Wooden that be nice

Good morning, my dulcet darlings. Aahh, it’s nice to be more or less back to normal today: which means me getting up before dawn to sit on the couch with a cup of coffee and conversation with heaven, if you will (or even if you won’t). It was an active weekend, so today I believe I’ll just putter around the house, doing a few tiny tasks that have been niggling at me, as well as the monument of dishes that is spreading across the kitchen counters. Like I said, it was an active weekend.

Beautiful example of a green man

Yesterday we went to the beach – “we” being Scott, our son Jess, his girlfriend Amber, et moi. We had been searching for something to do and I came across a notice in the Arts & Entertainment section of Friday’s paper about a carver’s convention in Lincoln City. Jess, who has a natural gift for it, has become impassioned for carving so it seemed a practical and inspiring choice, and even better, the entire event was free. Pocketbooks rejoice! So we bundled up in all the rain gear we could muster and ventured out.

Good lord, it rained constantly. I mean, poured buckets. Those poor people at the coast… The river running parallel to the freeway was so high it was overlapping its banks and in many cases was right up in the yards of those who were living alongside it. We were in Lincoln City for about six hours all told and by the time we drove home, the water had risen even further. More rain is expected this week and I’m concerned about where some of the people will go when they’re flooded, as many of the threatened houses are old ramshackle mobile homes. Nature certainly has her way with us, doesn’t she? And she can be inexorable. I pray that help will come to those who need it (and in fact just looked online and saw that the Red Cross has set up a fund for people in the Pacific City area. An opportunity to put my money where my mouth is! That’s good).

The convention was interesting, and Jess came away with lots of great ideas and even the phone number of someone he can apprentice with. The man’s name is Rod Van Loh, and his specialty is green men and nature reliefs carved into whatever wood he can find on his property. He told Jess that Archimedes flies in and out of his work consistently, and as Archimedes is special to Jesse (and to me!), to hear that was a nod that he’d found the right teacher. Besides, Jesse’s brother’s name is Van Lowe! Van Lowe, Van Loh, helloooo? Even apart from those two confirmations, Jess felt an immediate affinity with him. This makes me happy. When we find THE teacher for the moment, it’s as if the clouds part and the angels sing the Hallelujah chorus right into our own personal ears.

I enjoyed wandering around, looking at the artwork. I found myself drawn especially to the ravens (and actually, have been increasingly for a couple weeks now). It was a joy to see them so skillfully rendered in wood. Also among my favorites were the gourds that had been carved by a man named Garry Carr. They were stunning. I was examining them closely, and talking with the artist a little, when suddenly I heard a Native American flute about five tables down. It was so funny, but I instantly stopped talking – I couldn’t help it – and felt my body – I’m not kidding here – begin to turn in the direction of the flute, as trapped as a rat in the wake of the Pied Piper. I practically ran in that direction, forgive me Garry of the Gourds. While there, I discovered a magical instrument called a Duel Flute. Holy smokes. Holy smokes. It actually provides its own harmony… I may look into getting one sometime. I play the penny whistle, or used to anyway, and it’s the same concept except woodier, and I have a cheap Native American flute that doesn’t sound all that great. It might be nice to pick up a wind instrument again… maybe… though lately I’ve been more than satisfied with the one I hear every day (and no, I don’t mean Scott). The wind chimes on the patio thrill me to my ever-loving marrow. Maybe I’ll just buy a duel flute CD.

So, the day is shaping up to be both relaxing and productive, and as it’s raining (shock) it will be spent mostly indoors. Besides, I bought about a bazillion books this weekend and am eager to push up my sleeves and begin ploughing through them. Soup for lunch sounds good–an indication that it’s time to root around for breakfast. I’m hongry, hoss! Thanks for hanging out with me a bit this morning, sweeties. I hope you have a lovely day. Hugs! xo



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4 responses to “Wooden that be nice

  1. This art is gorgeous! I’m trying to WILL Cincinnati (with the sheer force of my WILL) to get over the snooty urban vibe in their art and do more organic, less mod things~ just to mix things up a little, you know. Pretend to grow. That’d be nice!

    • Chrissy! I’ve been thinking of you tons lately… knowing in my heart that it’s time to answer your email from about two months ago. hee! You’re so awesome. Yes, even a pretense of growth is better than none at all. I know you can attract what you want, willflower. You do it all the time!

  2. Rod

    You and Scott have made me jealous of my wife. I heard you shared a goodwill moment or two. I am so glad that one of us got to spend some time with you guys, even if it was under the watchful eye of a supervisor. Good to hear you are doing well.

    • How surprising and wonderful to run into her there, when we didn’t expect it…. And yes, the invisible omniscient supervisor! Heaven forbid we actually stand and talk with a friend for a few minutes. :) It was really so great to see her happy, shining face. She just glows.

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