Way too tool for cool

Some days I know what I want to write when I get here, and other days I have no idea, and just start typing. The latter method has left me with several unfinished posts in my “unpublished” queue, but ah swell. Sometimes it’s nice just to get my thoughts out on paper, so to speak, even if they never reach any other audience but God and the angels. It’s raining today. Again. I do have to go out in it later, but I’m up to it. I know I said we weren’t going to get presents this year, but I’ve decided to buy my daughter, who lives in NC, something she really liked once when we were out shopping together, and send it to her and her husband Mark, along with some stocking stuffers. I’ll miss her this year.

I’ve been struggling a little over the concepts in the book I told you about in the last post, Remarkable Healings, but finally decided this morning to finish reading it and filter out what I don’t feel comfortable with because I have already learned some things from it, and hope to learn a bit more. That’s what we have to do, isn’t it? Sift through everything that comes our way and keep only the precious parts, the parts that best fit our little ole puzzled selves. I love that. I love that it’s not a one-size-fits-all world, even though many of us try to make it that way. Im-pos-si-BLE. Anyway, one of the biggest sticks to me accepting the message in the book is – I know, but bear with me – the photo of the author on the back cover. She looks terrified. Maybe it’s her eye makeup, I don’t know. But she does, she looks terrified. I don’t feel like wholesale-embracing the philosophy of a person who looks as if she’s about to pass out from fear…. It reminds me of the time when a couple of us from church went to a ‘prophetic’ conference that featured a man who had once been an occult bigwig, if I’m remembering right. Anyway, this guy was skittery the whole time he spoke, so much so that when someone outside of the building banged on the side door,  about half an hour into the lecture, he almost jumped out of his skin and over the podium. Maybe the guy had valid reasons for being scared; maybe Satan’s goon squad was out to get him for reals, but honestly, I don’t intend to live that way. Maybe he was meant to, and I don’t mean to criticize him. I just don’t think that’s the life for me. (He’s also the one who convinced us that all holidays were evil, and as a result the kids didn’t have a Christmas tree for two years in a row. Good times. That’s a story for later.)

One rule: Stay in the Light. I don’t think it’s my purpose to exorcise people of actual demons, so I don’t need to hang around dark alleys.

I am not This Guy.

Or  even This Guy. Man, sometimes you’ve just got to give it to Hollywood.

Anyway, even though Remarkable Healings feels iffy, after I’m finished I’ll continue to read more on reincarnation; it’s where my heart beats at the moment. And tomorrow is the shamanic sound healing! I’m kind of nervous to go because I’m always nervous to try new things (or even old things, I’m such a homebody), but I think it’s going to be an excellent experience, and I’ll have company, so win-win. Oh, and yesterday at Goodwill I picked up a book called The Everything Tarot Book and so far,  it’s really good. I bought Jess a pack of Rider-Waite Tarot cards last Christmas and somehow they’ve migrated back to me, happily, so I’ll be studying up on those for the next however-long. It’s nice to have something to study again. Sometimes I miss being in school. Sometimes. The other night my friend Amber and I gave each other readings and really, they were amazingly accurate, and mine was so encouraging that I was still floating on clouds of happiness as I lay in bed later. Amber has a natural gift anyway, and can see auras, so it was fun to use another medium (har) to ply our intuitive gifts. It’s wonderful for me to approach these things with a different mindset now. Before, I was afraid of them because I was told to be. Now, I see them as tools to use for healing and guidance, ALL within God, every bit of them filled with light and love and holiness. Hey, it’s stopped raining, and the sun has come out! I hope you all have a fantastic day, too. Love love! xo


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14 responses to “Way too tool for cool

  1. Staying in the light is an excellent idea. Although doesn’t Mr. Riddick play in the dark :) and it might be nice to play with him some time.

    You have to pick and choose I think. Afterall, most of those authors are telling you what worked in their lives, and they only figured that out after picking and choosing themselves. but everyone is different, so it stands to reason that your choices might be different then mine, but once we’re cool with that then everything is groovy… man!

  2. Wal, if Mr. Riddick was there in the dark, it might be okay. :)

    You’re absolutely right, chicky! We have to pick and choose to fit ourselves, and not because whatever-it-is works for someone else, though we can always start there, if we want. Sometimes that gets us on, if not the RIGHT track, at least A track. Heaven forbid we be trackless, man. ARE there Irish hippies? :D

  3. I think that is why I am so attracted to buddhism and taoism, because neither of them asks me to “believe” anything. They just form a philosophy of life and lay it out before you to try, asking you to keep only what resonates or works in your own life. On the other hand, discernment and wisdom are good condiments in this buffet of spiritual goodies. There is a lot of “woo-woo” out there. Which is fine, I suppose, but sometimes I think folks with good intentions can get lost in the bushes on the side of the path, to mix metaphors.

    • I know what you’re saying, Twi. I like buddhism and taoism too, but have found that over the past months I really like the idea of having an actual Something to believe… We’re all built differently, aren’t we? I truly believe that EVERYTHING will come out right in the wash, with no missing socks, so the path we take doesn’t matter. In the meantime, I love messing around with fun stuff like tarot and some of the more woo-woo aspects of spirituality. Developing my intuition is a blast, and even helpful sometimes!

  4. I don’t think that what you are doing is woo-woo. I think the cards are fun. Thinking holidays are evil? That’s woo-woo.

    • hee. That made me laugh… TRUE! Thinking holidays are evil is total woo-woo and should never be encouraged. :) Wow, this morning I gave myself an amazing, though not exactly happy (sigh), reading… very accurate and helpful. I love the book I just got on tarot because the author is also a psychotherapist and emphasizes strongly that reading the cards is all about using your intuition, accessing answers you already have. It’s not magic, and Twi, it’s so true. I absolutely LOVE tarot. It’s such a great tool for guidance.

  5. Harlequin

    I’m sleepy and after speed-reading my way through your last several posts in an attempt to catch up and make up for my neglect. So despite all the profound and wise things you’re said and despite all the thoughts I could type with my thumbs on the little keypad of my phone, all I’m going to contribute is this – Pitch Black! Awesome movie, great character, Vin SO HOT. And Keanu in Constantine-the one time I’ve ever found him sexy as all get out. Mrowr. LOVE that film. So thanks for brightening my night with these lovely boys! Xxx

    • Harlequin darling! It’s so nice to see you here. I’ve missed you. And I’m very happy that I could brighten your thoughts with the boys. Not The Boys, of course, because we know who THEY are, but the other boys. So many boys. :) xoxo

  6. Harlequin

    So many many boys. And yet I still miss The Boys so very much. And now my Vampire Diaries has ended I must do entirely without supernatural drama of all kinds! I haven’t seen any of The Boys work for season six. Waah! I have to fight for every minute of television I watch round here. :-( Maybe I should watch A Very Supernatural Christmas tonight. To really really kill my mood. Aw yeah!

  7. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you said you’re thinking of watching A Very Supernatural Christmas because I’d forgotten to get Cheez Whiz for the boy’s “joke” present of Ritz crackers. I don’t remember what our mutual Sam and Dean got each other, exactly (a pint of oil?), but you know, Cheez Whiz is in the same category.

    I feel your pain about missing supernatural shows. I’m stuck with Monk and Bones! sigh. How are you otherwise, sweet pea? Send me an email and fill me in, as soon as you have a chance at the big person’s computer, and don’t have to twiddle your thumbs all over your phone. Love you.

  8. Harlequin

    Sam bought Dean a candy bar and some motor oil for Metallicar. Dean didn’t buy Sam anything but quickly covered by giving him what he bought in the gas station – shaving foam and skin mags. Awesome. I cried a LOT.

    I love you too Kelly and will email when I can. Xxx

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