Hello, sweeties. I wanted to tell you that I’m going to take a break from blogging for a tiny little while. It won’t be long, just enough time for some personal revamping and readjusting. Tonight I’ve started the process of cleaning out stuff in one area of my life – throwing away books, cards, letters, jewelry, things that meant something to me once but no longer do – and I want to expand that to the rest of my life as well. I’m thinking maybe a week or so? Or maybe I’ll be back tomorrow because I’ll think of something I want to share with you all. But as of now, I plan to be busy doing housecleaning – physical, mental, emotional – all the “al”s. See you when I get back! Love. xo


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  1. Dan O'Malley

    Kelly, just know that your friends love you and really hope and pray that you find true meaning for your life! I know that I pray for you, and hope that in your own way you would do the same for me. I love my new little house,

    • Danny, holy Toledo, really? I mean, you pray for me? Wow, I had no idea, and that blesses me so incredibly much – that you’d even think of me to do that! Sorry for blathering, but just… wow. I would be more than happy to pray for you, too.

      From the photos you’ve posted of your little house, I can certainly see why you love it. It’s great, and the setting is unbelievably beautiful. ha! I just saw that there’s a comma after house instead of a period… were you wanting to add to your thought? It doesn’t need it; it’s a good thought, all on its own. :)

      Thank you for everything you said, truly. xo

  2. I need to do the same…woke up this morning and lay in bed thinking it is time to simplify. I love going through my stuff, taking the extras to good will. Once in awhile I come across a need for something I have given or thrown away, but mostly I just love the zen-like simplicity of a minimalist home. Clearing the clutter seems to help me clear my mind of clutter somehow. I’ll probably be off-line for a bit after Saturday – that is my cut-off for internet. I’ll be back probably sometime in July. See you then!

    • July is good… it’s not that far away… sniff. :(

      Yes, I’m now hot to do other kinds of clearing away as well. My mom’s been talking about having a garage sale so it’s perfect timing. For awhile now, probably since warmer weather, I’ve been looking askance at my bulging bookcases and have wanted to cull them and good. I do this every couple years or so. Since we moved only a year ago there isn’t too much other stuff to get rid of, but every little bit helps to unclutter the house – which also helps me unclutter my mind. I’d like to have at least one room in here that’s really peaceful and calming. There’s altogether too much yang going on. (Leos love yang, you know.) (But we NEED yin.)

  3. See you later alligator :)

  4. lorraine

    OK, but just this once.

    See you on the flip side.

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