Baby it’s cowled outside

Hello chiclets. How is everyone today? I hope you’re great.

I’ve been having SO much fun searching online for patterns for crocheted cowls, which I’m planning to give for Christmas this year if I can manage to finish them in time. At first I was going to crochet one pattern to fit all, but as I’ve perused sites I’ve seen varieties that would match everyone uniquely, and I’m excited to give them a go! I love having something to do with my hands as I watch TV, and crocheting is perfect, especially if the pattern is simple or repetitive and doesn’t take a lot of concentration. Or if Scott’s watching some noisy shoot-em-up bangarang action flick (ugh) I can focus on a tougher pattern, because, as I said, ugh.

At Thanksgiving I said to my family, “Say I was going to crochet some cowls (*short pause to explain what a cowl is*) for everyone for Christmas. You know, theoretically. If I were going to theoretically crochet some cowls, which colors would you theoretically prefer?” Oh, it’s going to be fun. White, green, autumn colors, black, gray, navy, purple, red, teal–people had definite ideas for their favorite color, so with different colors and different patterns, I’m going to have a ball crocheting my little heart out. It’s hard for me to mass produce something artistic; variety keeps things fresh.

I stopped at Michaels last night to check out the yarn selection and there are some truly gorgeous colors and textures out there. I’ll buy a huge bundle of them soon, so I can get started! After Christmas I think I’ll relearn to knit because, in my opinion, a knitted finished product is infinitely more attractive than a crocheted one. I tried my hand at knitting years and years ago and it just didn’t take. Maybe this time I’ll be ready for it. Winter was made for yarn. Well, and egg nog, but that’s beside the point. There are about a trillion bazillion amazing yarnwork sites online too, wow. It’s heartening to see so many people creating!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Ours was really wonderful. This year it was my parents, Scott, me, Van, Jesse, Amber, Torie, and our family friend Ben, a Canadian from North Carolina, whose parents, Paul and Karen, are good friends of ours. We’d always spent the holiday with them when we lived in the south, so it was nice to have one of their family with us here in Oregon.

At my folks’ house, with football droning homily on TV in the background, we played board games at the table before dinner, lots of board games! My mom picks them up whenever she runs across one that looks interesting. We tried a new game that quickly became a family favorite–it’s called Quirkle, a strategy game of brightly colored shapes painted on chunky black wooden squares, so it’s visually striking as well as challenging enough to keep our interest without requiring too much brainpower that cuts into conversation time. And dinner was amazing. So many people contributed delicious dishes, even exotic ones like the pumpkin macaroni Amber brought, and every single item my mom made; we were just in culinary heaven for the hour we ate. Afterward, more games! Then, around eleven, after everyone left, Jess and Amber came over to the apartment to watch the movie It with me, since I’d never seen it, and they had but wanted to watch me getting scared watching it, ha! Though it wasn’t scary at all, so there. Even so, I’m glad to have finally seen it because it’s a classic. It was two before I got to bed. That’s two weeks of late nights and I’ve loved every minute of it!

Sooo, I’m thinking of putting my hair in dreadlocks. I’ve wanted to for ages but have been reluctant to take the leap because it’s fairly permanent, in that if I wanted to get rid of them it would require cutting them off. You can’t really comb those babies out. When I was cultivating curly hair by twisting it with gel and not brushing it, I would tend to get one fat dread on the back of my head and lots of little ones, and I did like the look. When I mentioned my idea to the fam, everybody agreed that I should do it, and I’m thinking, yeah, good grief, why not? Seriously. Since I’m the only one living my life, I need to live it the way I want to, and I’m trying to do that in every other area so why not also with my hair? That’s why I’ve begun practicing dreads in temporary ways to pave the road for the Big Plunge. Scott even said he’d do the actual dreading for me when I’m ready! No, he doesn’t know how, but he said he would learn, that’s how motivated he is. Gulp, but also, kind of fantastic! And if something were to go wrong, it’s only hair. It would grow back, and even per the unlikely chance it didn’t, well piff. I’d crochet myself a cowl with a hood.

Or make myself a hair helmet.

Man, I’m fading fast. Last night was another late one because I got the bug to go over to Jess and Amber’s apartment and have dinner with them and Josh and Torie, who were also visiting. We talked, and ate, and watched 28 Days Later, and played a subdued, if heroic, game of Phase Ten, since by that time it was already eleven-thirty and everybody (but me) was tired. When I got home I couldn’t sleep right away and then I thought, “Bugger it. If I sleep now, I’ll sleep until noon tomorrow, and I hate sleeping in!” I feel like the entire day is wasted if I sleep past seven. So I stayed up, and I’m still staying up, and plan to stay up until I stumble into bed around eight o’clockish tonight. That way I’ll be back on my regular schedule and all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. I hope all you things are well, too! Love. xo



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8 responses to “Baby it’s cowled outside

  1. Frokaloke

    Just wanted you to know how much I value your writings and art and all! I took a quick spin through — and your other latest posts too. Sigh. I am sooo falling behind. I would love to see you in a hair helmet. On my next visit… and we’ll Quirkle too.
    Tomorrow I am staking out the time to read it all properly. Yessirry!
    Love to you, and off to dreamland for me!
    Catch you again tomorrow.

    • Froky! It’s nice to see you here. You know, as if you needed one, which you don’t, you have GOOD reason to have fallen behind on blog reading! Goodness. The one thing we don’t want you falling behind on is chocolate eating. We would have a problem with THAT! :) And when you come visit, we’ll have a craft day and make hair helmets!

      Sleep tight, friend… and love to you, too! xo

  2. Ha! I misread your post as saying you were going to crochet owls for everyone. And I thought, that’s pretty damn cool, but, then I saw that it was actually cowls. Which made a lot more sense. Although owls in cowls would be sooooo awesome!

    Happy December!

    • Okay, that made me laugh out loud. I wish I could crochet owls! How awesome would THAT be? Maybe I could crochet owl cowls to sell… My grandma sewed monkey clothes for awhile. It’s a viable industry.

      Happy December to you, too! :)

      • Do it! I claim 50% for coming up with the idea of cowled owls though. Please have my check ready asap as I have christmas shopping to begin

  3. Frokaloke

    Ha! I just noticed the snow coming down on here … makes me feel all warm and cozy inside!
    Was that here before, or did you just add it, or am I seeing things? In any case, I’m glad it isn’t making your flowers or your smile fade!

    • It’s so funny you asked that, Fro… I pulled up the blog and saw the snow falling over my hair in the background photo and thought, “Wow, that looks like dandruff.” :D It’s something that WordPress offers for the holidays!The snow, not the dandruff.

  4. Fence, look for the owl in the cowl any day now… he’ll be bringing your check! You might have a gerbil or two on hand ’cause he gets grumpy when he’s hungry and that’s a long flight.

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