Winding down summer

Hello, friends. How are you? I’ve been happily and unhurriedly occupied, aahh. Here are my two newest mixed media pieces:

“Falling” – acrylic, tissue, wax and colored pencils, approx 24″ x 18″

As yet untitled – Acrylic, tissue, wax and colored pencils, approx 12″ x 12″

The top painting is already living with Jesse and Amber. (Can you see the figures in the bursts of color? Side note: every single person who’s seen it has said that it looks like the guy figure is having a little too much fun with himself. ha! Well, I didn’t do it on purpose, but if that’s what you see, then, okay… and yeah, in retrospect, it totally looks like that to me, too. :) After I write this, I’ll start on my newest one. I already have an idea for it, and this time it doesn’t involve couples, as far as I know right now anyway. Things change, once you get started… I’ve had no idea how ANY of my paintings would finish up in the end. It’s so weird–when I look at the photos it’s very obvious how catawampus the store bought canvases are! I’m going to start making my own. In fact, part of my birthday fun was going art supply shopping with Jess and Amber the Monday after my birthday. I bought stretcher bars and canvas and will now be able to make a canvas for around $20 that would cost, if I were to buy it premade, almost $80!

This week I haven’t gotten any work done yet because I went camping with my folks, who reserved a spot at Whalen Island County Park near Pacific City, a coastal town in Oregon. It was so incredibly relaxing. Scott had to work and so did Van and Megan and Torie, but Jesse and Amber were able to get away to join us on Tuesday and Wednesday. We went clamming and crabbing and wading and walking… miles and MILES and MILES of walking. My legs are still sore and I’m sunburned but that only makes me feel that I truly had a vacation. While there wasn’t surf near our campsite, the tide came in twice a day to create a wide river of sea water, and left twice a day to provide us with a desert of sand, bisected with snaking corridors of water full of shellfish and flounder. In addition to the sand area, there was a beautiful little forest with a walking trail. When we first drove up to the camp I thought, “What, really?” Totally unimpressed. But that’s the magic of the place… you go behind scenes and WOW, you never would’ve guessed. We’re going back next year, this time with goggles and clamming forks and binoculars and nets and more chocolate, because you can never have enough of that.

Unfortunately, I took only a few shots with my camera. I’ll do more of that next time, too.

Jesse and Amber. We were hiking the forest trail and stopped at one of the many overlooks toward the beach.

Jess, trundling down the trail. This is one of the more sandy parts, closer to the beach.

While we saw big crabs, this is the only one we managed to catch! :) We put it back. That’s Amber holding it. She loves little things with beady eyes. Who doesn’t?

I got home last night. This morning, Torie and I spent a few hours of mom-and-daughter time and went thrifting, something we hadn’t done in ages. We both came back with treasures–for me, a tall square wicker hamper for recyclables, a soft gray couch blanket, The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell, and a reproduction Turkish plate, VERY beautiful, to hang over the kitchen stove. We grabbed lunch from the deli at Freddy’s and came home to eat and watch the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which Torie had never seen. She loved it and it’s a delight for me to share such a beloved series with her fresh eyes. Good week so far. :) I hope the same for you! xo


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7 responses to “Winding down summer

  1. Love the paintings. Very nice.
    As far as the hidden images, well, your mind sees what it wants to see…

  2. Hello, sweetie, FINALLY re-found your website after much (did you know that Kelly WellS is a porn star? So is Christine Long~ our alter egos seem to live it up more than we do) google searching! Now, I’ve got it Saved in my “Inspiring Women” folder on my ultraportable lappy, aint you happy?
    (See, that rhymed! Ha!
    Geeeeeez, you always make my brain make a sharp right into Wonderland!)
    Anyway~ good seeing your art! Mixed media is always fun, even when the paintings don’t have guys having too much fun on their own!

    • Christine, you promised you would never reveal our secret identities! Now I’m going to have to move again. :) Good to see you, sis. Sounds like life is rolling along wonderfully for you right now, and I’m happy about that. And yes, mixed media is very, very fun! So is pretty much all media, don’t you think? There are so many interesting things to try.

  3. Oh, you can never have *too* much fun surely :) I’m not sure I would have seen it, but now that you mention it….
    Sorta like how you can never unsee Lisa Simpson giving someone a BJ in the 2012 Olympics logo. Horrifying and wonderful at the same time. Well, maybe not wonderful :)

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