Flat out blessed

Soul Pancake has issued a “Creative Challenge” and has provided an art program so people can create pictures depicting how they feel at this time in their lives. This is the one I just finished and submitted. It took me about ten minutes and I didn’t try to be perfect. I just went with the flow. Try it out, you guys! (When you get there, just refresh the page.) It’s so SO fun. You don’t have to enter the contest; you can save your picture to your own files and start over again on another one, just for grins! Which is exactly what I’m going to do right now. Love!



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6 responses to “Flat out blessed

  1. Wow, great picture Kelly. I can only get little squiggles on mine :)

    • Thank you, my darling! It’s funny, but later I went to do another picture and my well of inspiration had run dry and I suddenly understood why so many people on the Soul Pancake site were saying in the comments that they couldn’t think of anything to draw! I’ll definitely keep the program in my Favorites though, because it’s such a great means for letting your thoughts flow unhampered.

      (Horatio found a bug and just doesn’t know what to do about it! Cats are awesome entertainment, no? I love their little simple lives. :))

      • Lady Mew spends much of her time sleeping, but even still she entertains :)

        I just have issues drawing on the computer because I tend not to use a mouse, just the trackpad yokey, which makes it awkward. Or at least, that is the excuse I’m using

      • Ah, come on and try… I don’t have a mouse either! Just that touchpad thingy that makes everything all shaky and weak and inadequate because all I have to draw with is my huge fat middle finger. But nobody cares! I certainly don’t! Seriously! Try it! Come on!

        It’s okay if you don’t. :)

  2. Actually I have been messing about with it, but no great works of art as of yet. If I actually ever like any I’ll be sure and post it

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