The TMI post

Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s funny… I was all set to run over here and write a load of nonsense for your perusal when suddenly my mind went blank and I started writing about the weather until I realized that was deadly and I’d better stop.


Torie got in last night an hour later than we’d anticipated. The pilot for her flight didn’t show and they had to rustle up a new one from somewhere, wherever pilots go when they’re not flying, probably the bar. But the delay was good in that it gave Van and Jesse time to get here so they were present to greet their sister with hugs and shoving and affectionate scorn and other loving, brotherly salutations. Scott went to bed, but they stayed for a couple of hours, until around 11:30 pm, just shooting the bull. It was fun. Before Van got here, Jess and I watched some of The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, which I couldn’t recommend highly enough, people, really. We were laughing our panties into bunches and we’ve already seen it at least a dozen times. I’ve been in such a laughing mood lately. I saw Tarantino’s Deathproof – part of his Grindhouse double feature – and absolutely loved it so much, to my utter shock. Kurt Russell was fantastic, especially in the latter half of the movie, where he was incredibly funny and over-the-top. I can’t wait to see Planet Terror, which should be in at the library any day now. I like practically any movie that has quirks. No quirks is not an option.


I can’t even think of one new thing to tell you, so I’ll just throw a bunch of random thoughts out there. I need to start buying reading glasses from anywhere but the dollar store because I think the lenses are made of inferior glass, or plastic – glasstic – and it scratches and smudges when you look at it, let alone try to clean it. So there’s that. The cat hair in the house is getting a little out of control, as I found one on the bathroom towel we all use after washing our hands. sigh. I vacuum, but I think I’m going to have to get out the rubber gloves and give the furniture a good going over. Yes, plastic gloves are great for that… the fur sticks right to them as you wipe your hands across any fur-laden surface. Just call me Aunt Keloise.

I can’t sleep in a bed where the sheets aren’t tucked in. I think my fluffy robe makes me look fat, but then, fluffy robes make everyone look fat, so yeah. My Mother’s Day begonias aren’t looking so good… When they die, am I going to die at that moment too, like when you dream about your own death and then wake up dead? Ever since I started drinking green tea, I no longer crave coffee in the same way as before. It’s almost an afterthought of a morning, now. I take six vitamins every morning, and one at night. In January, in the wee hours during a full moon, I took a few items out to the tiny grove in back and buried them between a stand of trees. I have poor peripheral vision and can barely see in the dark and didn’t have a flashlight and was trying to be quiet so the neighbors wouldn’t hear or see me so you can imagine how interesting that experience was, but it made me feel better to do it. And for some reason, I have one wiry, curly eyebrow hair that I can’t stop pulling at and worrying. Oh and also, I think you guys are great. Thanks for listening.

New Hedonistic Mystic post. Love!


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