She saw something big out of the window

"She saw something big out of the window"

Hello there, friends!

Man, life can throw you a winky once in awhile. This morning I woke up with plans. I was going to color my hair, then work on necklaces, then drive over to visit my folks, but as I set my towel on the counter in the bathroom and picked up my brush, I suddenly felt dizzy… and then nauseated… and now here I am, still in my robe on the couch, late afternoon on this gorgeous Sunday, barely able to lift my head without setting the room a-spin. Sucks.

But I’m making the best of it. I’ve learned to be flexible.

At least what I’m going through is minor. My dear friend Stephanie has been told she has ten years left to live because of pancreatic cancer. Another dear friend, Lorraine, was recently beset by a chronic, basically untreatable inner ear disease that gives her constant headaches, and now she can hardly stand any amount of noise at all. These are both life-altering turns in the road.

Then, while Torie and I were watching TV not half an hour ago, we heard a screech and a crash and a horn honking nearby. Torie went to investigate and it turns out the driver had only hit a fire hydrant and is okay, but still… STILL… that woman didn’t plan on crashing into any hydrants today.

Another turn in the road.

Scary stuff happens and it happens out of the blue.

But other things happen out of the blue too, nice things that make you feel good. Like Torie and I spending all day yesterday shopping for dresses for Van and Megan’s wedding. We both found awesome ones, though when I got home and tried mine on again I was appalled to see how short it is… yipes… as in I’d better not plan on dropping any hors-d’oeuvres. But Torie assures me that God made pretty leotards for that, and fancy leggings. Those may sound like strange suggestions for a mother-of-the-groom dress, but all us girls are wearing cowboy boots as well, so yeah, not so strange after all.

[The wedding is on the front porch of an old farm house. The reception is in a barn. They planned this months ago, before the finale of The Office was aired, but if you’ve seen it, you get the idea. heh. They won’t be standing in their own graves, though.]

And all’s I can say is that I’m grateful for my twenty-something daughter, who keeps me young. She convinced me to dye my hair red again. For the last couple years I had been on a jag of naturalness because I’d wanted to be real, needed there to be nothing fake about me anymore, but I came to realize only yesterday, while talking with her, that I have succeeded in my goal, at least to a very comfortable point. Now that I’m happy with my inside, I can have fun with my outside again. I’m excited about that! And day-um, I DO like how red hair makes my green eyes pop. We need all the boosts we can get, whenever we can get them, no?

I’m in a smooth space. Scott and I had a leisurely two-hour conversation this morning over coffee, about all kinds of yummy important things we’d been thinking about; we don’t get much opportunity for that and it was really wonderful to catch up. And I’m excited about my necklacing… I’m currently making pendants I call “Beadles”–little people pendants, so you can carry a friend next to your heart all the time, aww…. I love them. I was wearing one yesterday and the gal at Claire’s complimented me on it! That encouraged me, obvs.




Heey, this is good news… My sis-in-law Sherrie just suggested that my dizziness might be due to allergies, because the same sudden dizziness had happened to her and my brother. She said that allergy pills helped them, so that’s what I’ll try. Here’s hoping. :)

May you all be well this week, with no allergies or obstinate, obtrusive hydrants in your way! And remember to love yourself, because you’re worth it.


*The post title comes from the saying I have hanging over my workroom window. When Lorraine and I were shopping at an antiques mall one day, we stumbled upon these placards, the kind that elementary school teachers used years ago to help students learn to combine phrases. We had a blast sorting through the stacks and being creative. My two placards: “She saw something big” and “out of the window” always remind me to keep my eyes peeled for wonder and magic, to think outside the box, to find answers and comfort in nature, to return to my Source when I lose my bearings. It’s a go-to, my very own personal aphorism. It also reminds me of my friend. Feel better, Baine.



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4 responses to “She saw something big out of the window

  1. Hello, sweetie~
    I figured your sudden dizziness was allergy-related, since that’s what happens to me when they hit ~ I take a Sudafed at the first sign that the 60s have returned and are going to house Woodstock in my head. Or at least install some lava lamps and paisley-print pillows in there (that just made me picture Jeanie and her bottle on the tv show). Are you following me, or have I injested too much cola?
    Actually, I was extremely touched when you said your friend only has 10 years to live, due to pancreatic cancer~ not that a decade is nearly long enough, but it was a beautiful, tearful moment for me, because when Randy had it in 2000, they gave you 6 months to a year. NOW, only 13 years later, they’ve worked it up to a whole decade!!! This is wonderful progress, and I think she could totally hold out the hope that they’ll be able to stretch and stretch her time on the earth, as medicine continues to improve!
    I love that you’re rocking the whole mom-in-law/mother-of-the-groom dress!~ It’s time to bring it out of the matronly frumpizoid air that’s been hanging ’round it for way too long! There’s no reason for a mom-of to look dorky~ leggings it is, with cowboy boots. Wear the peacock blue nail polish, too, if you like!~ :D

    • GREAT, now I’ll be humming the Dream of Jeannie theme song the rest of the day! :) I’d never heard of allergy-related dizziness before, and it isn’t fun, that’s for sure, but I’m very glad it’s an easy fix. I’m already feeling better.
      Was Randy your first husband? I’m sad that you had to go through that, but you’re right–it’s astounding and wonderful how quickly technology has progressed in such a short time. Stevie (my friend) is very optimistic and is doing everything she can naturally. She’s 25 years old and I want to dandle her future babies on my knee someday. I hope I get to. Go, Science, GO!!
      I have to admit being a little nervous regarding my short dress so your encouragement seriously helps! You’re right. There’s no reason to be all frumpy, EVER, but especially when I’m only 48 years young. :) I’ve decided I’m gonna rock those leggings! AND red hair! ha.

  2. Lorraine

    Hello friend! I’m so happy you have your little phrase up on the wall to enjoy. How perfect. You’re necklaces are so stinking creative but why am I amazed? That’s just you. :) Always.

    • Remember the lady who was breathing down our necks, wanting to get at them? GRRR! :) Thank you for saying something about the necklaces… :) I’ll bring you a Beadle when I see you next!

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