Smooth toes get cold

My own version of a bugbear. Or something.

I was telling Fence in the last post’s comments that I had gone back to the painting program to do another picture but found that my well of inspiration had run dry. See what I mean? But I don’t care too much, despite feeling vulnerable in sharing these less-than-stellar products of my imagination and computer touchpad. I’m always yammering on about how I want people to know me, but I generally only want you to know the parts I’m proud of, which is why I shave my toes.

By the way, via an online search, I discovered how to keep my curls at their maximum curliness! It requires loads of mousse on wet hair straight out of the shower. And scrunching, lots of scrunching. Now I don’t have to let it develop dreads in order to have depth and texture; it does it all on its own; good hair, good boy. Yes, my hair is a boy but don’t ask me how I know… I suppose you could try lifting it up and looking underneath, which seems to work well with puppies, but warn me first, okay?, so I don’t have a heart attack when you sneak up behind me.

It is really so beautiful this morning! Maybe I should get out and take a walk… For the past couple days, for exercise, I’ve been playing The Black-Eyed Peas station I created on Pandora and dancing around to it. I do a lot of arm movement because I’m concerned about under-arm wings and it’s kind of helping a little bit already, at least in my mind. I love to dance. Maybe I’ll both dance AND walk, but not at the same time, even though thinking about that just now puts a smile on my face. Could you imagine how awesome it would be for lookers-on to see someone dancing down the street? I wish I had the balls. Heey, somebody look under my dreads and see if I do, okay?

This post is skating dangerously close to porn.

Speaking of dread(s), you guys, I’m feeling an ever-increasing sense of reluctance to go to the school and get my registration on. Maybe because I finally feel mostly peaceful after a bucketload of emotional turbulence, like, the plane had a long rocky touchdown and has finally stopped and is letting passengers out. There’s other scary stuff on the tarmac, in baggage, and on the taxi ride home, but at least I’ve landed safely. Until the next flight. I’m taking this airplane analogy too far but you know what I’m saying, right? Please tell me you do because I don’t want to go to the trouble of finding another analogy.

Thank you for listening, by the way. I especially appreciate you this morning, this fine morning when I woke up a little lonely… but that’s a post for the Hedonistic Mystic sometime. Maybe tomorrow. Love to all. kiss!


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10 responses to “Smooth toes get cold

  1. Look, look, ninja turtles:

    Maximum curliness is good, unless you are trying to straighten your hair… errr, you aren’t doing that, are you…. :)

    • Aw, I completely love that ninja turtle! It’s Leonardo! My boys were enamored of them for years, and still are in their own big boy way.

      Is your hair naturally straight? Mine can go either way, with a little bit of effort. If I leave it alone, it just kind of lies there passively, waving now and again.

      • Tis wavy. And usually has a kink in it from being put in a pony tail :)

      • One nice way to get curls is to roll it up into a bun when it’s damp, or two or three or four buns, depending on how big you want the curls, and then let it dry for a few hours. I love having long hair.

  2. What fun! I hope you keep posting these pics. You have a program for it? This post put a smile on my face. But it also made me miss my hair. Sigh.

    • Did you cut your hair, Twi? You know, the program has been SO much fun that I’ll post a link to it on my site so it’s easier to get to. I love it so much! I made another picture today that I’ll post tomorrow. I’m thinking a picture a day because it’s such an awesome way to unhook the old consciousness and let whatever happens, happen. :)

  3. I DID cut my hair. Literally. What had happened was…I went to get my hair cut months ago and the stylist cut about 10 inches off – an angle cut. I disliked it. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when it was getting frizzy and out of control and I knew I couldn’t get a cut for some time. I tried to cut my own hair. I don’t recommend it. It’s much harder than I thought it would be. Now I’m really butchered up and still have to wait to get it fixed. Thank God Tammy has loads of ball caps!!

    • Ohhh, boogers… I’ve done similarly in the past, and being as a woman’s hair is her glory and all that jazz, it CAN be upsetting when our hair looks off… Thankfully it grows back! And God made girlfriends with ball caps for the meantime… I’ve been SO tempted for awhile to just chop all my hair off and go very, very short, with spikes sticking out every which way. I doubt I will, at least until I’m old, but to me having hair that short almost stands as the epitome of freedom.

  4. Oh yes, I’ve done that before (the bun types thingy) usually I need to do two buns though, my hair is slightly thick :) as in I have a lot of it, not that it is stupid. Far from it, my hair is quite intelligent, or at least it seems that way in all the conversations I have with it.

    Isn’t it strange how one hair is a hair, a few are hairs, but all of them on your head is back to the singular again?

    • I believe that your hair is intelligent because my hair is SO much smarter now that it’s red. And you come by yours naturally! Lucky.

      Yeah, hair… hairs… hair…. And why do you put an e in mosquitoes but not avocados?

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