Oregonic ketchup

The abduction of Kore by Hades

Hades abducting Kore while Demeter looks on in despair

Good morning, friends! As usual, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I feel compelled to this morning.

My first impulse is to say that a lot has happened since the last time I wrote, but I guess it hasn’t, not really. I’m prone to think that a lot happens every day even when I don’t leave the house because I live so much in my own fascinating world, ha, but in retrospect and objective reality, it’s been pretty quiet.

Here are a few highlights:

~The biggest event of the summer was Van and Megan’s wedding on August 17th. (Van is my oldest son.) I’m not a fan of weddings in general, or really, at all, but this one was nice. It was held at a circa 1800s homestead owned by the Aurora Historical Society and surrounded by looming hops fields. The weather was perfect. The ceremony was officiated by my dad in front of the old two-story house and the guests, who sat on hay bales covered with quilts.  Van and his groomsmen came out from behind the chicken coop, a more elegant move than it sounds, and walked down the aisle to ZZ Top’s Sharp-Dressed Man, an appropriate song for my son. Megan, who looked stunning, and her attendants emerged from the barn, the huge doors of which her two brothers opened with a flourish. The ladies wore cowboy boots and the gentlemen suspenders (among other articles of homespun-type clothing, so don’t get excited :) and all-in-all, it was a wedding to make Pinterest proud. So now that’s done, whew.

~Scott got the motorcycle fixed in time for us to take two last rides of the season, both to central Oregon, prairie and pine forest country–the first ride by ourselves, and second with Jesse and his gal-friend Lauren. (I say “gal-friend” because they’re not official though they like each other lots.) These were daylong rides and they were both spirit-renewing, so much so that we’re making plans to retire out there in a few years. There’s nothing like the fragrance of sun-warmed pine; I could fall smack down on the needle-covered ground and wallow in it forever. And the silence of the prairie is profound. We stopped to stretch and I just stood there, tears in my eyes, soaking in the sound of NOTHING except the breeze gently rustling through the grass. Well, and the clacking of a little flying insect, but it belonged there and just added to the ambiance. I am so tired of leaf-blowers and lawnmowers and rattling, beeping, roaring trucks, yo. Oh, YO.

I envision a little house on the prairie, or one surrounded by Ponderosa pines in the middle of nowhere… at least if it’s a nowhere twenty minutes driving distance from a town with a library. This has become the special place I go to in my mind whenever I’m feeling stressed.

Also, on the first ride, I saw a little fox! And a large flock of wild turkeys crossing the road in a long line stretching from the forest to the (gradually sloping) ravine on the other side. And a small herd of buffalo posing majestically on the golden-grassed hills off of Hwy 14 on the Washington side of the Columbia River. We ate our sandwiches by the Deschutes River in Maupin, where the Warm Springs Indians fish on wooden platforms built precariously over the roiling rapids. I plucked a small leaf from one of the sage bushes that grow prolifically in the area and crushed it between my fingers so I could keep the smell with me as we rode: the aroma reminds me of a brand-new house, freshly painted. We are so lucky to live in such gorgeous surroundings. Man, am I grateful. I love the West and riding around in it on our iron horse.

~My friend Stevie Ricardo came to stay with us for a week. I didn’t get near enough time with her but it was wonderful to reconnect in the short time we had. She’s got pancreatic cancer and is doing whatever she can to bring about her own healing, since the docs have pretty much let her go. We ate a lot of healthy food while she was here. This last year was pretty horrendous for her but she’s glowing and positive–a truly beautiful person and beloved by me, by our whole family. She’s hoping to make it back here at Christmastime. Or Yule, that is, since Scott and I celebrate that instead. Oh man, which reminds me that Halloween is coming up. Halloween, my favorite! It’s started to feel like fall and the feeling is welcome. I’m ready for the change.

~I’ve been writing a book for awhile now, a few months anyway. I love the story and can see where it’s going, even all the way through to the end, but right now I’m a little stuck, not quite sure of which direction to take one of my main characters. So that’s a bit frustrating. Plus, with the cooler weather comes a huge need in me to be visually expressive, or in other words, to do art. My latest project was to replicate the missing, ornately-decorated wood trim of one side of a large antique mirror with plaster; it turned out well and I’m happy with it. I’ve been thinking through how to make a mirror-frame combination for over the couch using the same techniques, only encompassing Norse runes and Reiki symbols in the framework; that’ll be my next task. (Our apartment tends to be dark, especially in the winter months, and mirrors help to reflect whatever light is already there.)

Anyway, it’s difficult for me to make the switch between writing and arting (this encompasses many media forms) and still get all the in-between things done as well. I am grateful to have a husband who supports me financially, as well as emotionally, so I can live solely in creative and spiritual pursuit and I don’t take this lightly, especially as it isn’t all that common anymore. We live simply and contentedly and do not miss the rat race at all.

~I’m still as interested in the spiritual aspects of life as ever. Lately I’ve been reading about the goddesses Demeter and Kore/Persephone, relating their myth to the events, the ongoing process of growth, in my own life. It’s easy to get buried under the day-to-day stuff, but when I take even one moment to release my mind, to look in another direction, I get SO excited to be alive. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by how amazing life is.

Along with that comes a deep appreciation for the souls I get to travel with through this life (and if there are other lives, through those, too): each is incredibly significant to me and only becomes more so as I get older. With more awareness comes more gratitude, at least in my experience–a greater sense of connection with everything and everyone.

Well, so much for all the big chunks. :) I hope this finds you well. Happy autumn!

(I just discovered that WP is now adding ads to the blogs that haven’t changed to their new “No Ads Upgrade.” sigh. Sorry about that. Just ignore them.)



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2 responses to “Oregonic ketchup

  1. Happy Fall Kelly! :)
    Sounds like a great ride, foxes and buffalo! awesome.

  2. There really IS nothing like riding around on that motorcycle through the wild, wild west. Ahh. I love it so much.
    Happy Fall to you too, Fence! :)

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