Turn that dirty clown frown right upside down

Hello, friends! Well, here we are a few days into January already… of 2012! 2012, imagine! I remember vividly, in second grade, figuring out on the chalkboard with my friends how old we’d be in the year 2000, the future–the era of the Jetsons, of hoverboards and space shuttles to interplanetary restaurants and moving skywalks.  So thrilling and so distant; that I’d be thirty-five when the 21st century rolled around was unimaginable. Even my parents weren’t that old.

And now here we are, nearly at the end of the Mayan experience, as far as their imagination and scientific understanding could reach. Of course, the only way the world will end on December 21, 2012 is if a bunch of important people suddenly go berserk and start blowing significant shit up, etc, which my daughter is convinced could happen if only in fearful response to Mass-Generated Collective Media-Induced Apocalyptic Fear (and she has a point). However, that’s not going to happen. I prefer to think that the purported change will be in consciousness, as in a higher version of. However, that’s also not going to happen… at least not in one fell swoop. I believe it is happening, slowly, because we humans are finally realizing that we’re dependent upon the earth for our lives, and we’ve been abusing it and it’s starting to buck and snort at us. It’s like parents who beat their small children, completely blind to the bald fact that one day those children are going to be bigger and stronger than them, and really reeeally pissed off. Okay, it’s not exactly like that, but you get what I’m saying. I think if there’s any shift of consciousness that 2012 is ushering in, it’s that, and more power to it.

I like to hope that, in addition to more awareness of the earth, we are becoming more aware of each other as well, more respectful of differing beliefs and lifestyles. This is just one tiny little thing I’ve noticed, but I’ve been loving the fact that we’re including England more and more in our television shows and movies. There’s almost an amalgamation going on. I love England… it was the jumping off place for our country (and me ancestrally, a-way back) and I’m happy that we’ve finally put aside our stupid animosity toward it. It’s weird to think how long that acrimony lasted–long past the point of appropriateness and effectiveness–and how comprehensively our inflated and entrenched patriotism pushed people away. Of course, not just Britishers, but everyone who wasn’t Us. I feel that we’re letting people in now, inside our lives not just our borders, even that they’re wanting to come in… and I don’t mean because of the promise of a better life materially (and honestly, that’s almost a fallacy now, as even most native-born Americans are really struggling) but because we’re not such flaming arrogant assholes. At least most of us aren’t. Some of us are really trying. You know, for the first time since Dubya I’m genuinely feeling happy to be an American again. Not proud, because that’s a nonsensical off-putting concept–just, I don’t know, affectionate toward us and more importantly, not mortified. I like us again.

So, last night I watched Bridesmaids. Lord, it was hilarious and oh SO awkward. Did I say hilarious? I did? It was! I was actually thinking of this movie when I wrote the above. I’d read somewhere that Kristen Wiig (LOVE LOVE HER) is good friends with Simon Pegg (LOVE him, too) and it seems there’s kind of a combined-forces thing going on with comedians from both sides of the pond. I started paying marked attention to it with the movie Paul, which wasn’t fantastic but had its moments. Pegg wasn’t in Bridesmaids, but Matt Lucas from Little Britain was, and Rebel Wilson (she’s Australian), and Chris O’Dowd (LOVE him-he’s Irish, from the IT Crowd, and there was a great little segment in the movie that directly pointed to how ridiculous it was that an actual Irishman could be an American cop–I like those occasional winks at the audience).

Oh good grief, as I’m writing all this I’m remembering a ton of movies that feature an assortment of actors from all over the world! As much as there is to complain about popular culture–and unfortunately there is–it has been a key player over the past decade especially [note: I say ‘past decade’ because I’m too lazy to think any further back right now; maybe it’s been going on for a hundred years; it just sounds more authoritative when I put an exact time on it] in bringing about a more unified global alliance. Go, 2012! Expand that consciousness!

Okay, since I’m on the topic of movies now, we watched a comedy last week that had us rolling. It was a spoof of college kids-slasher movies called Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and it starred Alan Tudyk (yay!) and Tyler Labine, whom we had just seen as James Franco’s assistant in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He’s great, and I’m telling you, the movie was so funny. It helps, of course, whenever you watch a funny, to be watching it with a group of like-humored people, and that night it was Scott, me, Torie, Jess and Amber, a kind of spontaneous gathering of moths to the big blue television flame, and the energy was palpable. And loud! Then Sunday night Van and Jess stopped by and we watched The Pineapple Express again, another funny movie and great night of laughter. I love watching comedies with my family. It’s rewarding to see the many ways in which I have infected my children with my own sick and twisted brand of variegated stuff. This is one reason you have children. This, and to slave for you until they’re big enough to beat you up.

I’ll leave you with a video from another really funny show called Portlandia, a spoofish take on the fair city I call home (or close to home). It’s honestly right on in its portrayal of Portlanders and this song does a great job of encapsulating us, while at the same time gently mocking us, while at the same time dishing up a tasty tune that’s hard to get out of your head even for days after. It’s fantastic. Love to you all! xo


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5 responses to “Turn that dirty clown frown right upside down

  1. Those are all films that I haven’t seen but want to. Heard a lot of great things about Bridesmaids in particular so I really want to check that out at some point.

    It’s great that your so positive about your country. We’re all bleurgh over here with ours on account of economic doom and gloom ™ and the fact that we sorta know there is nothing we can really do to change anything, we just have to wait it out.
    But enough of the recession! It bores me.

    Happy New Year! (again)

    • How’d you get the trademark symbol after doom and gloom? ha! :) It doesn’t feel good to be discouraged about your entire country, ugh. I know what that’s like. But thankfully everything seems to cycle around, rising and falling and constantly evolving, so I’m sure things will look up for you again soon enough. Eventually all of our carefully constructed civilizations will fall anyway, so, ultimately, nothing that’s happening today matters all that much, and I say that with the gleam of adventure in my eye. I like things getting shaken up. I’d like to be the next Dread Pirate Roberts. I’m kind of sad there’s not going to be an apocalypse. I AM, however, holding out for massive solar flares… or a meteor. Just a tiny little one.

      I wasn’t too sure about Bridesmaids for the first 10-15 minutes of it! It was kind of odd and not at all what I expected, but as it progressed I got into its rhythm and began to find it first amusing and then downright hilarious. It definitely had to grow on me. I think you’d like Tucker & Dale, too.

      You have four days of New Year’s left, right? :) Enjoy to the fullest!

      • I just put tm inside brackets and ta-da, like magic the ™ appeared.

        A tiny little massive solar flare? :D

        That’s right, then back to work :( But I suppose it’ll be good to get back into a routine again. Holidays aren’t great for the whole getting up and doing stuff, although at least with the puppy I haven’t been sleeping in too much so it won’t be a huge adjustment. In theory…

  2. Frokaloke

    Good evening, my Mess! How goes it in Portland? Hahaha that was a great clip to watch! Not sure if going there would make me feel old or young!
    I’ve finally found my thoughts— right were I left them! A little scrambled, but I think they might have been like that already….
    I like what you said about expanding consciousness… moving into/realizing unity…
    By the way, did you know that Tyler Labine is Canadian? Seriously, hosers and hillbillies are closely related. Must be that unity thing showing up everywhere.
    Anyhow, I am going to bed now. I think I will take my tablet with me and start up an email to send to you tomorrow. That one I’ve been waiting for the time to do.
    So…. catch you later dear one!

  3. Fence, you started back to work today… how was it? I was thinking more along the lines of little tiny meteors, but I’ll take ANY size solar flare, as long as it knocks out all the electricity. Aarrr, pirates hate electricity.

    Fro, I didn’t know that Tyler Labine was Canadian! That just further makes my point. Canadians and English people are the funniest people in the world, everybody knows. :)

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