S’more and peace

Oh beautiful, beautiful morning. Hey, Happy Father’s Day to you dads out there. Later this afternoon, around four, we’ll gather as a family to celebrate my dad and Scott, two of the best fathers imaginable. That will be fun.

But for now, here I recline on the couch, with the sliding door open to the fresh breeze fat with the promise of rain. Not too much rain. Just a little bit of rain. We’re not barbecuing today so the weather doesn’t threaten our plans, except for maybe the campfire later on tonight… but the rest of the week calls for sun, sun, sun, so by tonight maybe the clouds will have blown away to their next assignation so we can s’more in peace. (Alright! Blog title! That was easy for once.)

One of our squirrels is chattering away in the backyard, scolding some invisible (to me anyway) enemy that’s encroaching on its feeder, which I just filled with old strawberries and an overripe banana. We have very spoiled squirrels around here.

I’ve been up for hours already and it’s only six-thirty. I woke at a quarter to three, decided I was done sleeping and got up to read in the living room. Torie came trundling in around four and we ended up talking… about men and heartache, why we’re here, jobs, homes, dreams, desires, fears–it was a wonderful soul-enriching conversation that lasted a couple of hours. Then I showed her how to make an egg mcmuffin, threw leftovers from last night in the microwave for myself, and as we ate we watched two episodes of The IT Crowd. It felt so good to laugh, as it’s been kind of an emotionally heavy week for the two of us. She went back to bed to catch a few winks before she goes to work at ten and me, well, here I am, writing to you.

I hope you’re well.

We have some VERY exciting changes afoot, as a family. One I can’t tell you about yet (I know, I’m a bastard), but the other I can! It’s so funny how life works…it really does feel like a spiraling road, or the Snake River: corner after corner after corner of undulating events that interrupt our carefully-constructed regimens. Some corners involve loss and those ones suck until they don’t so much anymore, but other corners reveal piles of gleaming and unexpected treasure. It’s one of the latter ones this time, thank God.

Hm. As I try to think of HOW to put our news, I’m a little bit stymied. It seems like a huge conversation that deserves more than to be tacked on to the end of a blog post about random other stuff. Let’s try it this way:

Once upon a time there was a family. It wasn’t a huge family and didn’t extend too far out, but it was a close-knit one redolent with mutual love and respect. It was tight. And over the course of time this family decided that it was crazy to continue filling the pockets of sundry landlords and to rely solely on grocery markets for daily sustenance and to work at meaningless jobs and to grow old, alone, in some apartment or rest home away from those who loved them. They decided to shake things up.

Oh darn, that isn’t really working for me either. Forget the fairy tale. Here’s the real deal:

My parents own a beautiful home on two and a half acres, the back half of which is wooded. They’re getting older and near retirement age, at which point they won’t have much income and probably wouldn’t be able to sustain the property, so they’d have to sell and get a smaller place. Scott and I and our daughter Torie live in an apartment. Jess and Amber live in a house they’re renting. And all of us have a love for the earth and are bent on simplifying our lives and becoming as independent as possible from society’s constraints. So. We’ve put our noggins together and have decided to consolidate. As soon as all our ducks are in a row, we’ll begin renovating half of their house so that we can live in it, as well as a large existing building on the property which we’ll eventually move into, and after their lease is up, Jess and Amber will build a yurt in the woods.

Not your Mongolian granddaddy’s yurt

Maybe not even your daddy’s yurt

When we’re all in place, and all of our money is going into the same pot, in just three to four years we’ll have the property paid off. And we’ll raise chickens and rabbits and begin forest-farming, with an emphasis, probably, on growing mushrooms. (We have a LOT of researching ahead of us.) There’s already a large garden but lots of room to spread throughout the yard to grow whatever else we want, to add greenhouses. We’re all dreamers and visionaries in our own way.

We are very, very excited about what’s ahead but at the same time, aware that it will have its unique challenges. It seems to us, however, that the pros far outweigh the cons–the process has already improved our communication skills a million-fold. It’s win-win for everyone! I’ll share more as the saga unfolds. For now, I wish you a wonderful Sunday. Hug your dad if you can! Love xo


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4 responses to “S’more and peace

  1. Sounds exciting. And a lot of hard work!

  2. Frokaloke

    I am so thrilled for you with all this! And still wondering about your father’s health. I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve had time… for anything but the most essential to get through the day. Reading this has been a refreshing breeze…. which blows me on to my email, where I will write more.

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