Mayan don’t you look nice

Some days I wake up happy, and other days, not so much. Or it takes awhile to find my happy place.  This morning I woke up feeling pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty (to quote Larry David) pretty good. I’ve already had my tea – green tea with Stevia sweetener – and have read a little of Tolle’s book A New Earth. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read more of the Tibetan book or start Friendship With God after that, so I drew a little in my art journal instead. I want to get some new colored Sharpies because my other ones disappeared somewhere.

I love this vantage point from the couch. I’d take a picture for you but Torie was the one with a camera and it’s gone bye-bye with her, so I guess this means having to spring for my own camera someday. Before that happens, however, I want to buy one of those wireless devices I can attach to my TV and watch Netflix movies on because we don’t have cable and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of awesome shows to watch online. That would be nice when the longer, darker days come rolling in.

Anyway, directly in front of me is what I’ve come to call my ‘sacred bookcases’ because they contain all my spirit-nourishing books as well as a small statue of Buddha, another of a dove (to represent the holy spirit), another of an owl (wisdom, Sophia/Athena), my lighted hunk of Himalayan salt, a picture of Eckhart Tolle and another of Jesus meditating, three African women dancing in a circle, two small ornate antique bells from my great-grandparents house, hanging from a red ribbon, and two small plates containing the beach rocks I’ve gathered over the years and stones my kids brought me from Mexico and Ireland. Above the bookcases is a large framed print of a schooner on a stormy sea. I didn’t know I was setting up an altar when I started putting all my beloved things in one place, but that’s what it’s turned into. I don’t worship the statues and photos, in case you were wondering. They’re there to remind me of God’s love; to warm my heart and help me feel grounded when the events of life feel too overwhelming. I talked to a friend of my parents’ yesterday, a woman named Eileen who’s helping to care for my mom – I really like her – and she said she’d bring me a Mayan ring she got from a necklace when she was in Cancun last year during the summer equinox. Lately I’ve been reading about the Mayans and I’m very excited to have something from that culture to add to my altar. I love God, in all his manifestations! I’m ever on the lookout for a non-cheesy statue of Jesus.

With Torie now across the country, in order to avoid loneliness I’m going to have to reach out to other friends and this is really good for me. For years now I’ve wanted a circle of women to share my life with and it feels like the right time for that. Even getting to know my mom’s friends has been wonderful; in addition to Eileen there are a couple others I would love to get to know better because they’re so interesting. And of course, there are my beloveds who are already in place. The only obstacle is that so many of them are very busy, and I’m not. However, this is also good because it keeps me from becoming dependent solely on people for comfort… If there’s no one to talk to then I have to talk to God and find alternate ways to comfort myself – mostly through creative expression of some kind: an art project, or writing, or dancing, and always, reading. Life is so rich and full when I choose to look at it that way! On the docket for today… a cozy morning in, the afternoon helping my mom, and teriyaki chicken for dinner! Yum. Love you all. xo

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