SO deep

Hello friends,

My heart has hurt so much lately for some of my closest friends, who are currently going through unbelievable struggles. This may surprise some of you (no, it won’t), but life doesn’t get easier as you get older–except in some ways, in understanding ways, and sadder-but-wiser ways. We learn to dig for nuggets of happiness in the ashes, and for at least three of my beloved friends and their families, right now the ash pile seems too huge and too disheartening to bear–but they have to, for what’s the alternative? These people are my heroes. I wish there was more I could do. I wish I could climb into their lives for even a few minutes and take over their pain, just to give them a reprieve, but that’s impossible. So, I pray… and listen… and hover over them in my thoughts … and tell them that I’m here to help in whatever ways I can, but I feel compelled to say to them right now (and to anyone else who needs to hear it, ’cause that’s why you’re here):


Sometimes it’s hard to express the depth of how we feel, so that’s what music’s for. The video is cheesy in the extreme, but I’ve been singing this song to myself all week and now I want to sing it to you. I mean it with all my heart.

My love,


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