Whip dang girl, that’s a doozy

Happy Saturday, home fries! As I’ve said many times before, Saturday is my favorite day of the week because I am not required to do anything with it except solely what I want to do. It’s just Horatio and me here, and other than my grand plan to take a shower, I’m not sure what I’m going to do today. What a lovely feeling.

How has everyone been? Lorraine got a puppy last weekend, a springer spaniel who looks like our old dog Gatsby. Mother and dog are doing well, obviously, I mean, would you look at that photo.

Regarding the bazillion books I bought a few days ago on our thrift store jaunt – there are three giant thrifts in a row on 82nd – hello, slice of heaven – I haven’t even touched a-one of them yet, except to put them on a shelf. I’ve been operating on fumes, majorly burned out, and I was talking to my son Jess about it yesterday and he said, “It’s no big deal. You’ve been absorbing so much information lately you need time to let it all sink in. Just let yourself rest for awhile.” Smart man.

So I’m doing just that. For reading, I’m focusing on my latest Kathy Reich’s book Fatal Voyage–which is pretty interesting, for fiction. I also started Ram Dass’s new book Be Love Now: the Path of the Heart, and needless to say but I’ll say it anyway because after all I’m writing a post which necessitates using words: so far, I love it. I always love his books, which are poured directly out of his heart and filtered through his brilliant mind. Reading one of them is like drinking from a refreshing spring of sparkling pure water; it’s a platter of comfort food–mashed potatoes, green beans, applesauce, and a big slab of meatloaf. With warm tapioca pudding for dessert. (This, by the way, if it ever comes up and for some reason I can’t speak and have forgotten how to write so they have to ask you, would be my last meal. Please make sure they don’t forget the ketchup.)

I’ve been paying attention to my dreams again. I go in phases with this… The other night only one sentence remained in my mind after I woke, and it was “The change in modality is not something you are going to like.” Rather odd phrasing, but intriguing, especially as I didn’t know exactly what the word “modality” meant! I looked it up and the definition that stuck out to me had to do with semiotics, or the language of signs and symbols, so I interpreted the message to mean that I am not going to like the way I’ll be communicated with in future, possibly because it will be harder to understand the messages I receive. Or, who knows? Maybe it was a message to me from the past. I seem to be having lots of “teaching” dreams, in which sometimes I’m being taught, and at other times am teaching someone else. They’re fascinating.

I met two of my spirit guides in a teaching dream. Briefly, so you don’t run away screaming, because telling someone your dream is akin to pulling out the vacation slides… or Amway products… I’ll tell you how. In my dream I walked into class and realized that I’d forgotten there was a test that day. Classic anxiety, right? Well, I asked the teacher to step outside the room so I could speak to him, which he did. I told him that this was the third test I’d forgotten, and we began to discuss the reasons why. While we were talking, another teacher came over and joined us, and as the three of us talked I was able to come to the conclusion that I was finished with conventional school, which had been a question plaguing me in the waking world for quite some time.

Maybe the other guy was out on a taco run

As an aside, I call my teacher-guides Gordon and Stuart because when I first saw them they reminded me of Sting and Stewart Copeland, though they really didn’t look too much like them. If anything, Gordon, my main teacher, looks a little more like Paul Bettany. And Stewart is Stuart. Anyway, that’s just extry information. I think I saw the connection between them and the members of the Police because I needed to give them the proper names! But I don’t know for sure. That just seems right. Life is a journey of exploration and we do our best to decipher the clues as we go.

Or we take a vacation from deciphering and find a movie to Netflix! Which is what I’m going to do now, after I rummage for breakfast. I hope you guys have a great weekend. Remember to love each other! And love yourselves! Peace peace. xo


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4 responses to “Whip dang girl, that’s a doozy

  1. Rod

    Have you watched Inception? Good stories on several levels.

  2. I too went on a book buying spree at a 50% off sale. Unlike you my books are still thrown on the floor in bags. My bad!

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