Have we met….?

Hello, chinkles! I’m feeling slap-happy this morning, which is nice after having gone to bed in the foulest mood, due to dire need of sleep. Also, yesterday was Scott’s and my 27th anniversary and, as always, we both forgot and had to be reminded by my dad, who always remembers. I think it put me in a grouchy mood to hear people tsking a little over what feels okay to us. Let me ‘splain.

Before this year, and before the hard work I’d done to climb out of the huge black hole I’d found myself in and get to the light of day, I would have said that this never-remembering-our-anniversary-thing was about anger at being a young girl forced into marriage by pregnancy and religion, against everything I thought I’d wanted for myself (see: autonomy and no children). I was so mad at Scott, so so very mad at myself. But now it’s different. I’ve come to recognize Scott as one of my soulmates… a fellow being in my particular soul cluster, one of the souls who travels with me throughout all my incarnations. He hasn’t always been my husband. Sometimes he was my wife, or sister, or brother, or best friend, but he’s always been there to give me 100% unwavering support, and you may think I’m exaggerating when I say that, but I assure you I’m not. I can tell him the wildest things that are going on in my head and he’ll be genuinely enthusiastic about them on my behalf, because that’s what he signed up for all those eons before. And my role in his life has always been to challenge him with new ideas. That’s how it works, and it’s so amazing to me, a pure-dee blessing. So we can look at each other with the amusement of the ages and shrug our shoulders over our mutual disregard for anniversaries, knowing that we’re in it for the very, very, very long haul. It’s nice to know that now.

I have other soulmates too, as well as other people with whom I’ve closely affiliated all these times on Earth. One of my primary places of incarnation has been Ireland, which is why I’ve always been so drawn to it, and why I feel such deep love and affection for the small group of Irish people I’ve met online but have never met in person.  Or have never met in this life, anyway. My incarnation here as an American is a deviation from the norm! I’ve lived mostly in Ireland and England, at least as far as the few past life regressions I’ve done have shown me.

The most significant past-life regression I’ve done so far was several months ago, using one of the postures from the book The Ecstatic Experience. Once I entered deep meditation, an extended vision unfolded before me. I’ll give you the abbreviated version, but even the actual one didn’t take very long. At first I saw myself as a young Native American shaman apprentice, dancing around a fire with other men, and there was healing in my hands. That segment ended when I was surrounded by my fellow shamans and stabbed to death by all of them. I was in perfect peace while it happened, though my heart beat rapidly, because I knew what was happening was right. I may have sacrificed myself, I don’t know. As I was standing there, a young red-haired woman in a green dress swirled around me, and entered into me, and I began to see myself in my new life. I was crouched before a hearth, stirring something in a pot, when my husband came into the cottage. He was a huge brute of a man, and he shouted something at me and yanked me up by the arm. I broke from him and ran through the open door and across a field and to a pond, where I drowned myself. My spirit instantly shot up into the sky and headed straight for a Norse ship, where a baby boy was being born. This was my happiest incarnation. I was a young tow-headed boy who loved to hang onto the mast and climb to the top where I could see forever. I was loved by everyone onboard and was always laughing, but one day I fell off the mast and drowned. I was nine years old.

I then saw myself as an old man in a long, brown, rather tattered robe, pulling a very large basket full of fruits or vegetables. The rope was around my waist and I dragged the load behind me. I was quite old, and I fell on the dirt path and died. I remember how vast and blue the sky was, and the beauty of the majestic mountains surrounding me. I was at peace. The last incarnation shown me during that vision was of myself as a young male troubadour who played the guitar. I was very full of myself, but when I sang my songs and played, my heart opened up and it became a very spiritual experience for me. In each of these lives I had either devoted myself to God or in some way was able to access a direct channel to him, and knowing this makes me happy.

Every day this past week I’ve felt that I’m being downloaded with the most incredible life-altering information. I wake up in huge anticipation for what each day will bring and am never disappointed. Sometimes the lessons I learn stem from pain, but that’s becoming less true all the time, as I invite fewer pain-causing circumstances into my life. I’m beginning to seek understanding from a standpoint of unity rather than of duality; in other words, I need less experience of the opposite in order to grow, or less sand in my oyster, than I did before, though as always – and maybe this is my basic nature – when opposed I do tend to dig my heels in and fix my face like flint. However, my heart yearns more for the common denominator between us than it ever has before. We’re One. We’re all of the Same. And we’re all in this together. I’m so happy about that. Love to you! xo


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6 responses to “Have we met….?

  1. Rod

    You know we could get in a lot of trouble for what we believe sometimes, but I think I have gotten to the point of who cares. It is between me and God. I think I have been here before, but have never explored it as deeply as you. I think there are people that I have been affiliated with before because it is the only way that I could so easily interact with them and be connected with them. Scott is one of those people. By the way I forgot it was your anniversary also and I was there that day. I envy you your growth in the last 26 years and want to be like you someday. That is free to express what I really believe without worrying about how those closest to me will react, I think I just contradicted myself. Well that about sums it all up. Thanks for your insight.

    • Rod, thank you so much for being honest! I appreciate that because it makes me feel connected when I know that some of my friends understand, or if they don’t, that at least they try to approach whatever is foreign to them with an open heart. You definitely have an open heart. Reincarnation makes SO much sense to me, but it is different to explore when you’ve been taught from the time you were little that it was wrong. We just grew up in the wrong culture for an easy belief in it! Well over two billion other people have no problem. :)

      I am most definitely committed to the little saying I have at the top of my blog, the one about telling the truth about my life. That’s the only way we can live effectively, and the only way we can touch true contentment and joy. I’ve made tons and tons of mistakes, and am sure to make a ton more in areas I’m still blind to, but I’ve learned from those I know and am not going to make them again. It’s just been a delight to find help from God in alternative (again, to our culture) ways. Life is immeasurably richer than I had ever imagined before. So much bigger and wider and deeper. I’m in awe every day.

      Thank you again for your encouragement. You have a big old golden heart. :) Love. xo

  2. Peter Trainor

    Hey Kelly, hi from Ireland…it’s kinda wet at the moment over here but at least the snow is gone. I liked what you said about the anniversary thing as I getting down on myself for not realising it was my sisters 50th birthday last year…went into that self-flagalating thing ‘Call yourself a … You’re the worst..etc, etc.. If I was reincarnated I would probably have been in one of those medieval penance groups that went along beating themselves. At present I feel like my life is like a chess game against a computer and that I am in stalemate…no reverse and no forward. But mixing my metaphores has always been a problem with me…I wonder if people don’t carry genetic memories of other their ancestors…I heard of a guy once, John Wimber, who was dying of cancer who when he was in hopital woke up one morning and could only speak Spanish. After about three days he regained his ability to speak English. The amazing thing was he didn’t know how to speak Spanish!…Anyway if you were in Ireland in the past I probably dropped by to share a potatoe or two and have a lovely cup of thea…and give advice on how to thatch your roof..

    • Peter, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you used to give me roof-thatching advice. Maybe your surname was Thatcher… I grew to like you immensely as I got to know you through Beth’s facebook statuses, and I have a feeling about certain people (nodding sagely). Maybe you even taught me guitar, and we used to buddy around and trawl all the best public houses for the hottest innkeepers’ daughters! After which I’d find you hiding behind the stables, flagellating. hee. It’s okay. It was up to me to tell you to knock it off and get yer arse back inside for our next set. And another pint.

      Do you really feel you’re in stalemate? That’s no good… Maybe you need a kickstart into something new, something meaningful (besides your family, which I know means the world to you). It’s hard at our age, when we’re facing our limitations and realizing that most of our wild-youth dreams have to be either laid to rest or modified. But you have strong inner spiritual resources, which is more than a lot of people have.

      I remember John Wimber! He was the head of a huge ministry, wasn’t he? The Vineyard? I think that was it… I’d never heard the Spanish-speaking story, though. That’s amazing. I’ve wondered about us carrying genetic memory, too. At this point, I think that our imagination is the limit for what’s possible. If we can think it, it’s probably real. Look at what quantum physics has been showing us lately.

      Yeah, I think if there were any doubt that I was formerly Irish, all I’d have to do was point to the fact that I ended up in Oregon, where it’s ALSO raining. Not to mention that Scott is currently doing something yummy in the kitchen with potatoes. Does that count, too? :)

  3. If both of you aren’t pushed about your anniversary then that’s a good thing. Only an issue if it matters to one and not the other.

    I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day for example. Money-making enterprise if you ask me, and luckily enough, himself agrees so we ignore that day. Some people don’t get this and always seem almost upset by our ignoring it. Weird. Once we’re happy that’s all that matters.

    Happy Sunday!

  4. I totally agree. Hallmark dictates SO many holidays, and it’s my inclination to ignore them because of it. Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, all non-events around here. Really, birthdays (because they’re completely personal), and Halloween and Christmas (because I, personally, love them) are the only ones that get any attention at all!

    It’s funny how some people get their panties all in a bunch over other people’s business, isn’t it? I guess they don’t pay enough attention to their own. Lordy. My business alone takes me 24-7.

    Happy Sunday (or Monday now! :) to you too, Fence!

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