What a beautiful Sunday morning. I was up early and did a little reading, and then I got hungry for blueberry pancakes so I made a batch for breakfast. While each pancake was cooking (thems were some biiig pancakes), I gazed outside at our fat fluffy squirrels – there are two of them who live here year-round – as they ate the sunflower seeds I put out for them yesterday. It’s impossible for me to tell which is which, but it seems to me that one of them pooped out early and went home, while the other remained to stock up. He’s so cute. First he ate his fill of seeds, which took about half an hour. Those kids have a lot of capacity. Then he filled his cheeks and scurried down the trunk to bury them for later. He would hone in on a spot, dig a hole with his tiny hands, spit the seeds into it, and then cover the hole with dirt. One time I even saw him reach over and grab a pine cone to place over it, because you can never be too careful. I’m so glad my dad has two huge-and-I-mean-monstrous bags of seeds in his garage because I want to make sure my little fluffy buddies eat well this winter. They already know me as the apple lady.

This is so strange, but lately whenever I see broken branches on the ground I feel the strongest desire to gather them together into a bundle. I don’t have any plans for this bundle, at least consciously, although my impression is that I want to gather them together for ‘the fire.’ I put this down to how I’m getting more and more in touch with my indigenous roots, awakening my inner Indian, so to speak. And if we don’t have a fire, we don’t eat or stay warm in the winter, right? I find this fascinating. I’m also remembering now that my favorite part of camping was, no… not roasting s’mores, which I detest with all my heart… but the moment when someone said something about lighting a fire and we all had to trudge into the forest to find wood. I could have spent hours gathering wood. Maybe I froze to death in a past life. This could also explain my terror of frostbitten toes.

Talk about a glass case of emotion.

I was thinking this morning – well, have been thinking – that I really have no desire to take out even 3/4 of the Christmas decor. In fact, the tree is still wearing only its old fashioned colored lights, and it looks so pretty as it is that there seems to be no need to embellish it further. I like how Christmas feels this year, as opposed to previous ones. Before, when the season approached, it was as if we would suspend our regular life to enter into the Christmas Experience, with all its attendant stresses and pressures (and beauty and fun too, of course). It took over our thoughts and dictated our actions–mostly, buy, buy, buy! Cook! Clean! Shop! Hurry! HURRY! YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!! With adulthood came responsibility, and with responsibility came dread of the holidays, and every November I used to wish I could close my eyes and make the bad man go away. This year, however, the season seems more organic, as if it’s melded gracefully into the rhythm of our lives and we’re the ones holding the reins. I think we’ve finally succeeded in stepping out of the monster’s path, and now we can enjoy only the beauty and fun of the holiday. That’s a huge deal for me. This may all change if I ever have grandkids.

Well, friends, the squirrel is back! The sun has also come out, so maybe I’ll get dressed and venture out into the great and wonderful outdoors to see what I can see, before the rains come again during the week. I see some sticks that need gathering…. Love to you all! xo

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