kell!

    • Taleny! It’s so nice to see you. I know you’ve been VERY busy over at your house, so it’s even nicer to see you! So you know, I still use the Joy and PC (peace & comfort?) oils you gave me. I’m buggy about essentials and oil combos and just fragrances in general, but the more natural the better.

      I’ve settled on medical transcription as far as I can without having tried it; I’ll know better if it’s for me once I get in and talk to someone. Which I thought about doing today but discarded because it’s pouring rain. Maybe tomorrow… or the next day… or… :)

      Hugs to you, too! xo

  4. If only you could make a career out of procrastinating! Hee hee!

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