That rabbit won’t stop babbling

Whenever I’m feeling a little bit down, or lonely, going over to my parents’ house to help my mom always, ALWAYS, helps me feel better. The fact that she’s making such steady improvement is a huge boost to my spirit, but it’s more than that. Our family has grown so much closer since her illness; there are very few secrets between us anymore. There just doesn’t seem to be the point when bedpans are involved, you know? For my previously private family, the one in which each family member, when using the bathroom, closed and locked the door behind them, this is a big deal. Living with my free-spirited daughter helped me love and embrace my cleavage, what there is of it, and oh, my kids and their friends are just the loosest most fun people ever. Then there’s Scott and his whole side of the family: party animals ALL. I’m surrounded by life and zip-zinging freedom and I’m only just now beginning to feel like a part of it. I was so uptight as a young’n, even when I was acting my brand of crazy. There was always a part of me holding back. But I feel… I feel…I feel like I’m just gonna bust out soon. It’s pretty awesome.

Hey, if you try it too, then we can ALL look twelve!

Plus, this morning I had a nice hourlong chat with my oldest goldest friend Lorraine “Baine Refrain Maintain Sustain Refrigerate” Carson, whom I’ve known since we were around 13 years old, a mere handful of years ago. She was telling me today about how gorgeous she looks now due to new eye wrinkle cream so I’m dying to try it out. And I’m getting to know the sister of one of my dearest friends and I’m coming to love her, too…and I’ve reconnected with a friend who’s been in deep emotional distress, and I just love her so much; I’m glad beyond glad that we’re in each other’s life again. In the last couple of weeks I’ve touched base with several special people from my past, bringing them around again into my present, and it feels good, so complete.

Friends help us real-ize ourselves. Even enemies help us do that, and then we do our best to make them friends. We all serve as mirrors for each other. People lift us up and let us down, but pleasure or pain, they’re our teachers and speaking for my own little old self, I’m profoundly grateful for them. For YOU. Thanks for listening, guys. You’re helping me become real, and I hope I do the same for you. Love! xo

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