You are strange and off-putting. Go now.


Good morning, people. While I’m inclined to agree with Ryan Howard of The Office that “the blog is dead” (at least personal-disclosure-type blogs), this one does serve some purpose, in that it’s checked occasionally by friends and family I don’t have regular contact with to see what’s up.

So, here’s what’s up.

First off, how are you? I hope all is well. Things here are pretty hunky-dory, humming along as usual. You may remember from my last post that Jess and Amber had broken up; well, I am exceedingly happy to report that they are working things out individually and between themselves. They have always had an unconventional relationship and their separation is no different; they are determined to become the kind of people they need to be in order to make their relationship thrive before jumping wholesale back into couplehood, and they’re in no great hurry to get there. They’re simply enjoying the process of moving in that direction. They came over the other night to watch The Hobbit and it was good to see them snuggling on the couch again.

The Hobbit, though? sigh. It was, actually, better than I’d anticipated because I’d expected it to thoroughly suck, so at least there’s that. Even though it shared the same components as LOTR, it really did not feel like it belonged in the same company; at one point, when Thorin Oakenshield strode in slow motion toward the huge computer-generated Pale Orc (yawn), and the original soaring LOTR score rose to accompany him, I remember feeling it was almost an affront to use that music because it seemed so completely out of place, as the scene lacked the gravity and grandeur of (any of) those in the previous films. There was a lot of action but no genuine conflict. In short, despite the LOTR landscape and all its beautiful accouterments, I found the movie shallow and lacking. There was one thing, however: I loved all of the scenes featuring Radagast the Brown, loved, loved them, and this makes me wish that Tolkien had introduced Tom Bombadil in The Hobbit, instead of in the subsequent book, so that he’d show up in one of the next segments of the movie. Bummer.

The night before that we watched Life of Pi, a movie Scott and I had looked forward to seeing because we’d really liked the book. Pah, SO MUCH COMPUTER-GENERATION!! I’m sorry for yelling at you but it’s too much. I know they’re doing wonders with CGI–I can see that–but I just can’t connect with non-human (or non-animal) figures no matter how skillfully they’re rendered. They’re missing their souls and I guess that’s what I relate to most when I watch movies and television. I like real stuff. But if CGI doesn’t bother you then the movie is truly spectacular, eye-candy in the extreme, even though at the end the screenwriters beat viewers over the head with the ‘meaning’ of the allegorical tale, when the book had left it so deliciously ambiguous. Oh well. God forbid anyone ever try to make the brilliant The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien, into a movie. Please, no.

In other viewing news, I am rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for, um, the fourth time? I think it’s four. I watch it while I work on jewelry. This time around I’m finding that I respect Buffy more than ever; in fact, Torie was with me last night while I was watching, and in one scene Buffy told a baddy that he would have to get through her if he wanted to hurt her friends. Torie said, with shining eyes and a voice effulgent (heh, poet Spike) with admiration,”She is SO KICKASS.” Yes! I love Joss Whedon for creating a show blatantly focused on Grrl Power.

Well, so far you know what I’m watching. :) As far as what I’m doing, it’s mostly jewelry-centric, or more specifically, necklaces. I’ve been making necklaces like a crazy person. I just finished ten that my aunt ordered from me for my gal-relatives in Utah; it was incredibly fun to design each necklace uniquely specific to each woman, to choose the appropriate gemstones for pendants, to decide colors and lengths and link size and styles. I just got those mailed yesterday. I have a new line I’m calling my “Circle Series,” pendants made from vintage metal belt loops, and I’ll start on my next one today. I also bought a soldering kit and can’t wait to explore the possibilities there! Last week I began the process of starting an Etsy store but am going to have to build up my inventory before opening it, as I’ve already given away or sold most of the necklaces I’ve made. I’ve also kept a few favorites for myself. All that to say, this has been the most rewarding art medium I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot over the years, so many different kinds. Wimmins, they do love they necklaces. And I love making them!


Vintage grapes! From the Circle Series.

Here's one I made for the lovely Lorraine awhile back. The stone is amber.

Here’s one I made for the lovely Lorraine awhile back. The stone is amber.

Let’s see. The downside to waiting so long between posts is that there’s a build-up of news to share… Scott’s up for promotion at work, which means we could potentially have to move somewhere else! Thankfully, Bi-Mart has stores only in the Pacific Northwest, including western Idaho, so even if we moved the furthest distance we’d still be only a few hours away from family. Part of this scares me, as my only real support group is my family, but the bigger part thrills me, as I have a keen sense of adventure and love the idea of starting fresh somewhere new. So I’m fine with whatever happens. Van and Megan are ALL about their upcoming wedding, which is going to happen in August; every conversation we have these days (except when Van and I are discussing The Walking Dead) seems to center on The Event. But that’s okay, it’s one of life’s milestones, and besides, I will get to wear my harness boots with my dress. (Their venue is a farm!) It’ll be fun. Torie’s doing great, really coming into her own, feeling like ‘family’ at work and hanging out with friends. After two years, her divorce is almost final and the pain is mostly behind her.

Beginnings and endings, the cycle of life. Whenever I feel sad, I remember this. Whenever I feel happy, I remember this.

My main interest is still spiritual growth, and my belief system continues to evolve… I have my own name for the Source, practice visualization, my own form of meditation, dream analyzation, journaling, and occasionally, tarot. I rely on my spirit entourage for encouragement and guidance. The sense of freedom in forging my own path is amazing. I always have a spiritual-help book going, most of them having to do in some way, whatever way, with the properties of quantum physics, and from these I glean or discard what I choose. More and more, spirituality and science are beginning to meld; that is, they always have but more people are beginning to see and acknowledge that.

Things are changing, minds are changing–not everybody’s, obviously, but enough so that there seems to be real momentum toward awareness… of the earth, of mutual respect, of the malleability of Truth. I’m jazzed to be alive at this time in history, when everything feels in flux, like it’s in transition, as if we’re poised for flight. Keeping this in mind helps me to be kind to people, to really look at them when I talk to them or even walk past them in the street or at the store. I’m suddenly reminded of A Solitary Man, the movie starring Colin Firth, in which his entire day is leading to his plan to commit suicide that night. All throughout the day, as he interacts with people, he gazes into their eyes and truly sees their beauty and worth; the frames even slowly change from a dull sepia to warm, saturated color in those moments; it’s a beautiful device. (I highly recommend this movie.)

All right, that’s enough for now! Time to make the doughnuts. May your days be merry and bright, and your shadows not too overwhelming. Love. xo



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10 responses to “You are strange and off-putting. Go now.

  1. Hey, sweetie, loved this post! Just got back from my HONEYMOOOOON in Georgia!!!!, so I’m playing ketchup with all my emails and Facebook notifications!
    I would agree that in many cases, the blog is either dead, used for design/interior decorating interests or used as a marketing tool on a business website, but occasionally, they work well for general stuff~ such as this long, interesting post from you!
    (I’d still rather see you everyday on Facebook, though! :D )

    I recall that Torie long ago had an idea to have a business that was “lifestyle” one-stop, with things like hair, tattoos, piercing, etc. all in one place. Does she still want to do something like that? I really liked that idea, and I noticed that in our area places that do tattoos and piercings and have tanning beds all thrive, so maybe it would be a thriving business where you guys are?
    Anyway, it’s an idea worth kicking around, and I love kicking good ideas around!

    • Hello, Chrissy! You’re right about Torie’s idea, which is still an amazing one. Her interests have veered away from cutting hair (for a living anyway), but she’s still into tattoos and piercing and tanning. I’ll ask her if she’s kept the idea for a combined place tucked away in her mind. It’s funny, about Facebook. Torie just deactivated, Jess did that a long time ago, so did Amber… 20-somethings seem to be flocking away from it in droves, moving toward sites like Instagram and other newer ones. But I think for the most part people our age-ish still use it… It just got to be too much of a time-waster for me and I’ve been perfectly satisfied without it. I used to spend hours on there! sheesh.

      I was wondering if you’d gotten married, since you hadn’t posted for awhile. :) Congratulations! xo

  2. Most of my friends use a combo of Facebook and Instagram, especially the business owners. I think you’re right, though, about the younger ones leaving~ once mom and dad started making friends and finding friends on FB, it may have felt less like their turf! haha! I have a mastermind group on there of spiritual/creative business women that I’ve met online, and it’s a great way to arrange skypes and talk over ideas. It CAN be time-consuming, but most things that are enjoyable are like that for me! ha!

    • I completely get that, and FB is probably great for generating your business, or at least supporting it. I like forums and online communities for that, though again, I can’t get into them for myself. I have very little discipline when it comes to limiting my time spent online and I have so much I want to do offline! I just can’t do it all. I wish I could! I need another me. Maybe in a parallel reality I’m happily updating my status right now. :)

  3. Blogs are great for the bookish community too. That’s how I come across most recommendations. Well, and seeing the pretty books come in at work :)

    I really enjoyed The Hobbit, yes it had some problems, but overall I found it great entertainment. It is certainly no LOTR but the book was totally different in tone too, so I was expecting the film to be something different.

    I do think that Jackson is getting away with being too indulgent now that he has had such success. No need for a lot of the additions to the story that he made, but I still loved the film/

    • Aloha, Fence! Yes, definitely, book reviews and movie reviews and ALL manner of other specific topics. I’m immensely grateful to all the bloggers who generously teach what they know because I learn so much from them.

      I knew you liked the Hobbit because I read your review :). I was a Hobbit fan long before the LOTR movies were ever made so I didn’t mind the difference in tone; in fact, I had always liked the feel of the Hobbit better, as it was far less dense. And I read (and loved) the Silmarillion, so I’m someone who also enjoys all that extra exposition. However, you’re right–Jackson messed up by not showing any restraint. He dragged the story down. An even bigger mistake, and what ruined the movie for me, was the ridiculous addition of the Orc band chasing the company throughout the entire thing. Just unnecessary trumped-up ‘drama,’ and I don’t consider long, drawn-out and entirely implausible action sequences to count as drama. They made me crazy with boredom. Radagast wasn’t in the book either, but he was whimsical. Of course, Jackson had to put him in a chase scene, too. WHY. WHY!?

      All of this bothers me so much because the world of Middle Earth is so magical and beautiful and awe-full and awe-inspiring, and Jackson proved his capacity to bring it to life. I thank him wholeheartedly for that, but wish his approach to movie-making had a little more of the Elf in it than the oaf..

  4. Frokes

    Finally I get here! You have quite a following, my friend! Well I’m finally tagging along.
    I LOVE the pics you posted. Dracula! Oh, I was sure he would come back, I so wanted him not to be gone because I thought him fabulous. Oh well. Maybe in a scrapped episode. And the necklaces! You have always been an amazing artist, and I am so impressed by how you apply yourself to make such lovely adornments!
    I’ve got plenty more to say about Buffy and Angel, which I enjoyed as much. But for now, there’s a thunderstorm a brewing so I should unplug my computer. It will probably pass as soon as I have it shut down. I really love a good thunderstorm though, so I am going to cozy up in my futon and enjoy the flashing lights and throbbing sky.
    Sigh… if only you were here to have a tea with me on my nice little closed in porch. Then I would stay up later!
    Sometimes I swear I see you across the way in town. And then I look again and you have turned into a stranger. Pout.
    Good night for now!
    Email on the way as soon as I can!

    • Tee hee, you have definitely been hugely awash in the Buffyverse of late. Then again, maybe it IS me you’re seeing across the way in town. Mwahaha. On the other hand, you know it can’t be, because then I would be over at your house for tea….. as long as I was invited in. :-)[

      It will be fun to discuss the shows with you! We finished Buffy last night (*snif) and started Angel tonight. I had forgotten how vastly different the two shows feel, but it won’t take too long to get back into the swing of the L.A. crew. Too bad Dracula doesn’t show up there, either. (I really loved that episode, especially Xander in it. He was hilarious.)

      Thank you for your sweet words, by the way, and also, I’m so jealous of your thunderstorm!! Enjoy and sleep tight, friend. Talk to you soon! xoxo

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