Art journal

One of my chiefest therapeutic pleasures is keeping an art journal. On this page you’ll find the entries that I’ve already published on the blog. Someday I plan to publish them–and others–in book form, but until then I’ll store them here for your perusal and (I hope) enjoyment!  I drew many of them with my left hand, in order to bypass conscious thought; a lot of them started out as mere squiggles, without any idea of the finished product beforehand. Drawing this way is great fun, very enlightening, and immensely cathartic. I use black ink pens, fine-point Sharpies, and colored pencils. A few of them were done on Mr. Doob’s, a super fun online art site.

4-21-2013 11;42;10 AM aje13

4-21-2013 11;40;38 AM aje12

4-21-2013 11;39;22 AM aje11

4-21-2013 11;37;36 AM aje10






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