Let’s hope the groundhog got it right!

Happy Imbolc, everyone! Today is Brighid’s day and I believe I will celebrate it by taking a walk out in my parents’ woods this afternoon, and tonight I’ll make pancakes for dinner, and set red and white candles on the table to light our meal.

Hail, Brigantia! Keeper of the forge,
she who shapes the world itself with fire,
she who ignites the spark of passion in the poets,
she who leads the clans with a warrior’s cry,
she who is the bride of the islands,
and who leads the fight of freedom.
Hail, Brigantia! Defender of kin and hearth,
she who inspires the bards to sing,
she who drives the smith to raise his hammer,
she who is a fire sweeping across the land.

My interest in goddesses has very much been rekindled lately, in small sure steps, and in large part by the DVD series Women in Spirituality: The Goddess Trilogy, which I recommend to anyone who would like to know how the female aspect of God has come to be shut down over the centuries. I watched the fascinating movie Bloodline last night, and cried at several points, especially at the end, during the people-on-the-street interviews, whenever I heard someone say how healing it would be to place Mary Magdalene at the side of Jesus, equal partners. It would be healing in general to bring the divine feminine back to its rightful place, but for me, to honor Mary Magdalene would be especially dear. I’ve loved her since I learned about her as a little girl; my heart beat with hers as she anointed her beloved’s feet with oil, and washed them with her hair, and wept over them. She is a woman after my own heart. She is most definitely a goddess to me.

I plan to veer in this direction for awhile; it’s feeling like the way to go. As you’ve seen from these pages, I’ve dipped my toes in lots of different spiritual pools over the past year and have enjoyed them all, have found each one refreshing! But not all of them have stuck, or to stay with the analogy, I haven’t felt the desire to strip off and jump into all of them. So, I waggle my feet around in the water for awhile until it feels right to either pull them out or go in up to my knees. Yesterday morning, after going through another past life regression, and spending a little time in it, exploring my experience there – and it was really enlightening – I realized that I don’t need to do that anymore. Now that I feel the truth of reincarnation for myself, and have gone through my own personal proofs of it, I no longer need to wander through the past. I’m thinking that the only way the journey would benefit me now is if I were to go back to discover something specific, such as a vow I may have made at one time that continues to affect me now; other than that, it’s just extra. So I’m on to the next pool. I envision all this as the little pools in the wood in The Magician’s Nephew. Now, where did I put that magic ring? :)

Jess has moved back home! He and Van have been searching for a house to rent with a couple friends, but in the meantime, the small room he’d shared with his brother for about a year suddenly got too cramped for both of them, and I think they each needed their own space. Yesterday was his first day here and it was really nice. It won’t be like this every day, but we talked a lot, and read the cards for each other, and I introduced him to The IT Crowd and was delighted to hear him laugh uproariously at a show I’ve come to love so well. He and Van went out with friends last night and when I woke this morning, I walked into the living room and found Van asleep on the couch. Yes, life has changed yet again, but I welcome it. All of the changes I’ve gone through, even the most painful ones, have ultimately turned out to my benefit in one way or another. Sometimes you have to search long and hard for the golden gleam, but it’s there.

So this change, although challenging in some respects, will also be a very positive one for me. Before Jesse showed up yesterday with his boxes, I did a tarot reading for myself, just a check-in to see what’s what, and it was very encouraging. I’d love to tell you each card, and its position and subsequent meaning, but that takes up so much space I just can’t do it here. I’d adore the chance to give each and every one of you a reading, I love the cards so much, but ah well. Anyway, the upshot is that I’ve been contentedly swimming around in my happy little watery pools, all by my lonesome, but now the fire element of Jesse has been introduced to disrupt my peaceful process. While his presence is an obstacle to my regular activities, it’s just what I need to propel me into the next phase of experience, which is getting out, getting active, and meeting kindreds. It’s very much akin to his psychic reading for me the other day! All of a feather. In addition to spiritual events, there’s a humongous garage sale to plan with my mom as we go through all the stuff that’s accumulated over the years. There’s a lot to do this spring, and it will be fun. I’m heading confidently and joyfully into this new phase of my life, and I’m so glad you’re here to share it a little with me. Bless you all today! Love.


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12 responses to “Let’s hope the groundhog got it right!

  1. twila

    I remember so well when I was diving into the rich well of the divine feminine. I still find myself drawn inexplicably to the feminine iconography in hinduism and buddhism, as well as indiginous or ancient thought. From an older blog post:
    “Patriarchy within religion tends to focus on divine transcendence – being above, beyond or apart from the material universe. The feminine divine, or, Mother God, offers divine immanence – divinity here and now, inherent in the material stuff of life. A return to Mother God might reveal to us earth’s holiness; we might see earth once again as sacred and alive. Perhaps then we would be less likely to rape her forests, pave her jungles, poison her rivers, dump billions of tons of toxic waste into her oceans each year or thoughtlessly wipe out whole species of her creatures. Maybe in befriending and loving Mother God we can befriend and love Her earth.

    Do I seem naive and overly hopeful here? Priest and geologian Thomas Berry doesn’t think so. He says that when it comes to saving the planet, the return of the feminine is the most important thing happening.”

    Can you do long-distance readings? And also, what is probably a trivial question – did your zodiac sign change?

    • Oh Twi, I loved that, and to answer the question you had asked at the end, no, I don’t think you were being naive and overly hopeful. It takes one person to change their mind, and then another, and then another, before the whole world changes. I just heard the story of the 100th monkey and was so encouraged… it’s too long to quote here, but the link is http://www.wowzone.com/monkey.htm. It’s FANTASTIC.

      I would love to do a long-distance reading for you! I like having the querent (that’s you :) choose the cards to go in the spread, but it still works fine if that can’t happen. Just email me your question and I’ll do you some cards! Or if you just want a general reading, with no specific question, I can do that, too. It will be fun.

      And no… my sign didn’t change; I missed the cut-off by two days. Did yours? In the first article I read, the author said that the change applies only to those who are born now, not to those who were born before the shift, but this new article says we’ve been wrong all along (http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/01/13/horoscope-hang-up-earth-rotation-changes-zodiac-signs/). Really, I don’t understand it. All I know is that I feel sorry for anyone who has to bear the sign of Ophiuchus. hee. It involves a snake though, and that is very cool.

      • My sign changed from Leo to Cancer. It’s kind of funny, because Rae (daughter I’m living with) was also a Leo and is now a Cancer…and we both had been reading the Cancer stuff and saying, “That is me!” for years. The way it was told to me was that this is a return to what was before superstition brought the 13 signs to 12.

  2. Hello Kelly,

    Your delving into the goddesses sounds so enjoyable. I’d definitely also encourage you to go in the direction of what feels best…

    I really related to what you were saying about your past lives. I spent quite awhile looking at several, until I kept seeing the same pattern coming up over and over. When I had done work on releasing that pattern, and creating affirmations to choose a different way, I no longer needed to know about all my lives.

    Like you, if some information is shown to me, I ask if there is an issue from that life that I need to know about now, and ask what information I need to learn from it, or what I need to release in order to make the best use of this life.

    If you ever want practice doing a tarot reading, I have lots of things I need help with!


    • Hello, Kara! :) That really is true about the past lives, isn’t it? I’ve heard, as well, that there are physical benefits to regression – such as, for example, finding that chronic sore throats are a result of having been hanged in the past, and subsequently being healed of them – but I haven’t really experienced that myself. Maybe going through a regression with a professional would make the difference, and that would be great if I had the opportunity, but until then, I’ll be moving on.

      You’d like me to do a reading for you, too? lol. Okay, this is turning out to be very much akin to what you did the other day in your blog, which I thought was so brave and wonderful. GULP. But it’s okay, because I trust my guides and the way they speak through the cards, so yes, I would love to do a reading for you! Email me your question and we’ll see what comes up. :)

      Bless you, too!

  3. I would love to have a long distance reading. Am I right to assume that this would rely even more on your intuitive skills? I don’t really have a real specific question. Wait, maybe I do. I don’t remember what brought it on, but the other day I was sitting in my room and was overcome with such a sense of meloncholy and nastalgia regarding my past ability to believe in spiritual beings or to be more specific God. The last 15 years or so of my trip into christianity I had a very intimate relationship with what I thought of as Friend. It was this sense of connection, of having this Friend with me each moment. The inner dialogue was almost constant. Did you ever read Father Andrew’s little book on practicing the presence of this Friend? It was my primary intention and path, this moment by moment coming to awareness of this presence with all of the comfort, wisdom and friendship the Friend seemed to bring to me.

    This is my most grieved loss in this whole journey. Perhaps you could read the cards with this in mind. Perhaps there is something the universe could offer to me to help me forge my way in this place of unknowing. I still harbor a dim hope that I may one day feel the stirrings of belief again. But it’s nothing I can manufacture on my own, it would seem.

    • Oh Twila, I would LOVE to ask for an answer on your behalf… or for some encouragement, whatever you need, your Friend knows. And you have lots of friends, in all kinds of realms, who are just waiting to help. I’m very excited to do this for you! The very moment I have an opportunity, I will, possibly tomorrow morning.

      To answer your questions… I read Practicing the Presence years and years ago; it was one of the first “be here now” books I ever read; I don’t remember much about it now, but it did have an impact on me then! And while it will be a little more difficult to do the reading without you here, since you’re the one who intimately knows your story and could help me suss it out as we went through each card, I think that your situation is one I’ll be able to intuit pretty accurately; at least to give you a little help! Sometimes a little is all the spark we need. Love you, friend. You’ll be hearing from me soon! Be encouraged. xo

  4. Also, about the zodiac thing, it’s so funny but Van said the same thing this morning when I told him about the change. He was an Aquarius and is now a Capricorn… He said that he’s never felt like an Aquarius! Isn’t that interesting… What you said about the thirteen signs as opposed to the twelve makes me so excited, because it’s in line with the more natural calendar created by the Mayans, the one that follows the moon’s cycles instead of a man-made structure. We’ve lived in an artificial construct and it’s alienated us from our natural rhythms! So isn’t it excellent that this is coming out now? I love living in this age. Apparently, the Age of Capricorn! haha!

  5. Happy Imbolc to you too. (slightly delayed, probably on account of the rain and wind we have here)

    Did you make your St. Brigid’s day cross? we used to make them in school, but I haven’t seen any in a long while. Pity, cause I kinda liked them.

    • I think they’re really beautiful, and even though I thought of posting a picture, it never occurred to me to actually make one of my own! Now I’m going to. Of course, I have no idea what I’m doing since we didn’t make them in school… so thank the stars for google. I remember weaving May Flower baskets though, which kids no longer do. Time to bring back some traditions!

  6. Ah they’re easy to make. You just fold one reed/bit of paper in half. Then get the next one and fold it. Then insert one half of that in between the first fold, but at a right angle and continue on like that.

    bet I’ve totally confused you now though :)

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