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Lather, rinse, repeat

sol4Good morning, peoples! What a gorgeous day, not the leastwise because it’s sunny AND cool—a fantastic combination when one is ready for autumn. And oh, is this one ready for autumn. I love all the seasons and am happiest at both ends of each: when they’re coming, and when they’re going (which I suppose amounts to the same two-weekish time frame—ha!).

August was a great month. Nearly a full week of birthday fun and love for me, lots of grandbaby-jiggling, and four days of camping outside in the great outdoors with my family. I didn’t think I really needed a vacation, and was camping more for Scott’s sake than my own, but after I got home I realized how incredibly healing it had been for me to live outdoors for four whole days, going into our tent at night only to sleep. Each morning I sat by the campfire with a cup of coffee and whoever-else had risen early as well, and had satisfying, early-morning conversations. Scott and I took long hikes every day, through the beautiful forest, on the Wildwood trails, to the river—it was even a long trek to the bathroom, so I walked a ton. Exercise and oxygen did me a world of good. And to top it off, I was able to spend lots of time with the family baby, Sol. I love him more with every day that passes. I even think he’s adorable when he cries. Yeah, I’m smitten. I’m in deep smit.

NOT dino fodder

NOT dino fodder

No daddy nooo!

No daddy nooo!


For my birthday, Scott bought me the premium starter kit of essential oils from Young Living. I’d known about them for a few years, but it wasn’t until my friend Lorraine inspired me with her enthusiasm for them that I considered getting them for myself. I’ve always loved essential oils, and this seemed like a fantastic introduction to the greater essential-oil-world. So far it has been. I’ve been having fun mixing tinctures and potions and am eagerly awaiting the beeswax, arrowroot and lip balm dispensers I ordered from Amazon so I can try my hand at homemade balms and deodorants. I’m impressed by how the frankincense and lavender blend has improved my skin, and I feel better when I diffuse various oils into the air—the aromatherapy alone is worth the cost. So far I’ve tried three recipe blends for a stubborn patch of hives on my arm and they haven’t worked, but I’ll keep tinkering with recipes until I find the magic. For me, the jury’s still out regarding their wholesale efficacy, and this has kept me from investing heavily in more, but I’m really pulling for them—I have SO many ideas for blends to make for my kids especially. I want them to work. They’ve apparently worked for other people, and this keeps my hope alive. The thing is, I am not going to give anything credence just because someone else does; I’m going to cast a wary eye at them until they work for me.

Now moving out of the realm of the rational, I found out something interesting yesterday! For background: I’ve always wondered why I’m affected so deeply whenever I see or read anything about the Salem Witch Trials. Though there’s a lot of horrible stuff in the world that touches my compassion and brings a tear to my eye, this one area has literally floored me with heavy weeping before, right out of the blue. Those of you who’ve read enough of these posts know that I’m intrigued by the concept of reincarnation… Well… I was looking something up yesterday when I noticed the name of one of my ancestors, John Alden. I’ve known him only as my Mayflower ancestor, but to my utter shock and amazement I discovered yesterday that his son Captain John Alden, Jr (and the brother of my direct ancestor, Jonathan—so many Johns in this family) had been accused and arrested for witchcraft during the trials! With the help of friends he escaped jail, so he wasn’t killed, but it was still quite an ordeal. (Here’s an account.) This isn’t some random person I’ve plucked out of the ether—this is MY FAMILY. I don’t know what it means, but the possibilities are pretty cool. Maybe there is a substantial reason I want to cry and throw up whenever I encounter information about the Salem Witch Trials?



Hm, what else is floating my boat? I still love the Little Rascals, as I’d told you before, and am still prone to uttering Spankyisms, but recently I’m spending more of my time studying the Greek goddesses and gods as psychological archetypes.


Like Persephone, I’ve learned most of what I know in the Underworld

I’ve been reading up on them in books by Jungian authors—most notably, recently, the two books by Jean Shinoda Bolen: Goddesses in Everywoman and Gods in Everyman. I’m learning, from the examples she supplies, of the traits I share with particular goddesses (as archetypes, not as factual beings, of course), and even at times, gods. It’s fascinating to see myself in Persephone, in her mother Demeter, in Artemis… to know that the volcanic anger I sometimes feel is rooted in Poseidon. As always, I’m making note of all the other books she mentions on the topic.


*shakes fist at Mount Olympus*


There are so many things I want to study. To really delve into. There are too many things and I’m continually collecting more—and more—books that reflect my interests. So… one step at a time. One brick at a time is how a house is built, right? Plus, there’s all this incredible fiction to read (have you started Repairman Jack yet?). And shows to watch! Literature in all its forms is swarming me insistently and it’s hard sometimes to get a handle on what to home in on next. In fact, I’m going to avoid putting books on hold at the library for awhile, at least until I’ve made a goodly dent in my personal library. I should put a moratorium on adding Netflix titles to my queue as well—another obsession, yeek.

Speaking of obsessions! This coming Sunday all my kids (this includes wives, partners, boyfriends, and baby!) are coming over for Scalloped Potatoes and Movie night. I love my kids… I love scalloped potatoes…. I love movies… so to have all three at the same time is a total delight! Particularly when I get to choose the movie and host the evening. This is our second one. The first time, a few months ago, we saw Out of the Furnace. This time will be Taxi Driver. Both of these movies sparked something in me when I first saw them and whenever that happens, I want to spread the flame. Everyone loved Out of the Furnace, and I feel pretty confident about Taxi Driver, too. I’m happy that my kids can see some of my favorites, and that even with their busy schedules they can still be enticed over with a good movie and a homecooked meal. Everybody needs to be spoiled by their mom once in awhile. Plus! Sol will be here so I can jiggle him behind-scenes, while everyone else is watching the show. Aahh. Total joy.

Best to all. Love!

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