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Hello, lovely anybody who might be reading this. I haven’t really felt like posting over the past few days, not because nothing has been going on, but because so much has been going on. It’s all internal, though… which makes it very difficult to express. Sometimes writing my spiritual process down in these pages feels like an invasion of my own privacy, but the thing is, I love my blog. Coming over here, pulling up its pages and looking at the layout, with my cat gazing out in sleepy contentment, Torie and Julia and me on our silly spa day, Jesus meditating, my favorite books listed… all of it… fills me with joy. I’m warmed by its atmosphere and feel as if it’s another room in my house. Not only that, but you’re here. There’s something to all of this, and I intend to honor it with my attention.

I’m still doing tarot readings regularly. Last night I felt compelled to give myself one before bedtime and it was the most accurate I’ve received so far. It’s very encouraging to get readings that chime so specifically with the current situation. And even more encouraging is that a friend asked me to give him a reading the other day. He’s the first person who’s ever asked for one – normally I volunteer, so I can practice – and that made me feel good. Ultimately, all of this is to help people. One outcome I would really love to see from my spiritual practice is a greater acceptance of tarot as a tool for God’s guidance among Christians. Though I didn’t plan it, every book I’ve read about psychic development thus far has been written by a Christian. Most people don’t realize this, and have been taught by movies (and from the pulpit) that psychics of all kinds are ‘of the devil.’ Even Scott, who lives with me for pete’s sake, expressed confusion last night during a movie we were watching. “But she’s wearing a huge cross!” he said when he spied the medium who’d been hired to examine the haunted house. “Psychics are some of the most Godly people in the world!” I exclaimed. “They have to be!” At least, they have to be if 1) they’re not charlatans and 2) they want to remain clear and protected from negativity. You will never meet a group of people more dedicated to remaining in the light. Also, here’s something that may surprise you, besides the fact that huge cross necklaces are neither required nor necessary bling: You’re psychic too, I don’t care who you are. Welcome to the club.

Though I DO love my moonstone pendant.

What a soft Sunday it is. I woke late because I couldn’t sleep until six this morning, but the few hours I did get refreshed me enough. When I finally trundled into the living room, Scott was watching a movie called Ondine, and had watched Contact right before that, so the air was infused with otherworldly inspiration instead of violence and death. I was really grateful. I don’t like waking up to gunshots and cars screeching and people screaming at each other. I don’t like going to sleep to those, either. Or encountering them at all. I am not what you’d call an action girl. That said, since suddenly the conversation has veered to movies, I absolutely loved the new Karate Kid, which we watched for the first time last night. It helped that it was set in China. I love China and have for years (if not lifetimes, yo). The swooping architecture, combination of muted and bright colors, ancient statues, tinkling chimes, stunning landscape – everything! – is a true feast for my eyes and soul. It’s a country that, to me, feels connected to both the earth and the sky. And it did me good to see Jackie Chan again. Years ago my kids were hugely into watching his movies, which I watched along with them, and we all fell in love. When I saw him again, especially when he went into his initial kung-fu stance, my heart suddenly flooded with affection for him. I hadn’t expected to even like the movie, let alone love it. What a happy surprise.

I’d better get something to eat! Have a great day, friends. Love! xo


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2 responses to “Just stuff

  1. Rod

    Great to hear how great you are doing. How is your Mom?

    • Thanks, Rod! My mom is doing wonderfully. She’s cruising along even without a cane these days, and is almost back to normal physically. She’s not ready to reenter the social fray, however, and said that this year she’s giving herself the “gift of quiet.” That makes me very, very happy, as I believe that stress may have played a part in her becoming so ill. Anyway, she’s in fine fettle, and has an extremely happy family as a result. :)

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