Outgrabe mome raths, etc.

Great. Who woke him?

Hello, pickles! I’m sleepy today. If I don’t wake earlier, I wake at least by five-thirty every morning, and I love this because in my mind, the earlier the better. The earlier I’m up, the more hours I have to do the things I love to do by myself, without anyone else around to distract me.

I’m back on a reading jag, voracious as a billy goat in a tin can factory, and most of my morning is spent in spiritual reading, writing, reflection, and meditation. The rest of the day, off and on of course, I read for fun. Yesterday I picked up Augusten Burrough’s book Possible Side Effects and am really enjoying it. While I find David Sedaris a tidge funnier, Burroughs is just as endearing and has moments of comedic brilliance and wordsmithery as well. I gave up on him for awhile after Running With Scissors because I just didn’t like it much, but when my friend gave me a copy of his book Dry, I fell in love with him. I guess I like him more as a struggling adult than as a broken child. A skilled, funny, and emotionally vulnerable essayist is an outright gift from heaven.

I know I said I’d be going to the school today to talk to someone about the medical transcription program, but I am just so reluctant to rouse that sleeping bugbear. sigh. It’s something that I know I have to do, and that I also want to do because it’s good for me, like taking my vitamins. But it isn’t something that I’m exactly eager to do because of my past history with school. My recent past history. The one in which I spend twelve to fourteen hour days, seven days a week, for two long years, stressing over schoolwork. Maybe now you can see the source of my hesitation. I’m trying to pipe in a message to my brain saying that I don’t have to work like that this time around, that I can relax and get less than perfect grades, but I don’t know if I can truly grasp that and make a change. I wish I could; I just really don’t think I can and this bothers me. I will sign up for school – I’ll take the plunge – but my little heels are wanting to stay dug in to the coziness of my present circumstances. I know they can’t stay there. I know that. I know! Erk.

Torie’s back tomorrow, which means today I’ll do a little deeper cleaning than my usual swipe at this surface and that, and I’ll change her sheets because Jess has stayed over a couple times and he’s a hairy guy, enough said. I’ll be very glad to have her back again – she’ll be here till the end of Octoberish – though it will once again change the dynamic of my days. But, the only constant in this world is change, or however that saying goes, so I’ll adjust.

Speaking of which, a new post over on A Hedonistic Mystic. Love to all. kiss!


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6 responses to “Outgrabe mome raths, etc.

  1. Jenn

    Beware the Jabberwok, my son.

    Thanks, now that poem is stuck in my head. I guess better that than a Lady Gaga song, huh?

    I like to wake up early too, for the same reason, but these days my sleep is so stinkin’ precious that I only wake up early (and by early I mean before the babes) when I HAVE to.

    • I remember those days, Jenn! I used to snatch naps whenever possible then, too. Sleep was like gold.

      It’s so funny that you mentioned a Lady Gaga song because a couple weeks ago I had had “Alejandro” running in my head for days. Once I managed to replace it with something else, but then while telling my kids about it Jesse said, because he’s an ornery dickens, “Oh, you mean that song Alejandro?” and boom it was back.

      I hope that’s not the song you had in your head before Jabberwocky. :) Beware the jubjub bird and shun the frumious bandersnatch!!!

  2. I get woken around 9.30 whenever I’m trying to do the holiday thing and sleep in late, living over a creche has it’s downfalls. Namely the squealing and shouting and crying and wailing of childers running around having fun!

    • hee! This morning our cultural differences loomed large when I read your comment and went, “What? Huh? She lives above a nativity scene? Maybe in a church?” Then it hit me that you probably live above a childcare center of some kind, right? That’s nice, Fency! I can see it could be loud sometimes, but it’s a bustling kind of friendly loudness that would be energizing in the right sorts of ways. A couple apartments down there’s a baby, and sometimes I hear it crying, and I think, “Aw, there’s a sign of life!” If it were crying in my ear, that would be another thing…

      • lol, yes a creche is a childcare center, and as the past few days have been pretty sunny they’ve all been out, bustling in loudness that is friendly during the day, but too early in the morning is just aint right!

      • Just think if it were a vampire creche. I suppose we should count our blessings every which way they come, shouldn’t we? :)

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