May your days be merry and bright

Happy Winter Solstice and….

Hello, friends! I had already published the following post, but just now, as I was in the kitchen making dessert for tonight, I got to thinking about people who are suffering this Christmas, who are not having a merry one at all, and my heart went out to them. This year is a good one for me, but who knows what next year will bring? Difficult circumstances rise around us whether we invite them or not: loved ones leave or die, we lose our jobs and houses, go through divorces, and suffer a thousand other hardships. I’ve had significant losses over the course of my life, even over the last couple months, so I’m no stranger to sadness. In fact, sadness and I have been very good friends. I try to choose a positive outlook–to be grateful for everything–but it isn’t always easy, and sometimes we just can’t because we’re buried too deeply in grief. So, take a few moments to consider the grief-stricken people this year, those who are lonely or depressed, and send out a prayer on their behalf. If possible, if you know someone who’s struggling, invite them to share the holiday with you. Every little bit helps to spread more love in the world. Now on to the original post. :)

My sis-in-law Sherrie ends most of her emails to me with a list of things she’s thankful for, and I’ve adopted the habit because it’s just so immensely wonderful. Here’s what I’m grateful for this very minute:

~ A warm home

~ A thick, soft robe

~ A loving, close-knit family

~ Enough of everything I need

~ Enough of everything I want

~ Parents who are open and generous with their time and resources

~ A supportive husband who takes time to listen and continues to love me after all these rollercoaster years

~ Contented, unique, creative, apple-of-my-eye adult children who are also some of my best friends

~ Good health

~ A youthful spirit and an old lady soul

~ More laughter than tears

~ Twinkling amber and colored lights

~ Fragrant candles

~ Hot apple cider and egg nog with rum

~ The library

~ Netflix

~ People to love and being loved

~ The ability to make sweet lemonade out of any old sour pile of lemons (one of the most helpful traits alive)

~ Amy Sedaris, Janeane Garofalo, and Stephen Fry

~ All “my” authors

~ Bright, sunny, freezing-cold weather

~ A crochet hook, a skein of yarn, blank paper, colored pens and pencils, paints, canvases, flour & water, newspaper and a vague notion of what to do with them

~ An active imagination and rich dream life and a vague notion of what to do with them

~ Being back home in Oregon where I belong

~ Peace. Peace. And more peace.

~ The prospect of a beloved-full and feast-full weekend ahead, with loads of incredible food, board games, gifts, and LOVE.

There. Writing that list helped shift my focus… there’s still quite a bit left to do in preparation for tomorrow and Sunday–grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning the house, finishing a cowl, wrapping a few gifts–but now I remember all that I already have and am feeling a lot less stressed. May you also enjoy a beautiful weekend with as little stress as possible, and with as much love as you can bear!  Love to you all. Merry, merry Christmas. xo


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2 responses to “May your days be merry and bright

  1. Frokaloke

    What an inspiring list! I’m with you—best to keep our focus on all the wonderful things in our lives.
    You, my Mess, most certainly make my list!
    We have Rachel here, and Mr. Garfield (her giant cat). It’s been a real treat, but we miss Ben. So thankful that he is hanging with the best of the best this holiday!
    Hitting the sack… big day tomorrow… we celebrate Christmas eve more than day.
    Loads of love to all!
    Merry Christmas, hohoho! Hahaha!
    Your Froky-doke

    • Hello Frodiodo! It IS helpful to accentuate the positive, isn’t it? Someone should write a song about that. Ben showed me a couple photos of Mr. Garfield and OH MY HOLY ROLY POLY. That is the hugest cat I’ve ever seen. I love that Rachel rescued him and is taking care of him now. He’s as big as a toddler.

      We’ve been so happy to have Ben with us; he’s just one of the family. I’m finally feeling like I can relax for the evening. Jess is going to do the grocery shopping for me tonight (I love him) and then I’ll spend tomorrow cooking, which will be fun. Everyone should get here sometime in the early eveningish, except for Amber, who has to work until 2am, boo. However, since she’s a bartender here in town, we’re going to bundle up around midnight and go have a nightcap with her as a family! Then the kids will come back in the morning to open stockings and we’ll head over to mom and dad’s around eleven for brunch. Then it’s Scott’s side at 4pm! It’ll be a busy two days but it’s the best kind of busy, spent with people we love.

      Monday, I shall crash in a heap on the couch and watch movies all day. Unless I don’t for some reason, but that’s my loose plan as of now. :)

      Have a GREAT Christmas Eve, Fro! Ben is too excited to open his box from you. Boxes from home mean so much when you’re away. Merry Overall Christmas, my dear friend! Love love and more love. ~ Mess xo

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