Happy Father’s Day

My dad, Dennis "the Menace" Simons

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, another holiday which goes completely against my philosophical bent toward not being manipulated by Hallmark, but since I love my dad I’m going to go along with it and hang over at his house with my brother and him and watch NASCAR. We’ll watch the race and I’ll try to refrain from asking a thousand questions since I know nothing about racing, and then we’ll eat meatloaf and potato salad and cherry pie, and probably play 10,000, which is a dice game my dad almost literally lives for, breathes for, and has his being in. It will be a really fun day, I think. Later, the rest of the family will join us and we’ll eat again! And play more games! Family is fun!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, no matter what you end up doing. Love and hugs to all. kiss!


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2 responses to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Rod

    Tell Dad hi and that we love him too. Root for the 48 car during the race, it is driven by Jimmy Johnson, owned by Hendrick Motorsports, the crew chief is Chad Knauss and it is sponsored by Lowes. Jimmy has won the last five NASCAR championships. Have a great day.

    • Will do, Rod! I’ll let him know. I remember Jimmy Johnson all right, so I’ll be sure to wish him well during the race, UNLESS Danny or my dad don’t like him and then I’ll wisely bite my tongue. :)

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