Put a bird on it

I don’t feel much like talking today.

I will say, however, that I’ve loved watching the birds busily at work on their nests. There’s a robin at the apartments over the fence who spent all of yesterday confused and jumping up against one of the windows, but it seems it has finally figured things out: this morning it’s flying straight to the gutter above the window, where it quickly drops its beakful of twigs ‘n’ leaves and zooms off for more. Horatio and I have been watching a blue jay fly back and forth from the cedar in our yard to our upstairs neighbor’s balcony, where it makes quite a clatter as it hurriedly builds its nest. All the little feathered people are in a great hurry these days.

Here’s my week(ish) in pictures. That is, art journal entries.


4-21-2013 11;37;36 AM aje10

4-21-2013 11;39;22 AM aje11

4-21-2013 11;40;38 AM aje12

4-21-2013 11;42;10 AM aje13

Yeeah, I like the birdies. :) Which is what makes this so hilariously apt:

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