What a punkin

Ooh, it’s cold, isn’t it? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year. Thankfully, today the sun has decided to make an appearance so I don’t have to think about breaking out the S.A.D. lamp, especially considering I don’t even own a S.A.D. lamp. Imagine thinking about breaking out something you don’t even have? Yes, it is frustrating.

But I’m not about being frustrated today. What I’m about today is anything but. I just got home from spray-painting my daughter-in-lala silver so she can be a robot for a party she’s going to tonight. [Note: I call Amber my daughter-in-la because she’s not married to Jesse nor did I give birth to her but she’s my daughter nonetheless and besides, it so totally fits. I love her to pieces and she’s family and she’s a bundle of fun.] I sincerely hope her pores don’t suffocate and she ends up dying from paint poisoning because that would massively suck.

You know what else massively sucks? This morning I checked the phone messages and got one from Torie, who it seems was IN A CAR ACCIDENT LAST NIGHT. While I was sleeping so I didn’t hear the phone. She called from the site where THEY HAD HIT A BOULDER AND FLIPPED OVER.


But she’s fine, and so are the other people who were in the car. Everyone was wearing seat belts so they just got jostled, and no one hit their head or anything else vulnerable. I didn’t get into the Was anybody drinking or otherwise messing around? questions, but I will, as if it will make a difference, but I’ll still ask. Good lord. Thank you angels. And thank you also that it wasn’t our car, our one car that we share between three drivers and can’t afford to fix or replace.

Hey, it’s Halloweekendish! I’m so excited. We may end up having a bunch of bodies here (heh, live ones, though) on Halloween, since the parties are all on the weekend and there’s nothing going on Monday night. I honestly don’t mind being a last resort sometimes. It’ll be my parents, maybe Scott’s mom, our kids, whichever of their friends want to come, and of course Scott and me. This is a small apartment so we’re going to be tremendously cozy and I love it! I’ll do the cleaning and shopping tomorrow; we’re going to have homemade chili and cornbread and I bought two big variety bags of candy and ooh, maybe I’ll get some cider to warm on the stove. It’s become our tradition to watch The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (“Atta boy, Luther!”) and whatever else mild that the grandparents can stomach. After the lightweights leave (I know you’re reading this, Mom :), we’ll break out the genuine horrors and scare ourselves silly until the wees. Good times!

Speaking of Les Good Times, oh my word, I had such a fantastic time at my brother and sis’s and nephew’s house this week. Remember that I was nervous to make the hour-and-a-half all-freeway trek to their house? Well, that turned out spiffily because Danny gave me excellent directions, even down to “Here’s where you want to start slowly making your way to the right lane” details. There was one stretch that didn’t feel right to me so I had to use the mantra “My brother who loves me gave me these directions–I’m going to be fine” several times in a row and son of a gun I WAS. Then when I got there Sherrie utterly and comprehensively spoiled me the entire two days. Have you ever gone somewhere to visit and the whole visit was all about you, 24-7? Yes.

She and Henry took me to breakfast at their favorite place, the Crescent Cafe, where they introduced me to the wonderful owners Michael and Danny (so many Dannys), and while Henry was at school Sherrie walked me around town and bought me chocolates and took me to the Nepal shop that sells items made by Tibetan refugees and to the bookstore where we pinky-swore over something awesome and to some of her other favorite shops, just to goggle at and fondle the pretties. (Gift shops, people. Gift shops.) She drove me around the town and Henry’s college, Linfield, which has a beautiful little campus, so perfect for him. We stood in the echo spot and sang quiet songs. We walked on their favorite stretch of road, out in the country, among apple and walnut trees and cows. She made Thai Chicken Coconut Soup for dinner. She gave me a set of Tibetan prayer flags to hang on the patio, where they look amazing. She gave me magic tea that made me sleep for ten hours, sleep I desperately needed. Okay, we’re just guessing it was the tea. We don’t know for sure.

And best of all these terrific things were the many conversations we had, on all the subjects I love best, all the spiritual stuff that I have no one else to talk to about. It’s hard when you step off an old path and onto a new one–you tend to be by yourself until you find others who are going the same way, and that takes time and courage and vulnerability. Sherrie’s been here all along; I just wasn’t ready for her until now. I’m happy to have both a sister and a heart friend, all wrapped into one, a little love burrito, and it’s so handy she’s already in the family! Thanks, Danny!

I love my family.

I thought this whole week about how I hit one of my edges–being afraid of driving so far on a series of scary freeways–and went over it. Going over it means FREEDOM, because now I know I can drive anywhere I like. I can visit them again. I can drive to the beach, to Washington, to California–anywhere. When we moved from Oregon to North Carolina eleven years ago, I drove across the entire country by myself, in a van with three cats in carriers in the back, but that was different because I was part of a caravan of loved ones. I’ve driven to California, but I was with my mom. I’ve driven other places, but always with someone. Going by myself is a big deal for me. Oh man, this is another topic, which I want to talk about soon. For now though, I hope you ALL have a glorious Halloween. Really, go wild with the candy and costumes. Have fun! Love! xo


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5 responses to “What a punkin

  1. Frokaloke

    Oh my goshnesses!!! That is so awesome! I’ve been having some pretty dumpy times with everyone in the dumps around here…. and it gives me such a lift to hear of your happiness!!! Hurray hurray hurray! Oh I wish I could stay right here, on this page with you, and just keep reading this over and over.
    But…. I must run for now. Love and hugs and wishes for more halloweeny wonders — and scary terrors — for you!

    • Hello, Fro! I’ve been wondering how you are and have been thinking about you a lot today! I’m really sorry the dumps are swirling around you. :( I hope things are better soon. Maybe you could get yourself a bucket of candy, even though you’ll get nary a trick-or-treater up at your house, and eat it while you watch The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (which you can stream!). Both might make you feel better, even for an hour or so. Just a small respite?

      Love you, friend. HUGE hug xoxo

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, so yay for that! And double yay that no one was hurt in the car crash.

    I think we’re watching The Crow for Halloween, apart from that I have no plans but relaxation for my long bank holiday weekend. Yay for days off work :)

    • I’ve never seen The Crow… hmm… I think we can stream that one so I’ll put it on the queue. It looks like our little party has dwindled again, as the kids now have plans. That’s okay, though… after my folks leave I’ll STILL stay up late watching scaries by myself (since Scott works the next day and has to go to bed earlyish). If you can’t party by yourself, you have nothing to give anybody else, right? Besides, there’s faithful Horatio, who’s always here, whether or not he wants to be! :)

      Enjoy your long weekend, Fence!

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