Dogged days of summer

Ambrose, trying to wish his leash away

Good morning, sweet pea specials! I had set aside today to go to the school, but my tummy hurts and I’m sleepy and my fingernails need trimming and I still haven’t cleaned the cat hair off the couch and I need to fold the clothes I washed yesterday and pick up Under the Dome and Planet Terror from the library, once I get dressed… if I get dressed (she said ominously). I’m a great one for waiting for inspiration to move me instead of sheer determination, because honestly, I’ve come to trust my intuition more than my cognition, but even I realize that life can’t be lived on inspiration alone. Or… can it? (she asked ominously).

No, no it can’t. sigh.

We had a good time at my parents’ yesterday. I was really happy because our whole little extended family was there – the extension being, in this case, my brother Danny, his wife Sherrie, and their son Henry. I didn’t end up watching the race after all, except for a few minutes of it, long enough to ask what kind of racing that was (road racing, apparently, though I may have forgotten the exact term) and why Danny wanted anyone but Jimmy Johnson to win (he’s won too many times). Instead, my mom asked if I wanted to stream a Netflix movie with her in the office, so we watched Sunshine Cleaning, which was really surprisingly satisfying and not the fluffy comedy I’d expected. We played several hands of Quiddler, my mom and Torie and I, and 10,000 – a dice game – later with my dad. All of us played 10,000, which made for a lively experience. I didn’t even win one game the entire day, but was wholly unconcerned by that, which is kind of weird to think about because I used to be rabid about winning games in the past. Oh wait, I remember winning a few hands of Speed while playing with Jess, but that hardly counts as we were merely filling time until everyone else got to the table. Later in the evening, after we’d played and eaten twice and watched our respective shows and after my brother and fam had gone, we gathered in the darkened living room and watched The Road, another very very good movie, though I’ll probably never watch it again.

In all, it was a nice day, though I felt mostly awkward and terribly out of sync. I’m learning to just roll with that when it happens, however, since the world hasn’t even ended once because I felt that way, like I’d always thought.

Torie showed us the photos she’d downloaded on her computer of our dog Ambrose, who we’d had to leave behind in North Carolina. Is it who or whom? He’s living with Mark’s mom until Mark gets back from Iraq and he and Torie can find a place to live. I miss our Buddy in a purely emotional sense, since I miss the smell, the shedding, the constant taking-out-to-pee, the piles on the lawn, and other forms of maintenance that having him requires. Cats are easy peasy by comparison.

So today is kind of funky and weird and I don’t know if I’ll be able to gear myself up for the things I feel I need to do. It’s kind of interesting about inspiration, though. I remember when I had to write papers for school… There were days like this when writing even one paragraph took hours of effort and painful slogging, and other days when I could whip out two papers while simultaneously studying for a biology exam, painting my toenails, and building Ikea bookcases. We don’t have Ikea bookcases, but I’m just saying. I do have toenails. Here’s hoping you do, too. Have a great day, you guys! Love.



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2 responses to “Dogged days of summer

  1. Aww, cute doggie.

    and ha! I just commented on your facebook profile pic about your hair being down in photos that I’ve seen & now you go and change it here too!

    I’m a firm believer in inspiration rather than determination, and unfortunately I was not inspired to go fold clothes today like I should have. Ah well… tomorrow is another chance to put it off.

    • YESSS, another powered-by-intuition kindred! I also was not inspired to fold the clothes today, nor do the other things I said I would except the dishes. Did I say I’d do the dishes? Well, I did those. Otherwise, I’ve mostly just rolled around on the couch whining like a new puppy a-cause of grumble grumble cramps. :(

      Isn’t Ambrose a cutie patootie? And yesterday I uploaded a bunch of pictures my mom had taken recently so I finally have a few new pictures of myself. :)

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