Say, say, oh playmate!

Good morning, pickles. What a gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, day, the perfect kind of day for going out shopping, which is what Scott and I plan to do. At Christmas, we tend to focus all our energies (see: money) on making other people happy, so it’s been our tradition for years to do our own Christmas shopping after the fact. It’s fun to make a day of it. Let’s see, I believe that we will be going to Music Millennium (Scott), New Seasons Market (me), the big Goodwill on 122nd (also me), and Portland Outdoor store (Scott). There will be a few sundry other destinations thrown in for good measure and because errands have to get done. Plus, lunch! So I’m looking forward to it, and thank you weather gods, absolutely no sign of rain today.

Last night the boys came over with XBOX in hand so we could enjoy their newest love interest: a program called Kinect, an interactive gizmo that’s almost Star Trekkish in its execution. Basically, the unit shoots a million sensors out into the room and picks up the player(s)’s movements, mirroring them in the avatar onscreen. No controllers necessary! We took turns rafting, hitting the rally ball, and frolicking with little pretend lion babies, but actually, the lion babies, while cute, got boring after awhile so Van’s going to trade that particular game in for a dance one. Yyes! It was really so much fun and an amazing improvement on conventional video games, as you have to move your body to get anything to happen. I am most definitely not a gamer, but I think we’re going to get this system because I’ve been a little concerned lately about my diminishing hand-eye coordination and reflexes, not to mention my increasing ass spread. (If you want to see the game in action, click the picture and watch the demonstration video on the site.)

I know I said in an earlier post that I’m not into making New Year’s resolutions, but I guess I was wrong because a couple days ago I sat right here on the couch and made one. I Hereby Resolved that this year would be a year of play for me. Last year was very difficult emotionally – basically, my soul was sucked out of my body and hung out for the vulture goons to pick clean – but I’m feeling better, thank God. And now that I’m cavorting about in the light of day again, I’m ready to learn, really experience, what it means to have fun. Although I love, love, to laugh, I tend to approach my own personal life very seriously, with huge gobs of steely-eyed resolve and Rasputin-like intensity, and while I like this aspect of myself, I also recognize that a light heart can actually help a person fly higher. That’s what I want to do, so I’m going to use my intuition more and let my little gray cells take a much-needed vacation. While I’ll still read spiritual help books, because that spells f-u-n for me, I’ll add a lot more fiction to the mix. It will be great to take past lives regression and psychic development classes and meet some peeps who think like me. It’ll be awesome to eat better and move my body more. As they say, it’s all good! Very good!


This is becoming something of a pattern for me, but I started this post yesterday and am just getting back to it. The aforementioned shopping was great, really fun (f-u-n!), and I got a few items that make me smile, including a longish dark-gray butt-hugging (there’s a theme) sweater jacket that’s classy and pretty. And other stuffs, including a couple books and Mayan-looking pottery and a little painted wooden turtle. Anyway, that was yesterday.

This morning feels weird. I woke up from a dream that prompted me to pray for a couple people. The sky is purply-pink and is casting the most lovely light over the trees. I choked on a sip of coffee and spewed half of it over my computer before I was able to turn my head and spray the rest of it on the carpet. I felt compelled to read up on making a raw food diet for my cat.

Mm-mm, yeah, we’ll see

Also, I went to turn on the ambient fire and discovered that while unplugging the game system last night, something didn’t get reconnected on the TV so there’s no picture. I tried everything I could to get it to work but… fail. So that means no television until Scott gets home to fix it, which is no big deal as I have a million other things to do. I’ll read while I eat lunch, sorry Monk. Today just feels odd and I’m wondering what’s coming up next? Mysteries!

One thing I’ve been thinking about is friendships, especially in light of last night’s dream. We generally get as good as we give, and I’m trying to weigh what I really desire for myself in that area. I’m a natural-born hermit so it’s a challenge for me to want to reach out, even when I care deeply for someone, and it’s very easy for me to be contented only with those who are in my immediate sphere because, you know, I see them. But this is the 21st century and people communicate in all sorts of ways… so… this is what I’m lightly contemplating today. This, and washing my robe because it smells like coffee. Love to you all on this rose-colored day! xo


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2 responses to “Say, say, oh playmate!

  1. Karen

    I’m a natural-born hermit so it’s a challenge for me to want to reach out, even when I care deeply for someone, and it’s very easy for me to be contented only with those who are in my immediate sphere because, you know, I see them.

    Kelly, this really resonates with me on so many levels. And right now I am definitely looking for a hermitage! :)

    • Karedy, hello! It’s so nice to see you here. You know, “see” in the internet sense. :) This has been a very rich time for me regarding solitude; I feel well-balanced, with lots of alone time for talking and playing with God, and enough time otherwise for talking and playing with people. And the time I’m alone… WOW. As in, woop zing POW. I hope, really hope, that you can find your hermitage as well. There’s just nothing like it, but that’s one hermit preaching to another. :)

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