Tantalizing tattoo teaser

This is my first post after disconnecting from Facebook, which had brought me the majority of my readers. It’s a scary thing to walk away from it for that reason alone (what if nobody reads me now?), but also because walking away removes me from a social network I’d come to depend on for the majority of my communication. I just had to, though. It was too distracting. So now, if you’re reading this, it’s because you really want to be here, you bookmarked my blog or searched it out, or saw me on your statcounter. Any which way, I want you to know how much I appreciate you coming. Thank you.

The best thing about scurrying for the margins is that now I feel I can be more forthcoming about the things I’m doing, and the thoughts and feelings I’m having. I can tell you a little more about what I’m learning. It isn’t conventional stuff and most of my friends are definitely not on the same page, though thankfully, they love me and put up with me anyway. I tell yoo whut though, it’s weird not having a muse… I’ve always had someone in mind when I’m writing, but this is the first time in a long time that I don’t. So even more than finding my voice, I’ve had to find my ear… or the ear that’s listening. I’m not sure how to go about doing that. Does Stephen King have a muse? Oh yeah, he has the cigar-smoking guy in the basement. And I do suddenly remember May Sarton saying in one of her books that it was odd not having a muse to write for after her partner had died, and that she felt she’d lost her words. That’s good to remember; I can relate. I’ve had three muses in my adult life, and I know how powerful it is to have some one to write to, and for… it makes all the difference if you can imagine a specific person nodding, smiling, laughing, frowning, disapproving, or showing any emotional reaction to something you say. When there’s no one in particular, you feel as if you’re writing into the ether. Maybe I’ll make someone up. [Note: Since writing the above, I have received a comment from the lovely Fence. So there’s one! The ball is rolling now. :]

So today Scott had the wonderful idea to drive to downtown Portland and see the big Christmas tree in Pioneer Square. We were all bundled up and ready for a Downtown Christmassy Afternoon when about fifteen minutes out of town the car brakes lurched and growled and scared us, so we turned back toward home to get the van. On the way there, however, we decided it would be enough to rent a Red Box movie at Fred Meyer’s, walk around Sandy and look at Christmas lights, take a gander in Goodwill for a round lamp shade, meander down to the new brew pub and peek in through the windows, buy some fresh coconut curry soup at Safeway, and then head home to put up the Christmas tree. We did most of that, but because the Jim Carrey Christmas Carol wasn’t in, we got Predators and The Last Airbender in Blu-Ray (the boys are coming over later) and instead of a lamp shade at Goodwill I found:

I, repeat, FOUND:


And not just any old boots, but the boots I have been waiting to find for at least ten years, if not longer. The boots I’ve decided over and over again to just buy even if they cost full-price because they’re so classic and awesome, but I never had the money to get them. I found… dark brown harness boots! The one pictured is exactly the boot I got (well, and wonder of wonders, there were two of them), and for way cheaper than the original price. I would like to tell you I got them for $3.99, but you know, we’re still a long way from Eden. Oh, and did I mention they were perfectly MY size? And did I mention they were BRAND NEW, NEVER WORN? I’m jazzed up the ying-yang.

All right, that was probably as conventional as you can get, this lust for merchandise and the desire to see Christmas lights. But I promise… I will get crazy in future, okay? I have a couple things already in mind to tell you, and they’re kind of fun. But Scott and Jess will be here in a minute (I had about half an hour to grab for post-writing) and we’ll be heating and eating our soup and watching the first movie. Van will be here soon to show us his new tat. He and Jesse, who got his yesterday, are now sporting another set of matching tattoos: this time shovels stuck in the ground with the little saying “Ya Dig It?” next to them. It’s one of their inside jokes. I love my kids, and I love that they love each other. It’s so great. Have a wonderful day, peeps! Love! xo


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8 responses to “Tantalizing tattoo teaser

  1. Yay, reader number two! :) Love you too, Karedy. xo

  2. Yeah, FB can be overwhelming and so distracting. I tend to pop in every couple of days, wave at various peeps and then disappear again. Problem is that everyone now sortof assumes that because they’ve posted something on FB that everyone knows about it.
    Facebook is killing communication!


    I’m sitting inside enjoying a day off looking outside at the freezing weather and ignoring the doom & gloom of the bailout discussions everywhere in Ireland at the moment. And feeding the birds, cause, well, you just gotta :)
    Happy Monday Kells.

  3. Happy Monday to you too, F! Completely out of the blue, it’s a gorgeous day here in Oregon. It’s been raining like gangbusters (or snowing!) and it’s supposed to recommence doing same tomorrow. So today I’m lapping up the sun, even though it’s co-o-old. Days off are so nice, aren’t they? I knew Ireland was going through a bailout but I didn’t know for how much until I saw the amount last night on the news. Holy Toledo, Andy. The U.S. owes China almost $800 billion dollars. That’s so mind-boggling it’s not even real. It’s pretend, right? gah.

    Oh yeah, and you’re totally right about Facebook! I know you did a winky face, but it’s true. :) Since you’re feeding the birds today, I’m reminded to toss some apple pieces out to the squirrels. They’re SO adorable right now: completely fat and fluffy and you should see them trying to shimmy up the trees. Hilarious! Let’s make them fatter! xo

  4. I feel the same way about FB. Time waster. “Friends” I’ve never met or read, un-friended folks mad at me, prolific posters who insist on telling the world every time they fart (silent or not)…it’s exhausting! I rarely have time to post a blog, even. FB is killing me.
    Just don’t stop blogging. I need you.

    • Twi, it was driving me crazy, honestly. I feel so free now, which seems silly to say, but it’s true. It makes me happy to hear you say you need my bloggery… I’ve been missing you! I’m VERY glad you’re hanging around with us here, sis. xo

  5. Jenn

    I’m still reading too. I am going to miss you on FB. Your FB voice and your blog voice are different, so it’s like seeing two different facets of your life. Alas, I’ll have to content myself with just one facet.

    Also, NO FAIR! I totally thought you were going to tell us about a tattoo YOU intended to get. Plus, and, my sisters and I are getting emotionally related (but different, to match our personalities) tattoos. I am super excited. My older sister already has hers. Once I’m done breastfeeding I’m going to get mine. Yay!!

    • I’m SO happy you’re still here, Jenns! It’s always enlightening to hear about yourself from someone else’s perspective. I didn’t realize I use two different voices for here and FB! Interestink… I hope this facet will do for you, darling. If it’s not enough, I’ll post statuses every hour to you via email, okay? Except then we’d be Twitter, and I’d REALLY want to slit my wrists. :) (I tried Twitter a year or so ago and got bored with it within a couple days. Maybe I’m too old for it? Whippersnappers.)

      Oh my gosh, seriously, I’d love to see pics of your tattoo when you get it! I also LOVE LOVE that you’re getting related tattoos but having them match your personalities… That’s what the boys did! Each designed his own shovel, based on what he likes, instead of using the same exact picture. I thought that was brilliant. So, good thinking!! As far as me getting a tat, I haven’t found a compelling enough reason yet, but who knows?

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