Baby needs a new pair of slippers

Rain rain rain. Rain rain rain. It’s a good thing, with me living in Oregon and all, that I like the rain. We had about two minutes of summer this year, which wasn’t so great, but now that fall is nearing I’m surrendering to it and feel pretty happy. Crispy air, hot soup, layers of blankets, my fluffy robe, my ambient fire, Halloween, Christmas… say hello to my little friends. This morning I’m lying on the couch with my books stacked atop the couch next to me, my empty tea mug beside them, my reading glasses beside it. Horatio is curled up to the heater, where he will nest for the next three seasons with only food and litter box breaks, and occasional dragging-of-the-toys to any available breathing body in hopes of play.

I’ve been rereading The Power of Now for the third time and am almost finished. It’s chock full of great advice I’m always ignoring, but what’s nice about that is that everybody’s different and we all have our own facet of God to express. Living creatively is the ONLY way to go. I enjoyed the first half of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but the second half lost me. Well, it lost its narrative power; it’s as if the author stopped telling a story and instead merely shoved vampire references in to real live historical events. Boring, so I’m back to reading The Return of Queztalcoatl, which I really enjoyed before I was sidetracked by popular fiction. Prayers of the Cosmos is still a staple: I’m up to line six of the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic; I’ve been memorizing it, which is good for my little gray cells and my spirit, and I’ve read approximately two paragraphs of the second story in the third annual edition of The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror, which I picked up at the library book sale a few weeks ago. I’m rich in books. Books books books. Books books books. It’s a good thing, with me living in rainy Oregon and all, that I like books.

Oh, I don’t know if I’ve ever said anything about this, but the picture to the right is of my favorite firework from last July 4th. Since being home, we’ve spent the 4th with my parents at their house, eating barbeque and playing games until it’s time to head for the fire-station sponsored fireworks at the high school. Because my dad’s a fire chaplain, we get front row seats, so yay! Anyway, that’s summer talk, and we were focused on fall, right? Right.

Today will be my last shift of the week, helping my mom… I get the next three days off before I start up again next Tuesday. I’ll probably meander over there a few times just to visit, but tomorrow I think I’ll spend some time spiffing up the house and making something delicious for dinner. I’m going to stay in my jammies ALL day long. It will be lovely. Tonight, more Supernatural! Yes, I’m starting to think cozy. I hope you’re all feeling peaceful today, too. Love! xo



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5 responses to “Baby needs a new pair of slippers

  1. I too, love the rainy days with a cup of tea and a great book.

    Toddlers and babies don’t so much, so I don’t have your luxury of booking away the day. Read an extra for me?

  2. I don’t know…the toddler does pretty good sitting on the bench, it’s the baby on daddy’s lap that doesn’t do very well!

  3. HA! Only air guitar so far…

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