Because I lake it like that

Lakes are the new oceans. At least they are to me. For some reason, I’ve become drawn to them like crazy lately. I think that, before two months ago, the last time I was at a lake was circa 1990, to visit my friends Steve and Lorraine, but I only went because they were there. It wasn’t the lake I wanted. When I longed for water, it was the ocean I thought of. Now – inexplicably – I just can’t get enough of those great big lakey bodies of water, and thankfully, there are about umpteen hundred of them within an hour of where we live. Well, nine or ten. Today we thought we’d be adventurous and try Little Crater Lake, up on Mt. Hood. I had seen the sign every time we drove by on our way to Timothy Lake, and it always sounded intriguing to me. A little crater! How wondrous is that, how magical? Well, let’s just say, it wasn’t what we expected.

To get there, we walked on a plank path across a swampy field of long beautiful golden marsh grass – a somewhat promising beginning – but when we came to what looked like a largish, albeit pretty, pond, we were flummoxed. This was IT? This was what we had hauled our lawn chairs and coolers to in order to spend the day soaking in lakish ambience? I don’t think so, Paco. Torie snapped a few pics, I brushed away a few of the hundred thousand insects buzzing around my head, and we trudged back to the van with all our stuff. It was a beautiful pond, no?  

Thankfully, Timothy Lake was only 5 miles down the road. Good old faithful Tim. What I love so much about Timothy Lake is that it offers such scope, such space to breathe… It’s big, dark blue, and bright – The Lake of Shining Waters – and surrounded by green fir-covered hills, behind which, from some angles, looms majestic Mt. Hood. It’s nice even when there are tons of people around, especially because there always seems to be someone with a dog, and it’s so entertaining to watch a dog jump in the water and swim after a tennis ball. When I’m there I just sit… with my bag of books and snacks lying unopened beside me… …and soak in the sights and sounds, with very little thought at all. It’s been a lifesaver during this stressful time in my life. Whenever I’m there I wish my mom were sitting beside me because she would love it so much. Hurry and get better, Mom!

Also, Torie and I always find something to laugh about… and sometimes uproariously… …whether we’re at the lake or in the car or sitting across from each other in the living room while we watch TV.

Wow, I’m going to miss this beautiful girl when she moves back to North Carolina. Love you guys! xo



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4 responses to “Because I lake it like that

  1. lorraine

    OK, yet again I realize how different we are because I LOVED Little Crater Lake . . . the size, the depth, the clarity, the sanctuary of it all. Pond Schmond. I’m glad you had a glorious day anyway and life would be dull if we were all alike. See, the laughing pics are wonderful. You are beautiful.

    • You know, when we got to the lake there was a VERY noisy family of about twelve there, milling around, so that might have colored my view of it. Also, I was expecting a big lake! BUT, it really was beautiful, and so deep and clear, though when we were there, there were about a million bugs buzzing over it, and over us… It just wasn’t what I anticipated, that’s all – so I take back the comment about it being a pond. :)

      You’re so right about having Torie take pictures of me; I think I’m most natural with her, even though what we were laughing at during those photos was the fact that in every picture I’m either closing my eyes, or overcompensating by opening them too much so I end up looking like a psycho.

      I’M GOING TO MISS HER. I might have to borrow Kate every so often, kay? Love you. xo

  2. All the more reason to come visit me, I live in Ireland’s “lakelands”

    I love how blue that lake it. Bluer than blue even :)

    • You DO, Fence? Yay! The first place I’ll travel when I’m flush to travel will be Ireland, and it would be very fun to take the train over to see you and your lakes.

      I LOVE how blue Timothy Lake is! It comforts my mind and puts the sparkle in my eyes.

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