An owl whispers in your ear

Hello, friends. Sometimes spiritual healing come to us unbidden, but most of the time we have to create a space for it, carve out even a short slice from the day and sequester ourselves away from our regular activities in order to experience it. In all my recent activity, including spiritual book reading and tarot card reading, I haven’t done much meditating. I’ll spend a few minutes here and there, and lots of time being quiet, but haven’t pressed in with a deep guided meditation for quite awhile. This morning I felt a need for it, so I lit some incense and my red star candle representing the divine feminine, and put on the Kelvin Mockingbird station on Pandora. (For anyone interested in music for meditation, this is my all-time favorite. Pandora is free, so anyone can use the same station!)

I lay on the couch and got myself comfortable, and as soon as I felt settled and had rested for a few minutes, I began to visualize a soft lavender light, like a liquid cloud, move in through the top of my head and down through my head, my neck, my chest. When it got to my chest, it stayed for awhile in a swirl of strong energy because my heart needs so much healing. After a bit (I can’t measure this in real time because I had no concept of time), the light moved into my arms and they felt very heavy. As the light moved through my body, all the way down to my feet, my body relaxed into a very heavy state. I visualized the light growing brighter inside of me, and then the music changed and I began to see myself dancing in the spirit.

I was wearing traditional Native American clothing, and as I danced, an eagle appeared and alighted across from me. It began to mirror my movements, and then to fly around me, and we were whirling together, and it entered my body, and I flew up into the sky. I was happy, flying so free, and then the music changed again, and I became a spirit, a light blue transparent spirit with a crown of stars hovering over my head. I was joined by many other spirits, and as we gracefully swirled around each other, I touched their hands, or gently caressed their faces, and they did the same to me, and I knew them as my soul cluster… the friends who are with me throughout all my lives. At that moment I began to cry, and tell them how much I missed them, and how hard it has been on the earth for me. I asked them for healing and they gathered around me. One grabbed my feet, another my head, and one each took one of my hands. Several others found places between, and we began to pirouette until we were spinning so fast that we became only a blur of light. Breaking apart, still only splashes of colored lights, we danced around each other until I found myself sinking toward the earth. My feet touched the flowers in a garden, I bent down to skim the flowers with my hand, and again cried that I would have to leave my friends and the home I loved best.

In the garden, I lay on the ground on my back, and felt roots from my body push down into the soft earth, and nourishment rising up from the soil into me. Tender shoots grew out of my body and turned into full leafy ground-covering, and someone came over and began to run his hands joyfully through the leaves. Another person joined him, and one lay down beside me, and another on the other side, and still more gathered around me or stood watching from afar off, some from very far away. All of these are the people in my life, the manifestations of my spirit friends, and I was happy to see them but still felt sad at having had to reenter the earth realm.

But then I thought, “I love the earth,” and as I did, the animals that minister to me so beautifully began to appear. My power animals. First the snake, and then the eagle, and then my big white dog Brawn. A tortoise crawled in behind them, and an owl flew in from the sky above them. I lay on the snake, and flew with the eagle, and sat on the tortoise’s back, and hugged the neck of my dog. The owl found a home inside my head, connecting me to the moon and the healing quiet of night, and I was comforted.

Each change of song brought a different vision and new experience. It took a couple of songs for me to finally rise out of the deep state I’d been in, and even now I’m still feeling the effects of that down-to-the-marrow relaxation. I don’t want to leave this place… but I will. Today I don’t have to be anywhere, but there are still dishes to do, and dinner to make, and that’s okay because my daily tasks keep me grounded and connected to life here. It’s my joy that I can carry this peace inside me for awhile, and then hold the memory of it in my mind until the next time I can actually feel it again. Outside the wind is growing in intensity, and blowing all the detritus away, and I’m so happy to say that inside, in the very core of me, the same has happened. Right now, I feel refreshed and grateful. Love to you all. xo



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2 responses to “An owl whispers in your ear

  1. Thank you for describing this experience. How lovely and restful it sounded.
    A couple of days ago I went into the back yard to take advantage of the beautiful 68 degree weather to do some yoga and meditate. It was lovely. Then I just laid on my back and looked at the tree I was under. The leaves were moving in the gentle breeze and the tree and I had a talk about me quitting smoking. No judgement from the tree, even though I was blowing smoke right into its “face” as I lay. Just a gentle reminder that I had the ability to quit. Through a hole in the leaves I watched the early rising of the moon. It was a lovely time. I don’t know why I don’t always do my yoga and meditation practices outside.

    • Twi, thank you so much for sharing that with me… how beautiful! And a perfect example of how nature speaks to us, or our intuition speaks through it; either way, we get the message, which is always a gentle one. Your time with the tree really does sound lovely. I always feel better when I’ve spent quiet time outdoors. Tonight on my drive home there was a full moon, a big bright yellowish-white full moon, and it was gorgeous behind the heavy, gray, shifting rain clouds. It was hard to keep from watching it instead of the road!

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